Thursday, September 29, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield, Legends Class; Optimus Prime

Probably one of my most favorite new vehicle modes, is the mini Optimus Prime. Its tickling to know that he transforms into a robot at that scale (and that's a frightening description btw). For Some reason, he was looking down to reveal his shield in the package...

Oh there it is, on the driver side!

Robot Mode is pretty neat too, even though I am a bit tired of the "Faux-Grill-Transform-Technique". Otherwise known as; his Torso turns to hide the vehicle grill behind his back, so that a more trimmed down grill version appears up front. I like my Prime with a square front.

This toy also begs for a matching mini trailer. Hasbro needs to release a million missing trailers now. It would be nice to bump him up in size just a bit too, as he stands about the same height as the other mini Autobots. Besides that, he is a wonderful miniature version of a Generation One Optimus Prime.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield, Gold Bumblebee or Goldbug

Even though the year was 1987, I think the 1990's began when Bumblebee was rebuilt into Goldbug.

I found four of the Legends Class Autobots at our local Grocery Outlet of all places. It took 500 visits, but I finally found something of personal value. I guess I will have to spring online for a Megatron and Starscream if I really want them.

Goldbug is pretty spiff for a tiny sized Transformer. Heck he is the same size as original Bumblebee right? (Not an original Bumblebee pictured; it's the key chain version).

The makers are getting pretty creative with these little guys, as he looks good in both forms, and Transforms creatively.

If you look closely you can see some sparkles in the gold. I hope that doesn't mean he will break in half in a few years.

I am going to have plenty fun with this one, look for him if you can.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys, Power Rangers Samurai Fighting Figures

This months reason to eat is Power Rangers, and they are silly fighting fun! There are actually two kinds of toys; fighting figures, and weapons with projectiles. I went straight for the Blue Ranger figure, as I like to collect Blue Ranger stuff.

The figure stands on a turn table base that when activated by lever, they act out in a fighting manor. Like a Leg kick or or fist wave. I have yet to try and get them close to see if you can kick the other off.

They are a fun desk toy, as they look good stand alone, and play well when you are aggravated. Nothing like leg kicking the stapler. The Megazord, a must of course too, doesn't action feature as well. Probably because of that huge head helmet bulk.

And yes, the logistics of scale here are completely off.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crystal Meth?

Uh Dan? What are you buying?

Sorry for the delay in witty posts of late, I have been super busy building a complicated stop motion project. And of course, as soon as I started it, life also got super busy so I can't get anything at all done!!! Amazing how almost every night of the week has some sort of surprise thing to attend to. It's weird too that before I started the project, I had absolutely nothing to do. At least my crack came in the mail today, now I can complete a critical scene.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deep Six This...

1. This blog is six years old today!
2. This blog has 93 fans!
3. This blog has 997 Posts!
4. This blog has 2102 published comments, some of them not spam!
5. This blog has a ton of interest in why Lando is wearing Han Solo clothes!
6. This blog is nothing without all you awesome people who drop by and read a post now and then. 

Thank you all!


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 5, Lizard-Man and Lumberjack

It's Lizard-man and the Lumberjack! Two heavily sought after favorites. I had to switch codes from 122B1 to 621B1 to find them, if that makes any difference. Codes are all over the place, but many are either wrong, or don't match, so be careful. My current current method is to match close to a code, then walk around the store squeezing to find any piece that is weird. The Lizard tail sticks out like a sore thumb. The axe does too, but its small so you have to be lucky and find it. ...And say, is that the set for Epic Lego Minifigures Battle 3???

Friday, September 02, 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 5 Progress

I am doing okay so far with my Lego Minifigures series 5 hunt. I decided to skip the in store squeeze, and buy a few at a time. Then open and code at home. Then just return the repeats. I also took advantage of buy $20 worth of toys and get 20% off. That way they are only 2.39 a package. I still really need Redneck beaver logger axe guy, but with my codes narrowing down there is only a matter of time. I am working with pack number 122B1.


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