Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Toy Arm Wrestling 3! Mr Fantastic vs The Wampa!

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Toy Arm Wrestling! This week champion Mr. Fantastic is challenged by the ice planet Hoth's Wampa! This should be an awesome match! The challengers are ready to go...

The Wampa has placed his Taun-taun meal on the floor and the two find their positions. This is very exciting, however probably mismatched. I would say the Wampa's arm strength is way beyond Mr. Fantastics. The Thing would have been a better match, ha-ha-ha. And here they go...


Well it appears the Wampa's arm has torn off! Perhaps he did not have a good doctor to re-attach his arm after Luke sliced it off with a light sabor. Wow that has got to hurt!

Well Mr. Fantastic wins the Match and now goes to 2-0. The Wampa looks like its going to walk this one off. Thanks for joining in on another epic toy arm wrestling battle.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Space Diving Captain Kirk!

I thought this figure would be gold due to the fact this scene never made it to the final cut of Star Trek Generations. Good thing too, if you ever get to watch the deleted scene on the DVD special edition you will understand. However, it almost matched the captain's fall of El Capitan in Final Frontier. Star trek is always at its best when things look silly anyways.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mega Blocks at Jack in the Box are...

...kind of disappointing.

I was excited to see the little ad for them at the drive through, Mega Blocks make some fun dragon style stuff. I could't tell what they did from the ad sign, just 'build them all'. There isn't really anything to build at all though, they just sit on little lego copyrighted pegs on bases. The rubber they are made of is cheap and there is no joint movement!!! There are 8 total I think, but really there are four repainted to look like eight. The only appealing thing is maybe...just maybe, if your were crazy enough to buy them all (which I haven't yet...see next week), you could piece all the bases together and have a dragon battle display thing. But that's if you have a big imagination. Oh well, at least they are serving apple sause with their kids meals now, I at least ate somewhat healthy.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Species 8472

Yes, I admit, I was a Star Trek Voyager fan. Most of the time it was pretty entertaining (with exception of the 'clown' episode, and some of the 'Neelix' episodes). I really liked the Species 8472 alien and wished it was used a bit more. Very creepy looking thing. The three leg thing is just plain cool! I wish it was wearing some pants though, I guess SNL's three legged jeans haven't made it to the Delta Quadrant yet.

Friday, November 25, 2005

What could have been?

After the rise of Jar-Jar in Episode I, I thought Lucas was going to continue with this character in a different direction. Maybe if Jar-Jar fell to the Dark Side the Jedi could have clobbered him, therefore, saving the Republic. Of course this would make no sence in the continuallity of things. But it would make a great toy battle.

Notice how Sideous escapes out the back.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What are they doing now?

The GI JOE's are trying to say something again...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Somebody call Batman!

As seen in these photos, Catwomen robbed me! She got a hold of my rare 1981 Chuck E Cheese token coin! Its worth 25 cents, and can play up to half a game!

I REALLY hope Batman gets on this immediatly and puts her in her place.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

101 ways to die on the Ice planet Hoth. (continued)

#61 Not keeping clear.

#25 Dropping powerfull ammunition.

#31 Staying at your post too long.

#94 Wishing you hadn't skipped out on blaster taining.

#9 Wrong place at the wrong time.

101 ways to die on the Ice planet Hoth. (continued)

#7 Trampled by a Taun-Taun.

#26 Head stuck in crane clamps.

#81 Run over by troop transport.

#72 Falling down icy stairs.

#13 Assigned cannon duty when the AT-ATs arrive.

101 ways to die on the Ice planet Hoth. (continued)

#15 Stepped on by an AT-AT.

#34 Boiled to death in a Bacta tank.

#49 Attacked by an angry Wampa.

#51 Heavy lifting crane falls on you.

#98 Horrible Speeder accident.

101 ways to die on the Ice planet Hoth.

#40 Getting mauled by a Taun-taun.

#77 Falling out of the observation tower.

#89 Being in charge of cleaning the main power generators during an attack.

#3 Being eaten in a Wampa's cave.

#23 Having the main doors close on you before you are inside.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lego Galidor, why did I buy these guys?

I really do have too many toys. SO many in fact that I could keep this site going long after Im gone. I got these Lego Galidor toys for about 10 bucks total. Three were a dollar and the cool horse and rider guy for about 6.99. I guess I got them to 'fight' other lego bionicles, but that never happened. Now a days they just fill up the countless bins full of toys. So i will try and get them out on ebay. I wonder if anyone knows the show to actually want to buy used, loose, strange toys. I put the opening bid at a dollar. Someone might just get them for less then what it will cost to ship to them!

Boise State thwaps Idaho 70-35!

Go Broncos!

Reinterpreted by the Vahki inforcers, BSU clobbers Idaho 70 to 35. Strange game though in stats, Idaho really gave us a game at first. My life long dream to see a 70 point game is over now. I guess I have to shoot for 80 now.

Oh and I threw a paper airplane that floated, and maybe went 30 feet or so until it hit a guard rail.

Friday, November 18, 2005

More Star Trek ScreenSaver Fun!

Inspector Gadget Mcdonalds Happy Meal Left Leg

Its kind of a slow day, not sure what to display. Ok, here is another piece of Inspector Gadget. His left leg has extention springs and doubles as a nice green flash light.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Talosian Keeper Playmates 9" Doll.

I was watching a little classic Star Trek the other day (or was that everyday). I remember how the Talosian's (or was that Telosian's?) were really scary in the first episode. How they burned poor Pike's mind to think he was being boiled in hot magget filled acid, or how they turned into big green monsters, or how they were women dressed like men aliens, or how they had giant butt like things on the back of their heads.

Well, with the miracle of modern toying, Take that Talosian!

Not so scary now!

Actually, maybe that's worse. I hope I didn't just cross the toy ethic lines on this one.

By the way, Sorry about the Tribbles investing the photoshoot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Identify the toy V (difficulty Velveta5)

Ok, last one. I'm getting bored and word on the shelf is that something big is going to happen soon between certain groups of toys.

Identify the toy IV (difficulty 77.6 *)

Don't let the difficulty fool you, This should be an easy one!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Identify the toy III (difficulty 35.5 u)

Some sort of bird brained challenge?

Identify the toy II (difficulty 14.5 R)

Surely no one could guess this one. Bwa-ha ha!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Identify the toy.

Yuck! What the heck is that?!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I should rename the blog "Optimus Prime Museum"

The Front cab view.

Note how the back wheels have shock absorbtion for heavy loads.

He is hauling grape jelly. (not shown).


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