Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fluffing up Grizzlor

That sounds like a neat movie title for an Oscar.

Grizzlor used Bart's brush today to fluff up a bit. A few years of plastic storage bin hibernation will really matte down the fur. Sorry for this shocking naked picture of Grizzlor, he seems to have misplaced his Evil Horde uniform.

Then there is this guy. I am totally blanking on his name and where he is from. I kind of want to say he belongs to a group of transforming rock toys, that were competing with Transformers and Masters of the Universe? When you push him across something flat, a rubber wheel rolls under him that opens and closes his mouth. He too benefited from a nice spring brushing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Animal Hanging Incident

Just a few weeks ago Bubbashelby of Toyriffic brings up the topic of toys at work. Well my coworkers did it to me again...

I suppose its a work of hanging balancing art, and I think Indy would try to save all the animals. Not sure how he got that paper car with missing wheels lodged up there between the shelves.

A closer look reveals the true tension of the moment. I'm sure they will come crashing down someday at the right moment. Or they will be used as rubber band target practice. Poor Indy.

Just be glad I omitted the sexually suggestive picture with Indy, the Horse, The Dog and Cat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 14: The Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle watch is perfect to wear while its currently orbiting the planet. That way, you can always say its Space Shuttle time! It functions closely like the Stealth watch, its time piece flips out of the nose, and it has spacey take-off sound effects that annoys cats.

I drove myself crazy trying to take a shot of the flickering engine lights. As the Shuttle speeds up the lights flicker even more. After some failed 20 tries, I gave up. I can't believe the odds that not one time did the camera take at the same time the lights were on. Next camera I buy will have one of those multi-shoot options.

For LEon's request, here is where the digital time piece is located. Inside the nose cone area. The two back buttons on the shuttle bay doors activate the sounds, and flip open the time piece. The front looking hatch thing on the bay doors is the battery compartment.

I skipped 13 on the watch list, becasue there is no way I'm posting the number 13 with NASA related material.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spearhead's Lost Cat

Spearhead was one of the last few GI Joes I bought during the old days. Naturally I was drawn to the animal figure teams like Spearhead and Max, and Voltar and Black Condor. Through the tests of time though, Max has gone missing. I am amazed that Spearhead somehow survived the horrible massacre of most other Joes of '89 and I am confident that Max too survived as cats are cunning and tricky. I swear I have seen Max from time to time through the years, and now he must be in one of the countless toy boxes that I will never find if I really tried looking. Now the best hope is for Max to be found by coming back on his own.

In the meantime Spearhead is very distraught. I hope some day that the two can be reunited.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New GI Joe comics

I am more of a cartoon watcher than comic book reader but I was bored today and visited Boise's local comic book store Captain Comics and well bought some comics. I went with the new GI Joe stuff of course to hold me over until the movie comes out. I heard some good things on the new IDW series and was curious to see what was inside. For the first three, the story is not too bad, but really short per issue. It feels like the comic is three pages long, and thats it. Or maybe its more, and its so good its fast reading. The characters and art were decent, but since I don't read too many comics I can't really compare it with what is really good. Its fun to see updated versions of the Joe's in todays times. It looks like its keeping true to established uniform design and vehicles. I saw part of a H.A.V.O.C in the PIT garage, but still had that dangerous glass canopy (thanks 20 stupidest GI Joe Vehicles ever). Now I have to remember to keep up with this series. That's usually my downfall with comics is remembering to keep up with the new issues. I think I can get a box or something where they will hold incoming issues. I will have to try that.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

At what time did the GI Joe Universe get weird?

GI Joe has a vast variety of characters and styles. But at what point did it go too far? First Sergeant Duke is as mainstream as they come, he is the Real American Hero.

Weapons dealer Destro is a bit weird, but the Iron mask is possible and makes for an intriguing villian. Except for the functionality of metal lips moving in the cartoon.

You have to bend your imagination with SGT. Flash and his 'Laser' gun, but you have to admit we all want one.

Cobra Commanders antics are always fun, but with that hood on its all up to your imagination.

