Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Projectile Contest! Tie Bomber...

Well lets see how a Tie Bomber fairs...

Hmmm not well at all. I guess its better at dropping bombs instead of launching them.

Current Standings

1. Hi-Tech 90"
2. Waspinator 77"
3. Han Solo Mech 68"
4. Lego Batmobile 66"
5. Snow Storm Trooper 66"
6. Rebel Trooper 58"
7. Tie Bomber 41" (no wonder the Rebellion won)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Projectile Contest! Hoth edition.

The Star Wars Hoth Troopers wanted up next in the Projectile Contest. And to speed things up, I authorized both of them to go at the same time. Kind of a extra friendly competition thing, since they both star in the same battle.

These guys are real serious, they have been lining up their targets most efficeintly.


Thats not alow...



Well, sad to say, the Snow Storm Trooper got ahead of the Rebel Trooper by a few inches.

Current Standings...

1. Hi-Tech 90"
2. Waspinator 77"
3. Han Solo Mech 68"
4. Lego Batmobile 66"
5. Snow Storm Trooper 66"
6. Rebel Trooper 58"

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Projectile Contest! Hi-Tech's Invention.

Hi-Tech's turn at the great projectile Contest...

Long weapon, will it prove long range? (not to be confused with Long Range the GI JOE)

Yikes! I think he just blew a hole in my wall!

Woooo. It looks like a 90 inches! We have a new leader!

Current Standings:

1. Hi-Tech 90"
2. Waspinator 77"
3. Han Solo Mech 68"
4. Lego Batmobile 66"

On a side note, it took hours to get that projectile back from Hi-Tech's darn Robo-Dog.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Projectile Contest! Batmobile Legossus!

News of this great contest is sweeping the Toy Museum. Batman and his Lego Batmobile have entered the event! Will the technological power of Batman take the cake?

66"? 66"? And believe it or not, that was best of five shots!!! (no one has been given more than one shot to this day!) It was pathetic at best. Batman had to angle his jet engine to get a good enough arc, yet the big heavy bumper on top of the projectile sent it into the ground four times at under 25"! Since I am a huge Batman Lego fan though, I will give it a 66" to escape total failure. As for the Batmobile's projectile cannon, better go back to the shop if Batman is going to take out Two-Face's speedy bank escape van.

Current Standings:
1. Waspinator 77"
2. Han Solo Mech 68"
3. Lego Batman 66" *
4. Dan's Toy Museum 300 posts and counting.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Projectile Contest! Waspinator Crushes All?

Next up, evil Predicon Waspinator!

My favorite sound effect from Beast Wars was Waspinator's dart gun.

Wow, surprise and shock. After a omitted misfire of two inches, Waspinator shoots a 77 inch mile! That might be tough to beat.

Current Standings:
1. Waspinator 77"
2. Han Solo Star Wars Mech 68"

Monday, January 22, 2007

Projectile Contest! Mr. Solo up first.

Things seem pretty slow around the Toy Museum the last few months. Nothing really has happened to top anything of late. Toys are just sitting around, collecting dust, and getting joint decay. Well no more! Its time for a Projectile Contest!

Legendary NEW Han Solo Mech Transformer will start things going.

Two shots for the price of one with this gun, lets see what He can achieve!

The hallway will be the field for this great contest.

And he shoots a powerful 67 and 7/8ths of an inch to begin the event. Will this hold against other great opponents? We shall see soon...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Potential Dangerous Flaw Alert!

These pictures certainly tell the story of a Potentially Dangerous Flaw in Batman's Lego Dragster Jet car. It seems that these are just blocks, and not real machinery, therefore no locking mechanism on the small lego turntable piece that connects the main fuselage to the front wheel assembly. I don't think even Batman himself could stop in time from easily flipping out of control.

As for the missles that popped out onto the floor during my demonstration... Lets just say the new vinyl floors did its job well.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I wanted to show off my new Transformer Blurr, but for obvious reasons, that didn't happen to plan...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Toy displaying techniques.

I was out of the office this afternoon and when I returned I found this interesting gathering of toys on my computer moniter. Not exactly sure what the toy mob is doing to the bus in the center. Its either a full on attack or something a little more passionate.

The best part of being the 'toy guy' at work or was that 'little kid' or 'are you like five guy?' is that you get lots of free toys. I work on bus graphics occasionally, so I got a neat stress relief squishy bus. Another Coworker goes to McDonalds and returns interesting Happy Meal finds like that Yu-Gi-oyh guy with a card up its butt, or that strange looking alien with the light up funnel mouth. People have gone as far as giving me old Star Wars figures. Like the Death Star Gunner and Sandtrooper. I personally like the small scale Transformers Cybertron line on my desk. They are quick to Transform and display while I'm working on complex algorithoms of areas under the curve that stick to things.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Greatest Toy Run Ever!!!

After reading a few blogs of rumored toy clearance sales at Walmart, I thought 'what the heck I'll give it a try'. I'm not the biggest fan of the store, kind of creeps me out, but from time to time I go inside.

And WOW I'm glad I did! I suppose the better picture would be of me as giddy as a school girl running through the store with my arms completly full of toys. Luckily the camera wasn't with me, so that embarassment never existed.

I started by roaming the usual 'cool' aisles and finding next to nothing. I did see a Unicron tank toy I was considering, but wasn't too thrilled with its non-clearance price. But something told me to keep pressing onward, maybe some sort of toy spidey sense. Then I walked pass an endcap's endcap and found the fabled G1 Transformers key chains on clearance! I lack G1 toys, so that was a thrill to find these guys. Just pop off the key chain part and walla! They are perfect fit for my G2 Optimus Prime. I bought two sets, one to play, the other to shrine with I suppose. But my luck wasn't over yet...

I hadn't found the Metallic Cast Aisle yet, but I knew it was close. At first I thought I saw Ewoks cry, then I realised I was in the center of the greatest toy find ever. I found a Cybertron Primus toy for half off! Just like the one I spent hours drawing for the blog a week ago! A very impressive toy, should calm my itch for Transformers for quite a while. Oh wait, then I saw the Millenium Falcon Transformer as well. Been wanting that too for a while. Great price as well. At that point my arms were full, and I passed on a cool Batman Batwing Lego set. Maybe in a few weeks I'll go back and retrieve it, if it still exists.

Well that was my greatest toy run ever. There were some doozies before, but this one really took the cake in great toys for extreamly insane clearance prices.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New toys of 2007

Anybody notice the new DriveMAX Megazord for 2007. Looks like Optimus Prime in vehicle mode for some reason. New Megazord I might have to pick this guy up. Still looks stupid, blocky, simple, chessy compared to Transformers, but might be fun.

Then there is a new Lego builder set with a plane that looks real close to Starscream.
That would be sweet to get and throw down the stairs like I used to when I was ten. okay 15. okay Okay 20. 28 and not going farther!

Have fun resisting all the new stuff for 2007!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Monday, January 01, 2007


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