Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hunger Games - Miniature Figurine - District 4 Tribute Boy

Will these low cost blind toy packs ever end? The Hunger Games was a good flick, and I hope ESPN gets the rights to air some of the previous more violent games, but for now I am left with these mini figurines. Same old rules, a blind "Foil" pack with one figure inside for about $1.99. These figures are placed in a plastic shell, so you can't "Smoosh" for your favorites. If you could though, you would have to have amazing tactile instincts to pull a Katniss. There is a hole punch right by the large number 1 on the front, which probably determines who is inside. I don't know those codes.

I hit the jackpot with the District 4 Fishing Tribute. He doesn't even have a name online? Or does he? Tribute Boy, is all I have, and he is from the fishing district. Darn, I can't even remember how he gets killed. In the beginning fight, the kid who is hiding behind all the weapon supply crates??? The Figurine is pretty static, podium-ized, and painted okay like. His hairline paint is a bit off. Since he is a boy, I wonder if the other tributes will be scaled taller. I might have to pick up another one.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Squinkies Marvel Avengers Movie Edition Capsule toys: Black Widow Hulk Iron Man Captain America Thor Hawkeye Nick Fury and Loki!

I can finally officially debut this video to the site, as it is cleared of all possible issues. For some reason the filters mistook this for the actual new movie, which is reasonable as this video is obviously high budget. This Marvel Avenger Squinkie set is your best fastest way to collect all main key characters at lowest cost. As you can see in the video, there are many fun things that you can put them through. My favorite is the mini Hulk, he is fun to put the "pressure" on. And if you are having a hard time finding any kind of Black Widow toy to have, here is your chance.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Masters of the Universe 200X Whiplash

The year was 2003, I was at Target on Eagle, I see a Whiplash, I no get, I don't see again until today. I originally passed, thinking I would see again really soon. Bad idea. The line fell apart quickly after that, and I was crushed to this day. My favorite Masters of the Universe line is the early 2000 stuff. Its unique and more "playable" than the vintage stuff, or the new "fancy" Matty Collector stuff.

In moving my Toy Museum from one room to another, I started opening lots of toys in storage boxes, like Buzz-Off and Merman from a couple weeks ago. I didn't have a Whiplash stored, so I had to go to Ebay. I got a crazy, crazy, insane, major, rocking deal on him, almost less than I would have paid for him in 2003. Most of that line Are Ebay-able from ten to twenty, but a few of the rare ones go way higher.

After immediately opening him I will say without doubt, he is top five out of something. He is a total large, solid, thick, fantastically playable action figure. He comes with a strange alien sword like weapon, and holds it well. His strong fists and his flashy skirt are also noteworthy.

Whiplash's pinkies give Megan Fox's stumpy thumbs a run for her money.

Whiplash's action feature is a strong 180 degree tail whip...


He-Man is going to have to work extra hard now that this guy is on the shelf with him.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lego Minifigures Series 7 is Out! Codes Bumps and Pain ahead!

Here we go again we go again! I drug my feet a little this week, as these guys were on the shelf for a few days already! I was sick, and I didn't want to go there yet, But I could't wait too long, so without my voice, I went to the store anyways and went through the codes. My system is pretty solid now, I bring a sharpie and mark as I go, no squishing. I got ten out of 12 packs fresh, and will go back for a second go in the next couple of days (16 total). I think I did pretty good for a fever headed sickee.

The worst one of of the group is the Tennis Star, and of course, thats the one I open first. At least I was going up from there. The second one I opened was the mighty Black Knight, one of my all time favorites out of all series, I just proclaimed. He has these red bug eyes that are truly awesome!!!

I didn't get Rabbit Man, or the nerd, so I got to go back soon. I think the ones I need next should be easy to squish out. There are some new tricks to the bags, like Tarzan had two knives stuck together in a plastic sheet so they felt weird.

Now I am left pairing, and auditioning for the impending Epic Lego Minifigures Battle 5. A few of the minifigures have two faces this time, which is nice for Stop Motion. I know I am using that Black Knight, but who is the poor sucker who gets to fight him... maybe the Hulu girl?

Oh, give me a day or so, and I will post the bags with codes that I got.

Micro Machines Classic Travel City from Galoob Review Part 2

Here is the second part to my discourse on Micro Machine Travel City. There are some hidden gems in this review, like the return of the Pocket Volcano.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GI Joe Renegades: Airtight the Hostile Environmental Specialist

Airtight is my favorite GI Joe that I apparently know nothing about. He is found in the hard to get last wave of the Renegades line, which finally gives us an Airtight figure that both celebrates the classic and modern look.

