Friday, November 30, 2012

HexBug Habitat Set or a Masterpiece Optimus Prime?

What a strange day. I spent most of the week indoors, so I thought I would take some extra effort and go over to Toys R Us. It was a mad house, and its only the last day of November! I didn't have much in mind, only something worth my time on a rainy day afternoon. The HexBug stuff was on sale, and after I amused guests last weekend with a small set, I thought I should upgrade to something larger.  The Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set looked like promising fun, and it was ten dollars off!

After an annoying drive home full of heavy traffic, I tore into the set for some fun. Basically you raise and connect the standard white Hex platforms with this long orange bridge. The bugs are to follow the bridge, then fight in the middle, and the looser falls to the lower level. I was looking forward to some sort of silly video capture, but things didn't go that way. The first bummer was the fact that the bugs don't have a path to climb back to the second level. I didn't look at the box that hard at the store, so that was my bad. It wasn't a big deal, you just manually place bugs up on top. Then came the second, BIG, BUMMER. Complete design fail! Its hard to explain, but the white Hex platforms included, would not fit the stands that raise it off the table. My original white HexBug Platform would actually work with the stands, as it has the appropriate side locks. What ever they threw in with this set, were completely useless, and it would be impossible to make a second level. So my afternoon trip was wasted, and I had to make plans for returning it.

UPDATE! - It turns out that there was a mistake in the type of risers that were included in the HexBug set! The white platforms were modified with holes, so that new round risers would fit. The set I purchased had only flat risers, so I was stuck. Stay tuned for a return to the Bridge Battle!

I wasn't planning on going tonight, but now my wife had cabin fever, so it was an excuse to do something. The store was packed again. I went to the desk to return and or exchange. I wanted to see if the other sets had the same flaw, which they did, so I X'ed out that. I almost picked up the HexBug Zip Line, and then I saw two Masterpiece Optimus Primes just sitting in a cart full of store junk in one of the center aisles! Holy Crap!!!

There is another long winded story of me weeks ago, going early Thursday morning to pick one up with a friend, only to have them sold to someone who was an earlier bird. My friend obtained one from Montana or somewhere, but I passed due to its complications. After I 'inspected' my friends Optimus, I started to really want one. I almost went to Ebay, but held off just in case of, well what happened today.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

G.I. Joe Steel Brigade Special Forces

I have made the mistake on passing on this Steel Brigade guy here many times. I don't recall the guy from the old show, in which all my main collecting goals come from. Then I read the back of the card...

OH, so the guy is a trooper like guy? Like the Vipers are to Cobra. If I knew that earlier, I would have bought more to troop build. On the other hand, maybe G.I. Joe shouldn't have troops and be left at individual specialized abilities (There is a long debate there) Regardless it would be fun to a have more of these (oh wait, I think I have one more in stock overflow).

This figure line has pretty much run its course out of stores by now. I still see a few at Toys R Us, and I got this from a small grocer in town, who is behind. It was funny because even the old lady at the register knew these were rare. She asked me if I was going to sell it on Amazon for $100 bucks.

SO many weapons to choose!

I was surprised, but shouldn't be, that there was a masked face under the helmet. I thought the helmet was it. Never underestimate this line. There are little grenades to even fit into the launcher, however they might fit in too far, and get stuck? I did not want to try.

So yeah, now I have a common adversary for the Viper to fight.

Top bad for Steel Brigade guy that he has a handle on his back for the Viper to grab.

If I can just find one more...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rise of the Guardians McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Complete Set of 6

McDonalds is at it again with their funky looking Happy Meal movie toys for Rise of the Guardians. A couple of these function really well; Bunny and the Elf. Bunny has a killer back boom-a-rang attack, that is not used enough in toys these days (Kamakura did it once). Elf just has some nice face flipping, that works with pretty good ease. Fun set!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hot Wheels Sharkruiser and Rocket Fire

On the way to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house, we stopped to pick up some food transfer containers. Being away from my Toy Museum is hard, so I picked up a couple Hot Wheels to tide me over. I found this Sharkruiser, or Shark Cruiser, color variant more pretty than my last Sharkruiser. My only problem is I wish they would change the number on the hood.

Such a pretty little shark mobile. I really like this one, its not the first Hot Wheel that makes you poor, its the 100 color variants that get you in.

I also finally caved on the chrome Rocket Fire. This car is a top favorite, and I really like the shiny!

The downside is, it will be destroyed eventually, as that thin chrome stuff never lasts.

