Sunday, June 27, 2010

Never fear Sky Lynx is here!

Yes the new toy is Sky Lynx! Enjoy his intro movie.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A major toy arrives at the Toy Museum!

I'm so excited to get the King of all toys today, well at least he thinks he's the King of all toys today. I think I will enjoy and play with it tonight before I unveil it in my usual Dan'sterpiece theatre ways. Long time site fans might have an idea of what it is, guess away. BUT for the people who I work with, if you say anything, you will be dead to me!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

GI Joe vs the Squirmle 2: The Stretch Mutation

After the abrupt ending of the last film, I was compelled to film a sequel, diving deeper into the mysterious swamp.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3; Stretch

Who remembers my scathing review of Twitch? Dude, it was only a few days ago! Your probably thinking if I hated Twitch that much, why did I buy Stretch? Well, unlike Twitch, I actually like Stretch.

Again, the toy is not much in the field of joints, action features, accessories, or included comic books.

It excels in that its translucent sparkle purple, smooth, stinky, durable, and floppy? I don't know what I really like about it, it just works as a good bad guy for other toys to wrestle with. The tentacles don't even stay bent, and I am okay with that. You can make her stand tall, or stand or sort of flat. I guess the toy just works in this form, as an Octopus never had an 80's show with a ton of figures with armor, power staffs, and quick attacks. You can't think, "Gee I wish this toy was like those old He-Octopus toys."

Cobra Commander has quickly befriended her for future missions.

She has a great facial feature much like a mad McDonald's Grimace. I hear she's voiced my Whoopi Goldberg, which is a shame because now instead of a unique character Stretch, its Whoopie Goldberg as Stretch. I hate celebrity voice actors, but thats how theses computer animated movies work, and thats a rant for another day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Game Day Friday! Star Wars Epic Duels Game

Today was finally Epic Duels Day for Friday game day! Co-worker Sideshow got the game at a garage sale for 55 cents!?!?! Talked it down from a dollar too! We ebayed it, and it looks like a 50 dollar plus game now! The game is fully in tack, good shape and ready to play!

How did I miss this game when it came out? Tons of mini figure painted pieces. The Good guys on white bases fight on planet potato chip.

The bad guys on black bases play near by on a table far far away.

I played with the sexy team Dooku, who gets two pretty Super Battle droids.

I got my ass handed to me though by Han and Chewy. The game is played with a board with a grid, dice, and cards that you play vs each other. Lots of rules apply so thats as far as I will go in the run through.

For first run, it was pretty fun. Lots of different team options, battle fields, and killer card combos.

Fantastic crisp pictures from our work camera!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toy Story 3; Twitch - Mattel, Really?!?

Mattel Mattel Mattel, I am so disappointed in you. Really, what the heck is this? Maybe you should retire from toy making. In the 80's you created these fantastic things called Masters of the Universe that stand the test of time. They had lots of articulation, accessories, removable armor, unique action features, and even mini comic books included. For all intensive purposes you could still play with one today as one of the greatest toy lines ever made in the history of plastic stuff. Flash forward to today 2010, Toy Story 3 comes out, you Mattel have the license to make toys that celebrate classic toys. So you make a figure for Twitch a modern take of a classic 1980's action figure (one that you used to make remember?). But with this figure you decide to add minimal articulation (3 points for main body (not counting those awful hips), and 2 points for wings), no action feature, and my favorite no weapon! Really Mattel, no weapon? He's holding something cool on the illustration on the box, but nothing inside the box. How do you forget the weapon??? Thats a total insult to any kid/collector who wants to play with the thing, which is what it is for. No kid in the Toy Story Universe would ever want or play with this toy in this form. It's so useless it shouldn't even be classified as an action figure. Why even make toys Mattel, WHY? You should hang your plastic company head in shame for this one!

Just to note I will be returning this toy for something Hasbro or even Ban-Dai will make a hundred times better, and not insult me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Wheels Ecto-1

I can stop sulking and being hostile to fellow toy bloggers now, I found an Ecto-1 today.

Almost missed it, but I took an extra minute destroying a Hot Wheels island looking for it. I didn't think I would find it, because by the looks someone before me did most of the damage to the display. Luckily the last little cubby had one waaaay in the back.

Funny thing that its not even the best of cars. Poor paint job, or lack of, on the roof top equipment. There is just something about it that makes it cool, I think it went along to a movie called GhostRunners or something.

I think I will open it after I find the second one in five months.

Monday, June 14, 2010

GI Joe; The Rise of Cobra, XBox 360 and DS games

I am still into this movie?!?!

Believe it or not, these two games are great fun! Well, I am totally GI Joe biased, but really, these are great fun. I've played the DS version since X-mas nightly for many months straight. It reminds me of the old Guantlet games but with leveling up characters. Easy play, some what challenging levels, follows post movie, but with more Joes. It's fun to watch Polly fly around Shipwreck's shoulder. You can also drive a Mobat, HISS Tank, Armadillo, which really levels the playing field.

