Friday, September 07, 2012

Epic Lego Minifigures Battles 6 - Heroes Edition

It is pretty much a given, when I am not posting often, I am working hard on some sort of insane project. This latest Lego minifigures battle was the insanest of them all! Gone are the days of a calm afternoon of shooting, editing, and posting that night. Hello to the month long grueling cycle of photo shoots, editing, re-photo shots, editing, frantically going to the store looking for extra minifigures, casting match issues, set issues, computer hard disc space issues, video editor editing issues, sound effects, and insanely hard music selection matching. Actually it was probably around 40 hours of work, but with an 8 month old interrupting every so often, things get delayed. Towards the last week I always get so ancy to get it out and share.

I am really pleased how it came out. I was able to do some really tricky special effects edits, that are not seen. A few things could be polished more, but heck, I am not that crazy. Casting was perfect, there are a couple outtakes with SuperGuy taking on Super SpongeGuy, and and re-shoot of Wonder Lady vs. Cap N America, maybe I will share someday in a vlog or something.

So thats my new vid, hope there isn't immediate controversy with the outcomes...

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