Monday, September 27, 2010

GI Joe HAVOC Cartoon; Day 3

The HAVOC hates it when this happens...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I want to make sweet sweet love to ROSS stores, with their discounted discontinued GI Joe vehicles, Avatar horses, and sexy bowling shoes!

Wow! Thanks HISS TANK for the heads up! I was going to EBay the Ghost HAWK, and now I don't have too. The Arctic H.I.S.S is perfect for Arctic Destro. The Cobra Stinger is just plain awesome.

Then there is Jake Sully's Direhorse. I needed a mount for Jake Sully's Avatar. Now I am officially an Avatar nerd. I wanted the horse as the two must be the weirdest horse rider combo ever made (...Well maybe Bravestarr and Thirty Thirty tie for that).

And of course these spiffy shoes, on a good deal. Thus making shoes a new feature on the blog.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 8

The cape version of General Grievous is out! The packaging though is so nice and retro, I can't make myself open it yet.

He looks about the same as the latest updated release, just with a cape. Like Malibu Stacy with a new hat, I fell sucker to it.

I would say this release though, has a better paint job. I think I will get another one of these to open. Then we can see if they added holes in his feet for display, and how the cape blows in the wind. From the box view, and with added cape, this is the best general action figure General Grievous to date.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Me Grimlock want Ride Optimus!

I keep getting awesome opportunities at Transformers Animated toy deals. For 12.97 I had no choice. It was that or 8o bucks for Masterpiece Grimlock, but that just seemed ridiculous at the time (but not so much now).

From some angles Dino mode looks great, from others not so great. His tail is a bit stumpy, and his robot head is easily visible from below Dino head. His hips, give a great deal of motion and possible poses. He has a snapping jaw action thats spiffy, and a bit reminiscent of TMNT Mousers.

Robot mode is pretty good. A little trouble with his arms and elbows are evident but his overall proportions are balanced. His Dino feet turn to Robot hands, which make for lots of movement. Not so much for the useless Dino front feet that just fold up inside. He is easy to transform too, which is nice for once.

He comes with a ferocious fire sword that flips up more fire pieces when rotating his hand. The Sword is one of the better looking weapons I have seen in awhile. I would say he is a good toy, not great, but better then so-so.

Of course, Grimlock likes fun rides on Optimus!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thats Five Years today!

Can you believe it, my blog The Toy Museum dot blogspot dot com is now exactly five years old today! How crazy is that! It feels about twenty in some cases. Trying to come up with your own content at least ten times a month is quite a challenge, not to mention hard on the wallet when you have nothing to post. About 827 posts have been made in the last five years, and I could only guess the amount of photos are about 2500.

I was going to do a rocking toy give away contest, but I realized a large reader base was out of country. Low on international shipping funds, I decided to forgo for the moment. It was a great contest involving robot capsules with numbers inside an Optimus Prime Trailer, but instead, lets do what they do on TV when they want to save money... Flashback episodes!

These are five of my favorites;

#1. The image of Han surprising C3P-O is one of my all time legendary shots.

#2. The Talosian-Keeper surprise still keeps me up at night.
Talosian Keeper surprise

#3. Bart attacking Micro Machine City is a classic. Be on the lookout for a lost YouTube destruction video of this event.
Kitten Attacks Micro Machine City

#4. This was an accident! I swear! I am so sorry!
Accidentally Killing the Rescue Rangers

#5. Cobra Viper Week sums up the silliness that seems to go on here these last five years.
Cobra Viper Week!

So thanks for stopping by now and again, and again. If this blog goes to ten years, please, somebody shoot me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

McDonald's Batman; The Brave and the Bold Batmobile

Batman sure likes to incorporate a lot of escape pods to his vehicles. Gothem city must hit him up will lots of littering fees.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recondo's Jacked back

I took off Recondo's Jacket to get a better look at his back. It doesn't look good. Its as if he is off center slightly.

Who is the resident GI Joe Chiropractor. Wasn't Dr. Mindbender an Orthodontist? Maybe he would have someone to refer Recondo.