Short term equals happiness.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Series 2 Blind Bag

Once I found out that Bulk was in Series 2, I had to pick up a few bags. Is it me or do Power Rangers look really cool in Mega Blok form. I have to find that Translucent Blue Ranger now.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Imaginext Batman with Jet Pack

Just spent the better part of the last week sick, so today a first venture out, I had to buy a toy, ANY TOY. This one looked cool, so in the cart it goes! 

Another perfect imaginext toy, black suited Batman snaps inside spiffy jet pack.

Fun can be had with this toy in many ways.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Castle Greyskull still a Go!

Oh dear lord, now I really have to fork out $250.00 plus?!!  I did not see this coming. Ha-ha good times! So yes, it looks like the pre-orders of Castle Greyskull is good, and now more pre-ordering is commencing. So if you want to be like me (now waking up to the cold fact that I have to pay for this thing), go order one too. Evil Mattycollector strikes again! funny thing too, I only have Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor. I probably should get a few more figures too. Oh this is going to cost big time.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Castle Greyskull Classics

I forgot to mention last week, I committed a pre-order for Castle Greyskull. Yes, at $250.00 plus shipping its a little steep (ok, CRAZY STEEP).  I think it would make a great trophy piece, if not, have it stair at me as I sleep. When you compare it to other insane toys purchases like those specialty Light Sabers, Big Millennium Falcon, or combined purchase of every Lego Minifigures, its not so high. I'm sure in its limited supply, it will have at least a break even resell value, if I decided I was indeed insane.

SO, pre-orders end today, at like midnight or something, so if you want one, and want to also deliver the stress of me getting one too, go here, Castle Greyskull. If not, they won't make it, and I am saved forking out $250.00 plus.

Bears Cutler knocked down with Concussion by Texans

Really, I am a Bears fan, honestly! I even think Cutler is a pretty okay quarterback at times. I guess I make fun as a way to stress relieve. Hoping he can bounce back after this, and get us to the Superbowl this year! Bear Down!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Power Rangers Mystic Force Solar Streak Megazord

My family has a genetic disorder in train loving, so when I got a chance to get a Mystic Force Solar Streak Megazord, I took it. It is from the 2006 line of Mystic Force Power Rangers. I am kind of dumbfounded I didn't not purchase it back then, only to say I got married that year, so maybe I had my mind on other things.

I found it at my favorite toy reseller in almost perfect loose condition. It is missing its front boiler star shield, so I will have to start hunting for that (Oops, in this front view picture the cow grill is up, and the Megazord is flashing you). 

The steam engine is the most complex part of the Zord featuring some light transformation, wheel moving, front red light, and terrific sound effects. A long steam engine drive sound effect is great play, as well as some transforming sounds too. The engine almost feels diecast, heavy from the batteries and wheels. You can see the new Mega Bloks Samurai Rangers scale pretty good to it. 

The back/main body of the Zord forms the coal hopper, and has some nice transformation to it. The rest of the train are the arms and legs, and for fitting into one shot I will leave it at this. The train gets pretty long, three or four feet long! Totally a toy I would have killed for at age three.

Oops, he is flashing again, sorry!  Such a fun time Megazord.

This is a really great Steam Engine, Steam-Punk like, robot warrior!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Young Justice Skateboards McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

This month is left with simply cool colorful skateboards. The artworks is clean, the boards have different plastic colors, and they roll too. Of course, I had to do my own take with last years Young Justice toys trying out the new boards.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Optimus Prime and Batman clustering

I recently tried to refresh my Batman shelf, by removing some Batmen, and adding some random villains. I am not too satisfied yet, as it does not look balanced right. It's unfortunate that many of the older Batman figures stand so poorly. They domino each other too easily.

Then there is the Optimus Prime shelf above. What's up with that?

HotWheels the Hot Ones Zombot

I think about last year this time I picked up the Zombot on the right, while yesterday I picked up the Zombot on the left. I really like this robot car, one of the best Hot Wheels designs ever. I should look into getting other colors.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Star Wars Angry Birds Blind Bags Series 1

More blind bag madness coming via Angry Birds Star Wars. I didn't realize they went all out until I ran into that end cap at Toys R Us today. Sets come small through large, with blind bags a plenty. If my smaller set 'Fight on Tatooine' is any fun, it will be really tempting to get that Death Star.

I know I have heard some people grumble about the game just not being the same outside the phone, but I disagree. It gives everybody a chance to play at the table, instead of everyone in opposite corners on their phones. It can be a little tedious in resetting, but its simple enough not to cause too much pain. I am looking forward to seeing how this series plays out. Will try and vid review Tatooine tomorrow or soon.


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