Saturday, August 28, 2010

GI Joe HAVOC Cartoon; Day 2

Hmmm, I wonder what the HAVOC is going to do today?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cybertronian Prime sort of likes Iron Hide

I'm betting the same designer worked on both Cybertronian Prime and Classics Iron Hide, they both have crazy triangle fitting sides. Both are really unique in their transformation layouts, but not for the playground when you need to Transform something fast. You pretty much have to excuse yourself for about 45 minutes to get Iron Hide back into vehicle. Prime is a little smoother, but step 37 always gets me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cybertronian Optimus Prime the Lawn mower

Shocking footage of Cybertronian Optimus Prime's vehicle mode, He's a Lawn Mower!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Neat Cybertronian Optimus Prime Thing

I haven't played the game yet, so maybe this is a duh feature, but Cybertronian Prime has his wheels on his back in Robot mode.

Oh yes, there will be uses for this...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Optimus Prime in Cybertronian Pants and T-shirt

I almost forgot that I picked this up last weekend. I got another steal deal on a Prime, Target had them for 9.99 and I had a two dollar off coupon, so 7.99 for the new Cybertronian design. Since I just gorged myself on Panda Express and can't feel my extremities, I will wait to review him in more detail. In short, he's pretty cool. Yes we are usually treated to larger sized Optimi, so his class size does feel short changed, but he makes it up in looks, and crazy ass Transformation design. His sprinkler head blaster gun is a little weird though. He will fit in well with any Prime collection. Three and a half My Little Ponies out of FIve.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avatar Jake Sully Attack!

No good can come out of Dan buying an Avatar figure, especially Jake Sully with wheel chair. Am I racing him vs my professor X? Am I going to use him as Chip Chase for Optimus's conference? Or do I have something else devious planned? Time will tell...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GI Joe HAVOC Cartoon; Day 1

So today at work I was thinking it would be fun to make a little mini GI Joe battle with Flash. Funny thing was, I was thinking about it staring the H.A.V.O.C, the best vehicle ever. Then when I was on lunch break and ran into my sister, she found the Snow Cat in the toy aisle and said it looked like a H.A.V.O.C. So the H.A.V.O.C has been on more than one person's mind. SO anyways, I spent the last hour drawing up the H.A.V.O.C. in Flash, and boy are my skills rusty. This might be one of those long projects I forget about and never come back to. Or not, we will see. For now enjoy the H.A.V.O.C driving across the screen, that is if it loads right.

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 10, Scale issues




There we go.

Its sometimes hard to find an Optimus Prime that is taller than Blaster.

Monday, August 16, 2010

More images from Shipyards quest...

Shipyard is still lost in my backyard apparently.

The hunt for snow continues.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Squatz Nuutron

If you haven't got the chance yet, please view the below video on the birth of Nuutron, and let me know what you think!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fizz 'n Find Squatz Alien

This looked fun and different so I picked one up. Its a little painted mystery figure that reveals itself once bathed in some sort of chemical. I picked up the Alien pack, so it could be 1 of 3 guys. There are also Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots. Robots were my second choice. I think I will do a Youtube demo this week, so stay tuned. In the mean time is it Xoog, Pulsor, or Nuutron?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kittie Galore, the Stupidest of Desk Toys

Cats and Dogs; The revenge of Kittie Galore, seems a little late for a sequel. I would think most of the kids who saw the first movie are now at the age where they would repel the second. Maybe thats why they were giving away two toys at Burger King. I can see the board meeting now.

"Uh Floyd, this new Cats and Dogs movie is tanking in prescreening."
"How many units of toys did we order for Burger King Benson?"
"About three trillion!"
"Good Lord Benson!"
"How about a 2 for one deal?"
"Do it!"