I assume this was done on purpose? It does give him a certain swagger in some poses. Maybe all that time in the Jungle, and that heavy solar panel pack, is bad for the back?

On a different note, the hand sculpts of this new line are great, they hold weapons solidly and in many cases the right direction.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't let this image fool you, Recondo is really a statesman.

Well, maybe not.

The boycott of the new wave of GI Joe toys continues to go well, as I pick up Recondo and, yes I know, ANOTHER Snake Eyes (but he is the best Snake Eyes ever).

Recondo looks to have it all, but I am a bit disappointed with him. His head lurches too far, and there is little movement, not to mention his hat keeps falling off (and his head). He also seems to have some waist/hip issue thats not straight enough. He comes with a bunch of toys, which look good, but perform clumsy.

His solar powered backpack with Claw-JS Multi-Snare Trap, is hard to believe.

But indeed funny.

This is my first Recondo figure, so I will give credit to that. Otherwise, if you don't really want that Tribal mask, I would say skip him for some of the other options.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jungle-Viper. You have to troop build.

Yeah yeah, I said I was going to lay off on these, and not a full week goes by, and I pick up another. I did have this guy on my long list though, and its possibly the action figure of the year. For 5.59 Sale price too, its an early steal.

This figure has Hasbro on top of their game and beyond. Even the foliage has points of articulation. The long high power sniper machine gun and eye stalky goggles match well with the spiky camo.

Its going to be really hard not to pick up the other one that I saw at the store today tomorrow. And hard not to pick up another darn Snake Eyes (command jacket version) or Recondo (with tribal mask!)

There goes only focusing on the cold weather team, now its Jungle all the way. At least maybe GI Joe vs the Squirmle 3, can get into preproduction.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How much Robot will a Quarter buy you?

The Powerful Quarter! What can it do these days?

It can still buy you a robot!

A tiny Robot that is.

For two quarters, you can buy two Robots!

And for the Sledge trooper to have friends to play with, Priceless.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Arctic Destro

Oh, thats right, I was supposed to start talking about this cool guy. Actually, what do you think, an Iron Mask in the Arctic? Yeah, that would last a couple minutes until your head ice cubed itself.

Maybe that's why he comes with a small auger, to bore some heat into his helmet.

The frosty chrome sold this toy right away for me. Very nice paint application.

Its fun to figure where to place the plastic ice effects. I like the leg, as if he stepped into a puddle on accident. The one on the chest must be a back back malfunction. Why would you have a freeze gun in the arctic anyways? Going to make anyone colder? Why not heat? You could probably do more damage? Unless this is Mr Freeze Destro, and the warm suit is for him vs the warm weather Joes?

I'm guessing his weapon will fill with water, but thats just asking for mold.

Overall, fantastic figure. Also comes with ice climbing axes and a smaller gun. Oh and goggles, can't forget the goggles.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra; action figure perfection? Arctic Destro seems to think so.

The latest line of GI Joe's are simply awesome. I could stare at this guy in the packaging for hours alone and still find things to look at. These figures simply have it all. With that said though, I am only getting a few, as you know, I now have way too many Destro's, and I don't need another Snake Eyes. However, the way I see these flying off the shelves, it might be hard to find figures anyways. I will just admire on the store shelves if I can mostly.

I will show more picture soon. Having great internet difficulties lately. A big wind storm swept through a couple weeks back, and since then I have had nothing but Cable One problems, wireless router problems, and dog running under desk pulling all cables out everywhere problems. Hope to post more often soon, as this month is a big one in Toy Museum history, if you can guess why.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lets Start September with Tebow

My toy blog has hit new levels, when a pal made this vid, and credited this site for special thanks! I imagine its my long dedicated dedicativeness to things that inspired this video. Who is Tim Tebow, you Geek absorbed action figure fans ask? He is the third inline Quarter Back for the Denver Broncos, and here are some highlights of him. Hopefully an action figure of him will arrive soon, to make more sense.


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