Thursday, September 27, 2012

HexBug Warriors Battling Robots with Kinetic Weapons!

HexBug Warriors are really amazing! I was very impressed with their performance. My Previous HexBug experience was with the smaller nanos that just moved around with no major goal, other than exploring habitats. The Warrior Bugs went farther by adding weapons and a spiffy battle mode. Each HexBug features one "Kinetic" weapon that moves (because of the intense vibrating motor). I was pleased to see how well that kinetic weapon works too (usually that stuff fails in toys). When the two bugs hit one another, a shock sensor damages the bug, until one is defeated. My custom arena was a little sloppy, and the actual sold arena makes for a more fluid battle. I will now have to pick that up too. They also look really cool, sharp, and colorful. I totally recommend you pick a few up!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hotel Transylvania McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2012 Set of 6 Review

Hotel Transylvania looks like a silly movie, and this month you can get a few silly toys at Mcdonalds. The Party time Murray figure is lots of fun with his torso firing action. The Crawling Zombie Hand is also lots of fun. Play on!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thundercats Thundertank and Snarf Ban-Dai

Thundertank! Thanks to the new show's hiatus (or cancellation), the new Thundertank is pretty much everywhere on reduced price. I have been eyeing one at Walmart all summer at $23.50, but yesterday it finally made the real plunge to $14.50 (about half its original value). For a price like that, a toy like this is amazing!

I had low expectations about this toy, from photos and other reviews, but I am finding it better than expected, with yes, a few issues. The overall appearance is very nice. The Thundertank sports a spiffy blue and gray color scheme, and has a very layered dimension to it. Under the canopy and at the drive station, there is just enough room for Panthro to squeeze into. Notice how his hands fit smugly into the dash. On Panthro, Snarf, and other Thuder-lynx figure's backs, are blocks that fit into the tank seat and helps make some sound commands. They are not very inspiring; "Thunder Tank Activate" and "Thunder Tank Fire!" Those red eyes up front light up red. The canopy has some slight issues of staying on at its hinge point, not too big of a deal.

The back end features a small compartment. I would say you could fit Snarf and another Thundercat figure in, or two Thunder-Kittens, Or Cheetara and Lion-o, but probably not Panthro. It is disappointing that this was not an upper hatch with a cannon, as that would have made the toy epic.

The front end action feature is where things go a little askew. There are the two classic Thundertank Claws, mounted to wheel sleds, attached to the tank. Then there are two more wheel sleds attached to that. You can interchange the outside slides with sold separately figure sleds. There are hidden buttons on the back top flaps that launch the outside sleds, flipping the claws up, with the "Thunder Tank Fire!" sound effect. It works and looks pretty cool, but in doing so makes the front end kind of fragile. If you were to do some ramming with a Mutant Fist Pounder, things might start flying off!

I think the weakness lies in the attachment of the Claw Wheel assembly to the tank, That could have been more solid. On another  side note, the claws could have been stronger and extended more. They have like half an inch extension to them, thats it! The claw is also a bit fragile, it pops off really easy. Even though I complain a little, its still fun, and would make some good play.

For being a smaller scale toy line, its size is pretty large compared to the Original Thundertank. I should add, as dorky as all the features of the new tank are, the old tank had just as many. How goes those stiff moving treads that melt in a few years? Or that weakened spring assembly that shoots Panthro out the top back hatch from time to time.

The two tanks then, of course, immediately dueled on the padded coffee table.

So yes there are a few issues, but really, its just a toy, and a kick-ass playable toy it is! It's too bad that the show is on shaky if not sunk ground, as maybe there would have been other tanks, or add ons. For now, and the next twenty years, this is the New Thundertank!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Men in Black 3 - Agents K and J

I tried to talk about these guys on a failed Vlog a couple months ago, and I almost forgot to mention them. Agents K and J from MIB3. They were quickly price reduced ($4.98 TRU), so I used the opportunity to pick them up. 

The figures themselves are pretty darn good, especially for not being Hasbro or Mattel. Jakks Pacific's game is raising in the toy world in my book. Very good face likeliness and articulation. Their coats are a softer plastic which allows some good play. At my favorite 3 3/4" scale they can fit right into my GI Joe and Star Wars bins. I only wanted the single figure packs of K and J, but for K I had to get the step up deluxe option with the weapon. The noisy cricket is my favorite MIB weapon, but I didn't want to pay three dollars more for it, then I found out what it does...

It transforms into a sick ride! Okay, now I am totally in for the extra three bucks. J also has a ring like device that turns into a slick little sky sled.  Both vehicles are pretty well made, again this sort of thing usually misfires big time.

I totally recommend you pick these guys up, at reduced prices, they are a steal.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Wolverine's Chopper Showdown 6866

Last month when I was working on Epic Lego Minifigures Battles 6, at the last minute I decided to pick up this set for the Wolverine and Deadpool minifigures. This of course mixed a few battles up, and I had to reshoot some stuff, but I really wanted seven battles. I probably would have never bought this set, if not for the minifigures. I am glad I did though, as it is a pretty solid set. Most of the time when buying LEGOs you can feel a little short changed. Not with this set, at $19.98 Walmart, you get a pretty good amount of brick. The chopper is really spiffy, as it looks menacing, fits a few figures, and does a few tricks.

