Saturday, May 26, 2012

Madagascar 3 McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Review Complete Set of 6

Here is my fun times with the McDonalds Happy Meal Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted Toys. There are six to collect, so it should be pretty easy to get these. I like playing with bowing Alex and Cannon Shooting Marty the best. Gloria's wheels kind of stick on flat surfaces.

I like how they always seem to make a mini Zip line, with Melman on the wire set. He is quite large for a Happy Meal toy too. Gia is pretty fun to spin out of control. Its amazing how elaborate these Happy Meal action features function these modern days.

They are a pretty fun group, looking forward to seeing the movie, which I think is out this Friday.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Imaginext Stegosaurus - WWW #1

And the take home is... The Imaginext Stegosaurus! Looks like I totally threw most of you off on this one. Well to be true, at first I did pick up the Legos, but I just wasn't into them, and I realized the gift card I had would cover something larger, so I switched out. This was before yesterday's post, so its all in the clear.

This actually isn't my first Imaginext Dinosaur, I got the blue Apatosaurus at Target for $18.99, a couple weeks back. Funny that it is larger than the yellow Stegosaurus. I just had to have these guys, and finally got around to getting a couple. They remind me of the DinoRiders toys from the 80's that I never had. Imaginext toys are so solid, with working action features, and lots of attitude.

The best part besides the awesome armor and cool working action features, are the pilots. Is that Commander Riker from Star Trek??? I think so! Well the yellow driver is actually Riker's evil brother Thomas. The blue figure (not shown), is Will, but I am straying from the point.

The Yellow Stegosaurus comes with a massive working hammer that wacks a mighty punch with turn of figure platform. The armor is removable for softer times, although with those plates, soft is a figure of speech. The only draw back is not enough chrome. Most of the dino's have nice chrome helmets and it would have been awesomer if the plates were chrome too. Hmmm, maybe I could do this?

So that ends Which Won Wednesday #1, the Stegosaurus. Looks like Jboypacman called my trick and is now in the lead.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Which Won Wednesday #1 - Lego Swamp Creature vs Imaginext Stegosaurus

I have never done weekly themed posts at The Toy Museum, because I was afraid I would get locked into something I would never continue. I like to be in freestyle mode in posts, that way it stays nice and simple, no stress. Yet of late I am floundering for something to say, so from now on (or just today) let it be known as Which Won Wednesday! Basically I show two toys, one I purchased, and one left behind on the store shelf. You the fabulously awesome viewer will guess Which Won Wednesday, and I will then post the result on Thursday night with a somewhat elaborate toy review. I will keep a tally of who called what and at the end of the year, BAM the winner gets something! So, by playing often, your chances of winning increases. So here are the inaugural toys...

Lego Monster Fighters: The Swamp Creature Set, $7.99 at Toys R Us.


Imaginext: Armored Stegosaurus, $24.99 at Toys R Us.

So, Which one do you think I got???

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse Projected May 20th 2012 Antics

Not really toy related, but here are the antics of May 20th's 2012 Solar Eclipse.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Transformers Prime Wheeljack can do some things!

Wheeljack totally jumped in front of Cliffjumper, so I guess he will be next. Wheeljack is a really nicely built Transformer all around.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kre-O Transformers - 90 Piece Optimus Prime

I was banished from the house the other night for a bridal shower, so after hitting up the dog park, I went to Toys R Us and Walmart and picked up a few things that I could play with in the car, before I was able to return home. One toy that I have passed on many times, but wanted for the Prime Shrine was a Kre-O Optimus Prime. I wasn't about to shell out the big bucks for the large movie version, but was happy to fiddle with the 90 piece junker.
I don't want to come down too hard on this toy, I imagine it was a design feat to pull this off with 90 pieces. The toy has to be able to build both Robot and Vehicle so I imagine complete cosmetics were out the window at the beginning.
Some things are good with colors, and Head, and stickers looking Prime right. The overall appearance is a bit clunky though. This often happens though with building block toys (same with the old Built-To-Rule line of Transformers block sets). In the end though, its different and will look good on my Prime Collection shelf (soon to be shown on a video or something maybe).
My guess is that this line will be hitting clearance soon, (if not already), I don't see it living for long. I think its an okay idea to try, and maybe could have been marketed better. The awesome minifigures Transformers some sets come with, are too expensive. Those are a huge draw, and I know they pack them just to sell the big sets. But maybe if they figured away to get those minifigures with more affordable sets, they would sell better. In the end though, if you want a Transformer, you buy a real Transformer, not a build a block one. Same goes for building block playsets.
The worst part, is they can never figure out how to transform the character, with out REEE-build. Something to do though, when trying to avoid a bunch of screaming girls over new cook ware.
The box really is the best part, its reusable and just looks cool. Since the set was only $7.98, I didn't feel too robbed. Maybe if a few go on really big deals I will get another.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Epic Lego Minifigures Battles 5! Series 7 brawl

