Wednesday, March 27, 2013

G.I. Joe Kre-O Battle Platform Attack! Attack!

The Toys R Us exclusive Kre-O G.I. Joe Battle Platform Attack is now my declared favorite set of the Kre-O Joe series. It contains the most bang for your army warfare needs. The Battle Platform has always been a neat playset idea, as it can really function anywhere. There are two good sized pivoting weapon weapons up front, one with launching missiles. There is a small helipad, repair bay, and pretty spiffy covered command station. There is also 2 GI Joe labeled Cola cans to protect, with red mini fridge.

I am okay with Dukes bike, but the jail cell is the weaker part of the set. It would have been nice to have those pieces integrated into the main Battle Platform instead. I guess since its building blocks, I could maybe do that part.

Also cometh with the set are a Cobra Trouble Bubble and Cobra Fang, two of the best mini fighters of the classic cartoon era. Cobra Commander has a shiny face plate which is also a nice touch.

The 386 piece play set took a couple hours to build, and has lots of future enjoyment. Available at Toys R Us as an exclusive, I got mine for $39.99, but with an extra deal the next set was half off, so don't forget and wait for a sale!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cobra Black Dragon VTOL

A Cobra Black Dragon VTOL surprised me and landed on my back patio today. I was expecting it to be a third of its size, and maybe a little glossier. Still a pretty sleek little weapon. It features two opening bomb compartments, moving wings and props, action figure, landing gear, and handle on tail fin for cheap ticket rides. The only flaw on this one is a double paint Cobra symbol on left wing (doh, should a got the other box). I will try and show off more in a video one of these days...

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Croods McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Set of 6 Collection

Catapult Angry Birds knock-off's The Croods hit Happy Meals, while the new movie hits theaters. One or two of these toys are fun, but stay away from the whole set. A big problem is the "not want to stack" blocks. Its too bad they didn't design the blocks better. Heck they probably could have gone with something different than the catapult stuff, maybe mix and match animals? Still, a couple sets are kind of fun as the mini animals are cute. Look for them today and for the next few weeks.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thundercats Tower of Omens Gate

Standing in front of the Tower of Omens, is the Gate of the Tower of Omens. It is not connected, so it gives you a chance at building a larger set location. It looks pretty royal, with a large Cat Head Door and Columned Sides. You can adjust the columns slightly so they are straight or angled inward slightly. It makes for another great display back, or Fish Tank ornament. 

To open the door, simply defeat Lion-O and place his Thunder Lynx back onto the nose of the Great Cats Head. A ingenious system of magnets release the doors. Once inside Mumm-Ra can play with the Thunder Kittens sized catapult.

The Gate is my favorite of the Tower of Omens display-set as it is the most practical in display uses.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thundercats Tower of Omens

One of my fondest original Thundercats memories is when they introduced/built the remote Tower of Omens base. The idea was so cool to me, for a light house style building with the Eye of Thundera symbol beaming up top. That, or I fell victim to season two marketing of new characters, new vehicles, and new products. The new Thundercats reboot used the Tower of Omens as the mystical location of the Book of Omens. The episode did not disappoint, with Mumm-Ra finally doing a full transform. The play-set toy, again, is more of a display-set. It is so vary large and tall, it performs better as something high on a shelf.

The main action feature is an elevator, that you slide up from behind. When the figure reaches the top, the half bubble dome springs opens up, and Lion-o yells his line, "Thundercats Hooo!" By the way, this will not activate, and yell at 3 in the morning, scaring the crap out of you! The legs that protrude from the side have pegs for figure display, which is pretty spiffy that they included (although the posts are a little wobbly). There is a front piece that hides the elevator too, and functions as a side slide, but it is so silly unnecessary, I omitted it from photos. One thing missing is the Book of Omens on top. It is kind of a key element to the new story.

With the price red-tagged so low, this display set is worth it, in my Book of Omens. Not full price though. There is also a front gate deal I should show too some time.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thundercats Tower of Omens Cat's Lair Racer

Is this how the rebooted Thundercats cartoon will be remembered?

I just love this vehicle, it is So So Silly! IDStormtroopers and I took advantage of some major deal breaking on Ebay and got two Tower of Omens play-sets for the price of half of one. The play set is more like a display set, featuring a tall fancy Tower of Omens, A royal Cats Head Gate, a small catapult and a clear Tygra figure(more on the set later I guess).  The Cats Lair Racer vehicle that comes along too, is the best part though. Had the Thundercats cartoon reboot been successful and spawned years of toy releases, this vehicle would have been lost in the waves. But since we only got a couple waves of toys this vehicle stands out as "What the...?" Now to be fair, I only got through half a season of the new Thundercats so far (I was waiting for a full season box set), so I am not sure if this was featured, but I highly doubt it?  Its a nice throw back to the original Lair, but also who on Thundera would drive this??? If you look at it closely, in terms of a Cat Giant, what exactly is the figure riding on anyways?

