Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who is this lost soldier punk?

Authorities dug this guy out of a stump from an old out of control tree system in a co-workers backyard. He was badly wounded, and unnamed. Slight markings place him in the mid eighties time, with 'Remco' as his only identifier. Zartan was notified, but he scoffed, and said he never encountered him before and that he only associates with the Hasbro federation. Historians believe he might have Miami Vice connections with the stylish jacket he wore. If anyone has information regaurding this poor figure, please come forward so his family can be informed of his demise.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What the United States auto manufacturers should make...

The best looking cars, are cars that look like planes! Its that simple. We all want to pilot something important.

Just look at the Fast Fortress here. Can you imagine the fun barreling down the Highway in that?

With the Dog Fighter car, you can pick a neighbor that you don't like and follow them from time to time, taking low ordinance shots all the way. Wouldn't that not be the worst day--Oh crap, that Red Barron car is chasing me again!

Maybe not a plane, but a Bat can look like a plane in certain fog storms.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Verticon Air Ball Battler!

Who will win? Blue, Red, Or Green?

Wow What a battle! I have decided to throw some of my toy funds into something more interactive this week. This is a great toy for in front of the TV, while waiting for commercials. Who would of though Ping-pong balls with weapons floating on top of a pop corn popper could be so much fun? There is a game with it too, with strategies and tricks, but I just like throwing them in to see what color will win.

Cobra Commander also likes it to flare his cape with...

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Chicken Combine!

Its Chicken Combine week on Ulysses Chickens in the Wind. All sorts of wackiness a foot! And while your there, register at Smack Jeeves to become a fan. At least I hope you want to be a fan? They do spin rather fast, and keep rooms cool. The neat side effect of selecting fans at Smack Jeeves, is that you have your own personal list of favorite comics. The ones that are updated the most currently top the list so you can always find when your favorites come out! You do not have to make your own comic to be a member. ALSO, I have not been rated yet!!! 60 comics so far, and NO rating. I am so bummed. SOmeone feel free to rate me! (as long as its a good rating :) The more fans I get, and the more good ratings the more my comic might be noticed. Unless its really THAT bad...

SO, Back to you toys...

I got the BumbleBee two pack with purchase of the Transformers DVD at Target and fifteen less dollars. I can't decide if I should open it or not? I already have a perfect Classics Bumblebee driving around. Maybe I will add this to my rainy day emergency unopened toys cache on my couch...

I'm expecting an avalanche any day now. By the way if you can ID all Sigma Sixers by their legs on the shelf above, I will be impressed and also concerned.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Superman Escapes!

Drat! I look away for one second (well a week, in your puny terms) and Superman finds a weekness and flys out of the trap. Now he's circling and firing eye laser blasts from above! I bet the bad guys would like a redo on that one.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sky-Lynx!!! Sky-Lynx info!!! Sky- Lynx

Drat, he is supposed to be forgotton and get cheaper!!!

Superman Uh-oh

Superman is a neat guy, but I don't see him getting out of this one. There is no way he can win with Parasite holding his arm like that, while Lex Luther holds out some Kryptonite with one hand and a laser gun with the other hand, while Dark Seid just stands there with a sucker punch ready to go. Heck, Red and Orange varient Doomsday doesn't even have to come out of the package for this fight.

I do like how the camera flash gave Doomsday a spiffy white smile.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sandman Build a figure

Oh great, here we go again, another challenge of collecting. I might actually be able to resist collecting the whole series, because I already have a mean Green Goblin, Spiderman, and Doc Ock. If i buy a New Goblin I get the Sandman's Head. And if I buy the Sandman, I get his left foot with a figure and another left foot. I wouldn't mind a Black-Suited Emo Spider-Man.

It was pretty tricky getting Mary Jane and Venom off the top shelf at Walmart. I had to nerdly reach around to the top back part of the shelf and slowly move each figure down the back recess. I think I pulled a muscle trying to accomplish this.


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