I found him not at the store but by getting a case of figures through Hasbro's Toy Shop, and I have yet to see him in stores in Idaho. I still have my original Airtight, who is in extreme floppy condition. Its a miracle I was able to stand him up, or I guess he is just leaning heavily into his bad joints.

What I have always got wrong on Airtight was his backstory. I thought he was a Pilot, which is a pretty good guess given the suit, and "Air" in his name. Since I never had his file card, I originally found him loose in lucky peak reservoir, and had no backstory knowledge. I personally gave him secondary pilot chair, behind Slip Stream, and a slight water fetish, and that was that.

Turns out that he is actually a haz-mat guy, and now the "Well Duh!" comes to light. That makes more sense in SO many ways, as I don't remember him flying a plane in the old show (Of course, all GI Joes flew a Sky Striker at some point, so I guess they are all pilots).

It makes more sense that he was testing the hazardous contaminated waters of Lucky Peak's Sandy Point play area, before he fell in and sunk to the bottom and was caught by my foot. And it makes sense why he comes with all these air sensing tools.

Like the many other new GI Joe figures, he comes with way too much stuff to decide what he gets to hold. I really like the pack with the tank. His other pack has the hose that attaches to the air purifier, and for once the hose stays on via a longer peg. He has some spiffy wrist articulation too, that work well with that one hand instrument thingy. The figure's plastic feels a little squishy more than normal. Maybe all those chemicals he works with caused that. He slips of his display stand a little easily. His helmet though, fits very well.

Now I just need to get the Hazard Viper out, Airtight's mortal enemy. Airtight is making a strong case that I don't.

Not sure why I included this picture. Maybe it was the logistics of figure stacking. Or its my slight fever that is causing this whole post to feel a bit off to me. Airtight is doing good job carrying me through I guess.

If you can, get Airtight, he is a must.

Monday, April 16, 2012

S.L.U.G. Zombies Mystery Pack Scary LIttle Ugly Guys Jakks Pacific

Both Revenge from the Cosmic Arc and The Lair of the Dork Horde had my curiousity caught over these new S.L.U.G. Zombies. Not too bad of toy, would be fun to over collect for sure.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Transformers Prime Soundwave Can do Some Things Review.

Wow, in an amazing turn around after last nights rant, I was able to get Transformers Prime Soundwave Can do Some Things review uploaded! It also uploaded fine, with no disputes (Like is should!). Its pretty short, but I didn't really plan to do that much anyways. If I get good feed back, maybe I will do Cliffjumper next.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Transformers Prime: Soundwave

Well this week has officially got up and walked away from me taking a giant trip to the feet while thus continuing. I was totally geared up Monday to post all sorts of stuff, and had a great Marvel Squinkie video to start with too. It's done, but in YouTube limbo, as I am awaiting approval; that it is safe from pirates. I didn't want to post it until its 100% A-Okay, as if I have to RE-Shoot, I didn't want to loose too many views. Ughhh, so that whole early set-back has had me waiting allllll week, with nothing accomplished!!! Well, that, and Soundwave here.

I also started a Soundwave can do somethings stop motion, but its terrible, and still not video ready either. Then to top things off I decided to switch the Toy Museums home location room, with the nursery room, thus wasting more creative time. Although the soon-to-be NEW Toy Museum location is totally mind blowing, and I should do a proper full collection video quickee someday too soon.

Alas! Anyways, here are a few shots of Soundwave from the so-far, "botched" stop motion. As toys go he is pretty neat. Maybe a tad small, but still worthy as a Drone, which makes a great disguise from our normal tape player.

Can you see where he hides Lazerbeak? Hint: Its in the same location he always hangs out in.

Hopefully soon, I will have a more fitting show of Soundwave here, and those Marvel Squinkies.


Oh, wait, here is the review now :)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Unbelievable Backlog...

Between my B-Day stuff, and Easter sales, I have a lot of stuff to go through. That case of Joe's is enough to keep me warm all summer. I tried to find video review stuff today at ToysRUs, and I think I found a couple great things to play with. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Monsuno Toy Review Charger vs Spikelash Game Play and Cards by Jakks Pacific

Getting bored with the same old stuff again, so I traveled outside my normal realm to look at the new crazy Monsuno toys! Monsuno, or energized monster DNA in a core container that shoots out and does stuff. I was mainly drawn to Charger, the blue moose one with the huge antlers...

The toys are pretty okay. They seem to function a little squirrely, and maybe it would have been easier if I had a competitor to play with. Or, maybe since they are pretty small, they are a bit weak. I would like to see one twice its size. I may look into a launcher, and a few other monsters in the future.


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