The set looks to be modeled after the first Wolverine Origins movie, which gives you an initial premise to play from. It feels like a bonus to get three high level Minifigure characters, plus a motorcycle (and an extra Wolverine claw if you can spot).

Out of the Marvel sets offered this year, I would now place this as the best one to get first.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra Jungle B.A.T.

I sat up all last night debating with myself if I liked the Cobra Jungle B.A.T. or not.  I am a huge fan of the campy classic Cobra B.A.T., with its black and yellow body and lenticular chest, it is one of the all time Cobra greats. The 25th anniversary B.A.T. was a pretty good update too (missing lenticular and all). The latest is a Jungle version, a part camo repaint, part accessory dress up. 

I want to say he is more of a last years toy, as I found one yesterday at a Paul's Supermarket, a store that is never current on popular toys. I had to pay a little more, $10.49, which is ridiculous, but I guess beats online prices. That price is getting to be the norm anyway, which will end my GI Joe collecting habits pretty soon.

That Jungle B.A.T. comes with a pretty heavy gatling gun, but its very clumsy in use, hard to hold. The ammo clip feeds into that back pack, which barely fits on the back. (Firing effects are my imagination).

The Jungle B.A.T. still comes with those neat interchangeable arm pieces, my favorite in this situation is the flame thrower.  (Firing effects are my imagination).

What sold me on the toy was the battle damaged chest plate (Old lenticular location), and interchangeable head. That just looks brutal, if that wasn't included I would have passed on the figure.

So did I decide to like it?

The final verdict is...

Nope, I hate it. Its too much. What makes the classic B.A.T. go is its ability to go anywhere in its standard suit. It would be scary to see the black and yellow army in the jungle, forest, tundra, ocean etc. I just don't see Dr. Mindbender asking the B.A.T.s to put on camo pants for their Jungle assignment. I bought merely for the battle damage, and on the fly decision.

I will say though, if its a single B.A.T., with more character then an army, I don't mind the camo look for a small Cobra Jungle Team. That way you can play it as the emotionless robot character opposite the jokester leafy guy, and grumpy faced Predator.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Transformers Reveal the Shield Generation One Mini Megatron

Pretty much exactly a year ago I was spazzing out about these mini Transformers in the Reveal the Shield line. I was only able to get the Autobots at the time, as the stores never had Megatron or Starscream. Well thanks again to IDstormtroopers, and a trip to I quote; "bf no where," Megatron is in the Museum. Thats the benefit of road trips in middle of non populated states, you find places that no one ever visits and things pile up. This Megatron did have considerable amount of shelf where, his plastic shell was heavily scuffed, and the shell perimeter was attached by scotch tape, but inside he was still perfectly maintained.

Amazingly spot on to the original Generation One Megatron, and for such a small size. It makes us all ask why they couldn't have replicated that for the classics line instead of the Nerf Megatron (which I still like too).  I would have no problem if this mini was scaled larger with the same transforming mechanics. Besides, the easier to Transform, the more I like.

In Prime vs. Megatron form.

In gun form.

In Cobra Commander hands form.

I can now retire from looking for this toy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Super Seven Samurai This!

The old Toy Museum blog is seven years old today!

SO, lets look at seven toys that are my all time favorite. Starting with #7 Batman Legos. Can't stop getting them, they are great. Every time I build a set, I pretend I am Batman in his shop building his next crime fighting weapon. This little bike is from the new BatCave set, which I will show more of in upcoming posts.

#6 Mighty Max Lava Monster. Given by a good friend on his LDS mission of all places, the Lava Monster is one of my favorite unique toys in the museum. Can't remember if I have opened him up on this blog fully, but he has a sweet Mighty Max mini adventure inside, with lots of fun to be had.
(I should note, I am not LDS :) not that there is anything wrong with that. Go Mitt Romney)

#5 Temple of Doom Battle Damaged Indiana Jones. This figure cost me a pretty penny, having to get the whole wave at once, but it was worth it. His bag even has some Sankara stones in it.

#4 Lifeline. I have plenty more Joe's that I like just the same or more, but today is Lifeline's day. I really get a ride out of this new 30th anniversary edition. I had many adventures with vintage and now modern Lifeline.

#3 The Pandorian Direhorse. I was originally appalled by the Avatar toy line, but through silliness, I fell in like with the toys. Mainly the Pandorian lifeforms. Hey its a horse, but add a couple legs and some antenna and paint it blue, and you got something new!

#2 Blue Power Ranger. Love me some blue Power Ranger. Oh God, hope that doesn't get interpreted wrongly. As I have said for seven years, I like blue the color, so that is my Ranger of choice. No other reason. 