Nemesis Enforcer who likes to rip people in half with his powerful arm bone spikes and drink the blood of GI Joe family members one by one until the dark of night blankets the planet in unimaginable death is creative and charming.

Then there is the character Tripwire. They crossed the wire with this guy and went way over it. What the hell is that thing he is holding, and whey is he all armored up like something could explode near him. Pansy ass I like to call him. Look at the baby with his silly helmet, doesn't want to get his pretty face all blown up. This guy is totally unbelievable, ruins the whole realistic feel of the story. Thanks a lot GI Joe writers.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HotWheels BumbleBee?

I got a new toy today and planned to do a great photo event with it, but my camera's batteries decided it needed recharging. Drat, so that will have to wait a day or so. In the mean time, here is a HotWheels older Camaro with a paint job that is strangely Transformers related with the a Bumblebee paint job, and Sam's little bee air freshener graphic on the trunk.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Squirrels are Baaaaack!

The more we feed, the more they come!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

He-man lends a hand, or an arm, or both...

Droid Factory pieces are included with many of the new Star Wars figure toys. Usually this makes me want to buy more, but I can only have so many Lukes or Darth Vaders. So I have a partially built R2 unit green and red. I don't think I will spring for a figure with droid legs, so this little droid is out of luck. Then He-Man comes in. He has always been one of the nicest toys of the Museum, always helping out and such.

In a surprise gesture, He-Man loaned his arms to the R2 Droid!

This of course got a round of applause from all the other toys in the Museum except of course He-Man. But he is happy with his decision saying, "I am the strongest Man in the Universe with or without my arms!"

In a kind gesture, the Droid responded "I will help take down Skeletor, at all costs!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 12: The Pink Power Ranger

Pink Power Ranger watch?!! I don't own a Pink Power Ranger watch. How did that get in there???

It's Morphin Time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 11: Dinosaur

A double take is often needed when looking at this watch. A normal first response would be what is that ship on your arm!!? But once the horror has passed an intriguing time piece is discovered. Marketed for the Disney movie Dinosaur this watch is an eye of a Dinosaur with the digital time hidden behind a blinking eyelid, and hologram of a dinosaur eye.

The batteries are dead now so all you can see is XX:XX ( Just kidding, stupid joke). But really when it does function, it is hard to make out the time, and its also tricky to fully flip up eye lid.

And surprisingly its not very comfortable on the arm, its bulky and looks like something died on your wrist.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wioslea's nice legs.

I must be getting rusty on my Star Wars aliens for I thought for sure Wioslea would be either a male Jedi from an alternate story line, or a horrible mutation on Princess Leia's part.

But after closer research, Wioslea is a girl, and was in the original Star Wars movie. I had to re-pop in the DVD and hit zoom a couple times but there it,, she was! Not sure why she's in Jedi robes.

She looks more like a Jedi than a saleswoman and with all those eyes she could be powerful.

See, with Light saber she looks formable.

How about those hot legs too, bet you didn't think she had backwards knees. Now you know.

My favorite part is she looks exactly like a Umgah from Star Control.

Minus the body of course.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 10: Tasmanian Devil

Here's a good watch to literally pass the time. Try and get Taz to juggle the three tiny ball bearings. Easy off the wrist, but trickier on.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cobra FANG! Its Dangerous!

The Cobra FANG was the first GI JOE toy I ever flew. It's my favorite vehicle, besides the HISS tank. But after doing some research, I realized its the most dangerous personal helicopter ever made.

It looks harmless without pilot, sleek design, armored well, and comfort seat padding. As soon as the pilot comes into the picture though, the flaws of design present themselves.

STOP! Don't use the missiles as a 'step up'! Thats Dangerous!

Um, where are the shoulder harnesses?!! That little peg going into the back of the pilot's back has to be uncomfortable!

First rule, there is no celebrating when shooting a Joe down. When arms are raised, they go into the main rotors!

Second rule, if you avoided the first rule, Do not stand and celebrate after a Joe is shot down. Whole body would get hit by the main rotors!

I hope this safety material will help you decide never to fly a FANG helicopter.


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