Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thundercats Ban-Dai 8 Inch Classic Lion-O

Funny, I was just winding down from a week vacation, ready to declare my absence from toy collecting, and a new sense of non-new-toy purchasing, when low and behold the new Thundercats toys come out, and quickly crush my new ways. There was so much to chose from, even with the new toys slowly trickling out into stores. Today was Toys R Us's main release date, so I had to check it out before the good stuff was gone. I mainly wanted to see the updated classic figures, as they are such an improvement. Tygra is also available, but for $20 dollars a piece, I will have to wait.

I first want to say, in your face Matty Collector (Masters of the Universe Classics)! You can still sell new classic stuff like this in stores successfully. I am sure these figures will be in less quantity, and sell just fine. It is so nice not to pay shipping charges, or to be online at the right second hand click, or just being able to shop in a store like a normal person.

Ban-Dai has done a pretty good job with this classic toy upgrade from the former old LJN Toys. If my 1980's Lion-O had articulation like this back in the day, maybe I wouldn't have broke his leg off. His likeliness is next to perfect, and just begs to be played with. I am also a fan of what ever plastic/paint Ban-Dai uses. I am mainly a Hasbro toy buyer so I am used to whatever plastic they make, which yes is probably superior grade, but its nice to have a change. New Classic Lion-O is more vivid, and squeaky clean then Hasbro and Mattel's figures.

Lion-O here comes with Sword of Omens, sized small and extended. Two hands for grasping, and the Claw Shield (Which is its own hand, not a hand inside a claw). Maybe only missing is a nice display stand, which I commonly gripe about for most toys. The box is nice as you can take the toy out, and repackage for display. That's something that I will give a ton of My Little Pony points to. I am impressed with this toy, and will get more over time.

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