#1 Optimus Prime Generation 2. This whole list is always changing hourly, but one constant is Opty Primus here.  I never had an original G1 Prime, so when G2 came out in like '93, it was the greatest day of my life. He's a bit ragged these days with some sticker wear and loose joints, but still Prime in the Toy Museum.

Seven other great stats to mention...

1. This blog is seven years old today! (last year 6)
2. This blog has 129 fans! (last year 93)
3. This blog has 1140 Posts! (last year 997)
4. This blog has 2597 published comments, some of them not spam! (2102 last year)
5. This blog has a ton of interest in Madagascar 3 Happy Meal Toys!
6. This blog's YouTube outlet reached 2,000,000 views today! (what a coincidence!)
7. This blog is nothing without all you awesome people who drop by and read a post now and then. (Cut and copied from last year).

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hot Wheels - The Bat - Dark Knight Rises - Yellow Card 27/50

The Bat! I have not been in the loop of upcoming Hot Wheels vehicles, so this was a surprise to see for me. The big shocker is I have yet to see the new movie!!! Things were so busy during the release, I couldn't find time, then when I finally did, all the show times were not jiving with the whole baby sitting schedule. So hopefully, when it hits dollar theatre times, I can get to see what The Bat actually does. At this time, it looks like a broach that Bruce Wayne wears to social effects.

I almost wish they added wheels to this thing too. Maybe unevenly so it bounce hovers across the floor. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scatter Brainz Darts and Bazooka Gun Review

Seriously STICKY deranged DARTS! I think this is the last toy I am buying that supports a simple gimmick then repeats it in hundreds of designs and colors for a while. I am running out of places to stash this stuff. The Scatter Brainz darts and Bazooka gun are a simple rainy day type of toy. The darts sport all kinds of wacky designs, and the gun, well obviously, shoots them. As seen in my video, the gun isn't the most accurate shot, and the darts are not sticky enough to support the word in full caps. In fact, all my darts are rapidly loosing their stick. The targets that came with are not even worth mentioning, just lame folded up printed sheets. Their is a brain like "Mental" case to for the darts too, but I don't plan on collecting enough darts to fill the thing. In short one three pack and a gun is enough for a afternoon of fun, and that is about it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Avengers Black Widow Movie Series with Grapple Blast

I almost forgot that after a entire summer of every week checking the Avengers shelf stocks for any sort of actual movie figure, I finally found a Black Widow. She must have been in a second or third wave of action figures, along with Nick Fury and some sort of green goblin guy. 

She's not really actress accurate, but that is okay, as I prefer figures like this to have timeless identification ambiguity (what the hell does that mean?). I think the painters might have been a little sloppy painting her eyes, as one is way higher than the other. Her back side is perfect though.

She has some good and bad for action figure standards. The Hasbro Marvel Supers have the worst hips. They are a combo of balls,  joints, hinges, and something else, and they always stick and are stuck in a direction that doesn't bend. I don't understand why they can't go with the Star Wars or GI Joe method which is way superior for Action Figuring. Her plastic is also a little soft, so its hard to bend her into great positions without bend-backing effect. Her guns are also the softest plastic I have ever encountered. Try getting her little hands to hold the gooey things is next to impossible. On the flip side, she looks like a Black Widow, and is no way a monstrosity with no joints and neon coloring like we would have got out of the 90's.

She is a fantastic action figure for general playing with.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NFL Playmakers Denver Broncos Peyton Manning

It's Mr. NFL Peyton Manning! IDstormtroopers had me looking for this figure for him, and I finally found one at Walmart the other day. Playmakers figures are pretty fun to get into, but slow if you are into collecting for a certain team. From a distance they have pretty good detail, in a general sense. They have the right team colors, logos, proportions, and often a little football in their hands. Looking closer though, they don't match the player's likeliness. Its really up to what factory worker was painting eye brows that day.

I guess if you want physical face likeliness, you go with the larger sculpted frozen figures. If you want a smaller scale team collection of awesome fun moving figures, you get these guys. Like most sport figures, they are better off left in their package, but with Playmakers boasting over 20 moving parts, its hard to not rip them out of their confinement, and injure them and stuff.

The funny thing is, with all those moving parts, you are still limited to the amount of positions. I would love to see Hasbro get a sports license some day. The shoulder articulation is the most advanced, giving you lots of ball control abilities, but the legs are a mess (Demonstrated by Manning's former former former QB of the Bronco's Jay Cutler).

And now the post seems to have morphed into how cool Cutler is. How did I manage to stand him on a Lego board, that is unreal!!! I am currently looking to get this years wave Brian Urlacher, for my growing Bears team.

I wish Manning was in his Orange home jersey instead of the bland all white look. I imagine though, as popular as Manning is, we will see a dark color home jersey next year. The figure is also absent of an action damaged neck feature too. Overall though, he's a great figure to have in your collection if you like NFL Football or not. It's Peyton Manning, come on, he is the best spokesman to have on your toy shelf!


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