I might have spent over 8 hours today on the finishing touches to this stop motion killer. As these Lego Minifigures vids are by far my most popular, I try to one up them each time. This time I pack in the entire line up of Series 7, nearly obliterating the poor Hippie in the process. My newer Camera can do somethings, and I really like being able to shoot in 16:9 1080 right out of the gate. I solved some of the flicker issues, but there always will be some. I think this turned out awesome, and I hope you all enjoy, share, take over the world with. Now I can take the weekend off! Maybe a Vlog/Squirrel Stampede variety show to follow next week...

Monday, May 07, 2012

Marvel Universe Thor! (with display stand, yea!)

The Movie Thor and Avengers Thor action figures just don't work for me, so I went with the Marvel Universe comic Thor. He appears more Thor like, if that helps. This version has Thor in his darker fatigues after he visited Dark Disney Land, or whatever the back of the box states.

The packaging makes sure that one of his helmet feather wings bends floppy like.

And it succeeded.

When I posted Masters Whiplash last week, Hobgoblin238 asked, "How does he match up to say...a 3.75 Thor figure?" I didn't have a Thor then, so this made getting this Thor all the more reasonable, as I wanted this one for awhile now. You can see Thor is pretty tiny, but it would be a good match up. And of course, IDstormtroopers, Thor would grab the lizard by the tail, swing like a helecopter, and throw him over a mountain we've never seen before.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Zodak this 200x Roboto Teela!

For the last couple of weeks I have been an Ebay-ing mooch, picking up 200x Masters of the Universe figures all over. I really want that whole core collection! I am down to hunting for the more rare figures, and they can get a little spendy, so I focused on the loose. Hopefully nothing was in the bathtub. Zodak has been on my list for a long time and so was Roboto. I got really lucky as a seller had both to offer.
Roboto is a good homage to the classic, but with some fancy skewing. He's like looking into a crazy circus mirror. He continues the working inside gears, and moving jaw action feature, which is fantastic! He now also features an added chest plate for battle. He almost seems a little small though, as he was massive on the show. Also, thanks to the uncertain world of Ebay auctions, I paid more for a loose Roboto, then a packaged one I bid on the next day! Now I have two.
Old School Zodak was such a "Nice-Guy", then he was re-imagined to be more of a "Bad-Ass-Nice-Guy". Zodak is now black and has tatoos of "Z" on him. He is more of a martial arts dude in 200x, vs guy in recliner of the classics (He still has the recliner in the update, but its not as loungy). His helmet is removable, and tilts down slightly, which is kind of sad. While he looks amazing, I am a tad let down, as I guess he doesn't really do anything Masters like. No periscoping neck, springing legs, or green sport coat. He will look good behind other main figures though. Also, I like how he has the two finger point attack stance. I think he actually did that maybe "once" on the show.
While I lucked out with pretty darn good condition Zodak and Roboto, (they need minor dust washing, and open air refreshing), Teela will need some more decontamination...
She is in great shape, with all weapons and solid joints, but she smells a little funny. Its hard to say, maybe smokey, maybe onions, or maybe sweaty. She probably spent a great deal of time in storage. I have her in a plastic baggie with some of my wife's Victoria Secret "PINK" sprayed inside. She'll be okay in a few days. Now I am just down to finding a Evil Lynn and my all time favorite Fist-o.


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