Anyhow, so I was at Burger King today and got these two. I really wanted a Kittie Galore because that would be funny to have, but oh well. The Cat ninja twirls a paper, and its actually kind of cool. I am thinking about painting him to look like Bart. The Dog is more lame. He has a light up badge when you pop his head back. It makes a lot of noise which kind of sounds like a lighter. I think the dog would have been more fun if he was a pull back toy. I already have fun sliding the dog across a table and into the cat.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GI Joe Shipwreck Arctic Threat in the Summer time

GI Joe toys are clearly the front runner action figure for the most bang for your hardly earned buck these days. I saw a misc super hero today without any joints, accessories, display base, or pet sold for 9.99? What kind of fun deal is that (Mattel)? Then there are GI Joe's sold around 6.99-8.99 full of weapons, display stands, and pets. They are fully jointed, sculpted to incredible detail, and all around kick-ass. This one is a Toys R Us exlcusive, that I have been eyeing for awhile, as I am a Shipwreck fan, okay okay, Polly fan. I also need to start assembling a snow team for the winter.

Right now, there is hardly any winter.

Shipyard must be dying in that down feather government issue jacket.

But heck, these snow shoes come in handy when walking curb trails.

A good GI Joe knows how to blend in, in any environment. Shipyard is not a good GI Joe.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 9, Ramhorn

By the Matrix is this most thorough review ever going to finish?

Here's Ramhorn, Blaster's Rhino tape, La de-da dah!

He's a tape that turns into a Rhino. Whoop-de-doo!

And here he is in tape mode. Yippie.

Is there anything left on this most thorough review, we will only know next time...

Monday, August 09, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 8, Steeljaw

A few more things to review for Blaster's most thorough review on the internet. It's his pet cat, Steeljaw. I wonder how the meeting went for creating minitapes for Blaster. "Uh guys we need new characters," "Yeah, but we used everything," "How about safari animals!" "Thats a great idea, and has very little to do with Boom boxes!"

Or is it the rhythmic beats of the jungle that the safari animals imitate for Blaster?

Maybe they should add Grasshopper wings to the sides of the Lion to make him look more jumpy?

Don't get me wrong, Steeljaw is one cool cat! Not too much in Transformations though. And for Gods sake Steeljaw, eat a sandwich!

His label indicates he plays 'Metal Position' music, whatever that is.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 7

Hey wait a second... Thats not a real Boombox, that's Blaster's Autobot disguise form!

He's about 7 and a quarter wide by 4 and a half inches tall. He would never fit in Prime's trailer, and not in a million more years Bumblebee's glove compartment.

Still though, very cool. It would be fun to place at my desk, and see how many people I could fool into trying to play a tape.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 6

Its Autobot Blaster! A whopping ten and a half inches tall, five inches wide, and square as ever. Not much in articulation, but much in stature, he is a strongman to any Autobot team. I think he could date Barbie he's that tall. He is simple in construction, and in transformation, unlike today's newfangled formers.

He can fit one of three different tapes inside his cassette player, each not playing a different tune. Ramhorn the rhino is inside right now.

He has a giant viewable Autobot symbol on his chest, so I am not sure why he has a secret decoder symbol on his crouch. If you really want to make sure who is allegiance is too, rub his crouch.

Blaster towering over his mini tape team.

I give Blaster five out of five my Little Ponies. I wonder what he looks like in disguise mode? Find out next in the most thorough Autobot Blaster review on the internet ever.

Friday, August 06, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 5

So lets get on with this Blaster review. What's that you say? You want me to review the minions first? Okay!

Its Eject!

He's a little dude about 1/10th the size of Blaster. He almost looks like a mini Soundwave. What is Soundwave doing inside Blaster?

I'm not really sure what his arms are about. They have nubs, and more nubs, that I am not sure what for. He can hold two shiny weapon like things.

My Eject head keeps wanting to pop out in cassette form. I think his arms have something to do with how his head spring attaches inside. I have yet to master it. His legs will also come off if you pull too hard during Transformation, but no harm no foul.

So I trap him in his cassette tape to stop the popping.

Ha-hah, okay okay. I will stop with the minions and go to Blaster next time on the most thorough Autobot Blaster review on the internet ever.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 4

Enough with the stalling! Lets open up Blaster...

Technically though, this could be the fourth box? Its made of light plastic, and has a plastic cover to keep pieces in. Again, this is great for re-storing toy.

Looks like some fine paper twine instead of the usual metal wire with rubber. Maybe these are cheaper, easier to tie, less damaging to toy? Perhaps I should do some strength tests?

Here is the underside of the clear 4th box, you can see they stored the tape cases behind Blaster.

Might as well start a fresh post later when I continue the most thorough Autobot Blaster review on the internet.


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