Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just in the last seconds, nice to get all the Xevoz monsters in for a group shot!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coleman Trebor vs. Jango Fett

Right away when I saw Coleman Trebor in Attack of the Clones, i decided that he was my favorite Jedi and that I would follow him to the ends of the galaxy.

Then this happened two seconds later...

In the movie, I really liked his dinosaur like head. Now looking at him closer, I really dislike the nose. What is the deal with that? Maybe I should of bought the Kit Fisto pack instead.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 7

As luck would have it, I found the Legacy Collection Grievous this week at a local store. Thank you Mario for the heads up. Funny how the Toy Gods work sometimes.

This movie realistic figure is leaps and bounds better than the first one. Better size and finally some nice arm jointing. You can keep his arms collapsed or expanded!

Very realistic paint, and lots of little plastic parts are detailed on him. You can even bend his plastic chest plate out slightly as Obi-Won did in the movie!

Downside is he is very hard to pose and stand up. For some baffling reason he does not have an action stand or even holes on his feet for one! He legs have double knee joints, and ball feet, but no side to side jointing which makes for tricky positioning. I wish they made the claw feet larger, that would have helped tremendously in keeping him vertical.

Overall best General Grievous yet! I am working on making him a cape soon. Not sure why they keep omitting that important Star Wars dress code.

Ha-ha, your butt is hanging out Grievous!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 6

New Clone Wars figure is Best General Grievous found. At least for now.

He lacks critical joints on the knees, angles, and elbows, but looks Awesome otherwise. Check out those fantastic claw feet!

Switchable arms are nice. His hands are the worst, I was barely able to get him to hold all lightsabers at once. And very hard to get lightsabers at better angles. Room for improvement on next model.

Scale is better in comparison to other figures. Needs a cape too.

Well thats my search. I would like to get a Lego version some day (both small and technic sets), and maybe the pre-droid suit one too. But for now I will be happy with the pile I have.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 5

Ah-Ha! Finally a neat looking Grievous Figure. Well at least in package. He appears to be foot clawing his way out the front! Yet closer inspection says, leg with funky angle, heavy awkward cape that will throw his balance off, and chest plate that still looks like its full of lime Jell-O. At least he's getting closer.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 4

Cheers to Hasbro in making every Star Wars character or situation possible. The Demise of Grievous figure can be played with only for a few seconds, and then he dies. Thats why I leave him safely tucked away in package to burn for all eternity. From close box inspection, he's not too bad of a figure. Way better than the first Revenge of the Sith figure. Still a little small, and maybe covered with too many flames. The burning eye sockets are a nice touch. Maybe when burning crematorial Darth Vader comes out, the two will go to lunch sometime. So, I guess this figure can't count for the best all purpose Grievous.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 3

In the Attacktix universe, General Grievous shines with two neat figures. One with a blunt force grapple attack, and the other with a duel Lightsaber attack. Both are a solid addition to any squad. Too bad they are half the size of a regular Star Wars figure. Hmm maybe next time.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 2

Force Action Battlers were designed more for the younger Star Wars fan in mind. Some where quite cool though, with interesting designs and solid construction. The Force Battlers are larger at about 8" in height, so they won't be able to play with regular 3 3/4" figures. I picked up this Grievous because he looked better in package then out. He is also kind of silly. His grip on the lightsabers is better, but only vertically and horizontally so it is hard to really pose him anyway other than this. When you squish his right leg inward, the arms again flail about. His arms are also collapsable, but don't lock, so they do swing about. He really needs a cape, I should make a batch for all these anti-cape Grievous figures. It might make them look better. I believe he also came with a grapple weapon, but mine seems to be missing at the moment.

So far, I still haven't found the best Grievous, will I in the next post...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 1

For lack of anything else exciting to go on these days, I give you the 'Finding the Best General Grievous' series. Well at least my attempts at finding the best figure of the strangest leader of the Droid Army. On film and animation he always looks very evil violent, and large. Yet in toy form, he often appears boring, silly, and small. Maybe its the close up shots and moving camera that usually takes him to the next level? His voice, and crab like movements also add to his allure.

My first Grievous was, well of course, the Revenge of the Sith action figure. I left him in package, but got a reissue somewhere along the way. When you press his head down, his arms flail about. Those arms can sort of be alined from four to two, but they still branch out. His hips and knees are jointed, but still hard to really pose him in anything menacing. His hands do a poor job of holding on to the Lightsaber, but gun holds on pretty tight. He doesn't scale well next to a standard figure too. You would think him to be much taller. Its sad that you could place him next to a standard Battle droid, and have the battle droid look better. His melon seems way to big too.

Maybe Part 2 Grievous will look better. Roger Roger.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

WED Treadwell Droid and its many appendages

You are in for a treat tonight, as I discuss in great length the WED Treadwell Droid and its many appendages.

First some history. The WED Treadwell was a series of repair droids produced by Cybot Galactica, and found across the galaxy, particularly on Outer Rim worlds such as Tatooine. This WED Treadwell Droid is an eight-armed automaton unit propelled by a treaded base.

Now lets get down to appendages!

#1 The Angled Poker Claw. This appendage was used to annoy the owner of the droid with great disrespect. For example, when Owen Lars was on the phone with relatives, the Angled Poker Claw would poke Lars many times a minute to ask Lars, who was on the phone, then if it was possible to speak with them, and then if it was okay if another appendage could have a cookie.

#2 The Simple C Claw. This appendage was used as a supporter of the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs Football and Baseball teams. In the fall it would extend to full length bringing perfect reception to Luke Skywalker's entertainment system.

#3 The Claw Gouger. Used to pull Aunt Beru's famous Astro Olives out of jars.

#4 Speeder Bomb Detector Mirror. Lets face it, the Outer Rim is a dangerous place. Even more dangerous with floating cars. Its easy to place a bomb under the carriage, so better use the mirror appendage to check it out.

#5 The W-Magnet. It's useless to describe, since it never worked as the manufacturer intended. If you have this appendage, return it immediately and get a full partial refund and Sand Stamp.

#6 Broken Light Bulb. This appendage is broken too. Unlike the useless W-Magnet, this Light Bulb appendage is used to light things up.

#7 The Silly Claw. This thing is just silly, it makes all sorts of tasks more enjoyable for the owner of this Droid.

#8 Probulator. As Leela would say, "Now strip naked and get on the probulator."

I hope I have given you all the knowledge you can hold about WED Treadwell Droid appendages. Use this information wisely. Or at least bore someone else for an hour when you are waiting for the escalator to start back up again.

Oh, the Droid comes with a Jawa too.


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