I just got the X-box version, before it disappears from the shelves, and I am overly pleased too. It follows the same story the DS game had, but with way better graphics. It's simple mindless fun, much like the old GI Joe arcade game. The camera awkwardly follows you around while you go on a somewhat straight path killing and blowing up stuff. Nice that the levels arn't overly complicated, and Bad guys are fairly easy to kill. Tons of action and explosions too, which is just like the GI Joe universe.

The best part is the vehicles...

Thats right, a GI styled Snowcat. I had a blast driving the thing in circles (as the controls for driving are bad), but it was still a ton of fun. I think I am getting the hang of it. The thing shots so many missiles! Somehow I righted the vehicle on its backside so I had to abandon it.

The game has a ton of Joes, all with unique weapons and abilities. There are always two Joes playing, which is nice that you're not alone out in battle. Note to self though, the Snake Eyes/Gung Ho team, not so good combo. Snakes has poor shooting, but great sword attack, but close range, and Gung Ho is just awful with his pea shooting boom stick. But other Joes work better, Heavy Duty and Duke are my go to guys usually.

The game follows post movie as well, with movie cast voice overs, dramatic music... OH YEAH, I forgot the BEST part!!! When you kill enough you get the accelerator suit power up. When you fire that up, it plays original cartoon series music in full brilliant force (He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble, GI Joe is there...) It sounds totally awesome on the surround sound! I wish they did that in the movie SO bad. Anyhow the game follows the M.A.S.S. device, and a little Weather Dominator panic, so its all good fun.

I totally recommend these games if you want mindless GI Joe fun.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Look who I ran into...

What a pleasure to meet Indiana Jones. He was pretty quite though, so we just played it casual.

Friday, June 04, 2010

One sad horsey...

So I am still a bit bummed about FAO being AWOL from Caesars forum shops. I looked up when they checked out, Jan 23, 2010 (missed it by a few months!!!). The Las Vegas Sun had such a sad photo taken of the horse by Sam Morris, I had to post. Not that it was the best toy buying store, but it was the best toy experience toy store I have ever visited. That's probably a good reason why it failed. Still though, I would think Toys R Us, the owner, should have kept it around just for exposure and credit it gives. I'm sure the lease was insane, being three floors, its too bad they couldn't shrink it down and stay around.

Also this marks two vacations in a row where I planned to go to a toy store in a mall only to find it gone. I know mall toy stores have a hard time with competitive pricing and all, but maybe its their fault for all the wrong stuff they sell. I am sure there is an assortment of toys that you could bring in, and sell, and do very well. But instead its always the same old crap that just doesn't move. At least try and window dress it up! Get people excited, and informed about all sorts of fun stuff.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Luxor is pure evil and this is why...

I have been to Las Vegas a couple times in the last few years and one thing for certain, the Luxor is evil. Now the picture above is the Excalibur, the campy castle themed hotel. We stayed there. Yes, its cheesy as heck, but for 40 bucks average night stay, I won't complain. But from our room window we see the evil dark pyramid Luxor Hotel.

Evil on the outside and inside, its dimly lit and dark, did I say it was dark? Even the Star Wars slots game inside takes your money. To try and improve its image it has both 'Bodies' and 'Titanic' exhibits, I don't think that's helping. It looks like a place that will steal your soul, and have an affair with it.

So anyways, this old guy down the hall comes to our room to party. We are drinking Pepsi and such, and he's all this and that, telling stories of his glory days as a Band-aid salesman or something. Seems like a nice guy right?

We look out the window and out of no where a full moon moves right over the Luxor's peak!

The old man immediately transforms into Mumm-Ra and I have to jump out the bloody window!

So, never stay at the Luxor! ...and I guess the Excalibur either.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A General Grievous with a cape, and it has pockets?!!

Entertainment Earth just put something up on Facebook about some new Star Wars figures, including another upgraded Grievous with that pretty red cape! I was going to have the lady's at work make me one, but now, I can buy another Grievous for my collection! I will show off as soon as I get it some day far far away.

Who moved my Claw Machine?!!

Wow big mistake, Superstore Fred Meyer moved my favorite claw machine to the center doors. Problem is I always enter the side grocery doors during lunch. Yes I play the claw machine. I probably spend a few bucks a week, or maybe more with cool stuff inside. Yes I know its most likely a rip-off, but for those 60 seconds of toy bliss I think its worth it. So yeah, when the vendor see's a 1000% decline in profits and moves the machine back, I will play again.

Funny, when I was in Vegas, I had the hardest time finding anything I wanted to take home. On several occasions I would see a Claw Machine with the BEST stuff. There was an Animated Batman and some awesome animated original Star Trek crew, that I missed out on because I didn't have a dollar handy. Looking back, I should of at least took photos.


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