Monday, February 27, 2006

Attacktix Speed Skating

Are these Toy Olympians still going?

We have Star Wars Attacktix Speed Skating today! The Battle Droid, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Antilles and Bossk have made it to the gold plastic race!

And there they go!

Obi-Wan flies out in front, Fast! Bossk and the captain are neck and neck! Battle droid not doing so well...

Obi-wan is in a commanding lead...Wait a second!

Weapons fire detected!!!

Oooh, Obi-Wan is knocked down hard by Bossk and the Captain! This is totally against regulations and...yes, the judges have disqualified both Bossk and Captain Antilles!

What luck for the slow witted Battle Droid! It wins by just staying in the game! Talk about the Tortoise and the Hare!

Up Next The Final Hockey game, and thank God, Closing Ceremonies!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hockey game in jeopardy after Optimus Prime delivery mix up.

The over-hyped hockey game between Team Hoth and Ice bionicle has been postponed a bit due to a mix up in sporting goods. It seems that Optimus Prime got the wrong order and has delivered eating utensils to the games instead of traditional hockey sticks. Meanwhile R2 has the striping on the rink all off. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon, so this much anticipated game can get started.

Skeletor ejected from Skeleton.

Back again for more Winter Toy Olympic competions!

Things looked grim for the Skeleton Xevoz warrior after Skeletor's time breaking run.

That was until the judges stepped in.

It appears that Skeletor's battle damage roll had flipped to two hits, indicating that he was defeated and not able to compete at all!

Then tradgety struck again when 3P0 went down at dangerouse speeds and wasn't able to control the final jump.

he was crushed under his sled. R2 is on the way for repairs.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Half-Tub Competition Cools down!

Yo Joe! Here comes ForstBite for the Half-Tub!

We should see some great tricks from this guy!

Wow! Look at the speed he gets!

The Height with this toy is unreal!

Well there you have it folks! Snow Angels for all!

Since no other toy has a snowboard, FrostBite gets the Plastic gold, silver and bronze! What an honor!

Down Hill Toy Skiing

Here goes Inspector Gadget on a well groomed blanket.

He's looking real good today, doing the corners real nice.

YIKES! A Construx mountain goat has accidentally ran onto the slope!

GO-GO Gadget Legs! Nice Jump!

He makes it on his feet and completes the course in good time!

Will it be enough for plastic gold?

Ice Skating with toys.

After a short time delay the Winter Toy Olympics are back!

The Mugato wowed the crowd with a stunning performance both in technical and in emotional stunts.

Lion-O lord of the Thundercats, a favorite, stunned the crowd with a fall in his routine sending him to the bottom of the point charts.

The night was capped off with Slave 1 doing cookies on the ice rink.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Curling with Mr. Freeze

Mr Freeze is pleased with his curling today, he is very accurate...

Hang on, its Lego R2-D2's turn.

Whooo, R2 has knocked Mr. Freeze out of the house!

This will be a tough rebound for Freeze, he tends to freeze up.

And NOW it will be even harder! The Joker has apparently spilled his Sweet Tarts all over the ice!

What an upsetting day for Freeze as he turns in disgust! The Judges will have to determine the outcome for this one. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Xevoz Skeleton does a good Skeleton run!

The Xevoz Skeleton goes first down the new track. There he is ready to go at the top.

Nice start!

WOW, really hangs on to those curves. What the form!

Straight aways are his best they say.

Can he handle the last jump?

Nails it! What a run! Skeletor will have a lot to work on to beat that run!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Toy Olympic Torch Lighting!

The run away Torch has been found and Captain America has been given the honor to light the main caldron. The giant stucture has been rumored to also be a floor lamp and dejointed several Construx workers.

And here we go...

And the 2006 Winter Toy Olympics has officially begun!!!

Winter Toy Olympic Parade of toys!

Lots of excitement today as the toyaletes gather and walk through the stadium. Here are some highlights of the parade.

Only three toys going for the plastic gold in the Skeleton this year. Skeletor is the favorite. C-3PO just bearly qualified for the event claiming his innor parts are very skeletal. Xevoz Skeleton warrior is still an unknown though.

A slight incident happened when the powerful Wampa forwards from Team Hoth attacked the GI Joes in the front row. Lifeline will have his work cut out for him getting them out of comas.

Team Ice Bionicle is cleared to play even though there were allegations that they were adding parts. No evedence was ever found, so the team got the green light. Expect big things from the Bohrohk Ball Bionicles power shoot.

And finally, Mr Freeze Terrorizes the crowd by freezing them solid!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

2006 Winter Toy Olympic Opening Ceremonies!!!

It's finally Here! The 2006 Winter Toy Olympics! We begin today with the opening ceremonies located on the prestigious Dan's sofa table! The Toy Museum is buzzing with intensity and excitement! Check out this packed stadium filled to the asiles! How amazing it is! How amazing too that it seems to be snowing in indoor facilities. Dan better check his heating systems!

Well, lets bring out the contestant parade!



THAT was not scripted! They took out the front row! Oh the toy-humanity!

Oh well! Lets get these guys cleared off for the parade, and we can't forget the torch lighting too!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2006 Winter Toy Olympic Construx stadium is completed!

Construx workers gave a sigh of releif today when construction on the mega stadium was completed just in time for the opening of the Winter Toy Olympics.

It is said that the large seating area has the ability to hold various crowds and can cater to any toy's needs. It is estimated it can hold up to five thousand Micro Machine people, or 50 Attacktix figures, or 25 GI Joe's, or 10 Masters of the Universe, or 1 Rancor and 1 Unicron. Depending on who bought tickets, the crowd will probably be a sample from each.

And here they come already, lining up for great seats, in what could be the most anticipated Toy Olympics ever. Even senator Bail Organa has come to the event protected by his strong packaging. It looks like seats will be filled to standing room only. The excitement only goes up from here!

Torch gets away in Winter Toy Olympic Relay!

Only a few days left until the opening ceremonies of the Winter Toy Olympics and the symbolic Torch has run away form the torch bearers. Hopefully they can catch it in time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mystery of the Pink Star Wars Action Figure Case!

After the extreme overproductin Phantom Menace toy fiasco, I was able to pick up great buys of toys. Like this nice R2-D2 action figure case. It was a steal at less than five bucks. It holds lots of stuff, and has a cool little display base.

Its been up in my dark non temperature changing closet climate for the last few years. When I took it down the other day and opened it up, I was surprised to see that the inside has changed from white to pink! Now I am fairly confident Luke didn't leave a pair of red socks in there or Darth leaving a light saber on, so I am not sure what the deal is.

The camera won't pick up the pink in the flash, so I had to alter this picture with photoshop for purposes. If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, we will have to get together and make a documentary to withstand future generations of toys.

tune in next time for the mystery of the Melting 1980's Masters of the Universe toys.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Have you noticed that everything transforms these days...

Batman Transforms...

Luke Skywalker transforms...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles transform...

Oh wait. Darn. This one doesn't transform. Excuse me while I cry about a broken toy.


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