If you are wondering, the blue cats head on the back flips down into the back. When a Thunder lynx figure is seated, the head flips up. Kind of a strange action feature that feels useless when actually playing with. The spear on the front pressure shoots a few inches too.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cantina Holidays St. Patricks Day! What will happen next?!

The Toy Museum brings you today the second installment in my Cantina Holidays series! Lots of antics a happening at the Cantina. It's amazing what you can see when you sneak your camera droid inside. Have fun watching, and please share if you find amusing!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball!

One of my all time favorite Cobra vehicles is the Cobra Pogo. Nothing would strike more fear on the battlefield than bouncing enemy battle pods. I would imagine it would be quite striking to see, say an army of 1000, Cobra Pogos coming at you at full bounce. I would hop by the time G.I. Joe 3 hits theaters, they will include this weapon. For now, I will have to use it in my imagination before bedtime.

The toy version from 1987 (Series 6) does an okay job for a smaller class vehicle buy. It seats one, has a couple missiles (not shown), and tries to stand on three plastic non spring-ed stands. It is too bad they never equipped one with actual shocks, because that, would be one hell of a lot of fun to play with. The plastic legs are too easily fall-offable too, which hampers heavy play. What? I didn't try bouncing this down a flight of stairs, really!

The cockpit control station is pretty intricate, with left and right control sticks, mini view screen, and other related buttons. The canopy closes crap-tastic with those top pinchers, but not a big deal.

I think Cobra Commander with battle armor goes well with this vehicle, but he did not come with it. He was pictured driving it on the box though.

Here is hoping for someday a re-issue with better springing legs. And maybe just maybe Chevy or Ford will someday make a car that bounces too.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thundercats Berserkers Cruncher!

Re-Rebuilding IDstormtroopers Thundercats collection, got me the chance at looking at a Berserkers Cruncher figure for the first time. Berserkers were a little too hard to find in my neighborhood as a youngling, so this was a lot of fun to check out. Cruncher first appeared in season 2, or that first of two miniseries where a bunch of new stuff was introduced to sell. The Berserkers were shipmates retooled around the Pirate Hammer Hand. Cruncher is the better of the other three ship mates, as he is pretty big. His action feature is pretty cool, maybe a little creepy, and still functions well with this figure...

The old toy scales pretty well to the smaller Lion-O from newish BanDai classics stuff too...

A pretty spiffy toy from 1986. The old Thundercats line has got some fantastic figures for sure.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Armored Ultra Mode Blue Ranger

When I saw the Ultra Mode Blue Ranger a couple weeks back I passed out slightly. This guy fills in the top of my Blue Ranger collection quite nicely. Fully articulated, with tons of armor, this guy can do everything! A little easy to knock off armor, but still fun to play with. A red Ranger is also available. I found mine at Toys R Us for a wallet breaking $19.99.

Monday, March 04, 2013

G.I. Joe Micro force - Timber the Wolf

Several other toy bloggers kept their keen eyes out and alerted the world about Micro Force Multipacks. This gives me a perfect chance to get Timber the Wolf, and a few others that blind bagging would not deliver.

Five figures for about $4.99 in price. Knowing what is in the pack is half the battle. One of the better micro's is Battle Damaged Mask Cobra Commander Z. I prefer his face identity to always be concealed, but I am fine with a little damage peek. Makes him all the more creepy.

Low-Light is another top ten of the Micro Force. Since many of these have basic paint apps, Low-Light's red features take advantage. He can be placed in infinite locations for snipping.

The Dark Ninja Brawler might not be in the best of poses, but he sure looks cool.

Since I have already picked up several Steel Brigades, here is a Leatherneck from another pack. Leatherneck is a good example of their basic paint apps, as they missed painting his trademark mustache. That is too bad. Anyone know what kind of paint would work well on these, for me to fix??? Maybe just a black sharpie...

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Bloks Blind Bag figures Codes Series 1

I didn't realize at the store that these new Power Ranger Megaforce guys had whole new figure design to them. I think these are fantastic, although maybe not perfect for block building sets. They might lack the pants lock system, but they look great as minifigures.

I can't get over how cool the new look is. Bell hop sheik meets Power Rangers.

I do wish that for series 1, all the Rangers were consistent, but maybe that will make series 2 all the more fantastic. More battle damage please...

You can fit weapon on to their backs by the way.

Good set, now if I can only find the BLUE ONE!!!

Some Codes if you are looking for the full set:

Red Ranger - A06122MM
Blue Ranger - A12122MM
Black Ranger - A11122MM
Pink Ranger - A04122MM
Damaged Yellow Ranger - A10122MM
Translucent Red Ranger - A05122MM
Loogies  - A03122MM
Secret Rare Robo Knight figure - ?


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