Monday, March 31, 2008

Holy Crap its BraveStarr!

And Holy Crap I bought a copy.

Memory serves me, I HATE THIS SHOW! It was awful, horrible, and awful. To be fair though, I hated it because it bumped Thundercats, (or was it GI Joe?) off the air of prime time kids TV around 3:30 in the afternoon. Those were glorious days, in which I'm still trying to recreate unsuccessfully (and now that I'm 30, its officially creepy) Thank God for the squeaky clean internet though, I can still buy toys online without me looking weird in the Toy aisle with all those kids. ANYHOW, BraveStarr, the best of that is, is now on DVD! Disc 1; the feature film. Disc 2; the top five episodes voted on by fans. Yes, fans??? WHO THE HELL OUT THERE IS STILL A BRAVESTARR FAN TO VOTE ON THE BEST EPISODES??? ok, maybe it was me. So I like to re-experience the strength of a bear, the Speed of a puma, the antics of Thirty-Thirty an upright talking horse with a gun called Matilda, and the power of... Bravestarr!

Decepticons interested in a bus?

The jokes on them, it's just a foam hand squeezey, not an Autobot.

Friday, March 28, 2008

H2O Car

The Prototype H-24 car has been keeping me company today at work. I really like the design of this car. It also has the ability to blur a cheap digital camera's focus.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Why did Lando take Han's clothes?

I always thought it was strange that at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Lando changes into what looks like Captain Solo's clothes. Why is this? There could be so many reasons. The first possible reason was that these were Lando's clothes to begin with. When Lando lost the Falcon to Han in a bet gone bad, the clothes came with the ship, so Han took over possession of both the ship and clothes. That seems strange though, but could lead to the second possibility; the clothes are an actual uniform for the Millenium Falcon. That would beg the question, why did Chewbacca not wear the official uniform of the ship? Perhaps being a harry Wookie would answer not wearing the pants or shirt, but at least the vest? Or, just the captain of the ship wears the uniform? More questions are raised when you look at this package...

'Lando Calrissian in Smuggler Outfit!' This means that the uniform is a smuggling outfit! Which is very strange, because one would think this profession to be very secretive. I would hate to be caught smuggling spice at Walmart just because I was wearing the flagged smuggler's outfit.

Oh well, I'm afraid I still can't answer this most strange situation. Can you?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Wooden Horse

I got to go on my first official business trip this week to Las Vegas. And like all businessmen in Las Vegas I went to FAO Schwarz toy store in Caesars Palace. I forgot to take a picture, but this is how I remembered the entrance (with the help of someone who did take a picture, and then me tracing over it). Lots of strange and unique toys there, but nothing of my normal fancy. If I had baggage space, I might have sprung for the Star Wars Empire Round table from the first Death Star and the funny haircut who gets chocked guy. They also had that Lego Death Star, that I plan to get someday, build, and throw down the parents stairs. But that was it for Star Wars, kind of bummed about that.

The store had a plentiful supply of Monopoly games and various versions, after looking at them, I tripped over the floor piano, but rebounded nicely. A few people gasped near by, thinking I was going to fall onto the floor piano. That would have been great, to trip and fall, then to make music while your down. It would be even greater to play that 'wah wah wah- wahahahah...' theme that plays after most cartoons or muppets take a dive.

Suprisingly after all those years of wanting to see that store, I didn't buy anything for myself. I did find a Playmoble Biker guy, for a friend at work. So I didn't go empty handed. It was more of the experience that I will treasure forever.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Salacious Crumb, Sith Lord

Not many people know that Jabba's tail custodian was a dangerous Sith Lord.

If only he hadn't been so consumed of hate for C-3P0's eye, he might have fought Luke, winning Return of the Jedi.


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