Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 9

It has been pretty cold, snowy, and icy around here this winter. It has been very frustrating to know that the new Series 9 Lego Minifigures were in town, yet at a store pretty far when considering driving through an ice storm. It seemed like every day there was a new excuse that kept me inside. Finally we got a break from the 10's and non melting street snow, and I was able to hit the store!

Luckily my market had like 12 boxes of these, so there was no short supply. I also had a lone aisle to dig through, play bump codes, and smoosh. For a first run I did pretty well, 13 out of 16, with four repeats (repeats being the good ones too).

I will say this is a very strong series from the last couple. Many epic characters to play with.

Monday, January 28, 2013

G.I. Joe Micro Force Series 1 - Cobra Commanders

Oh boy, this is a problem...

Last week Micro Force were buy 2 packs get 1 pack free, with another 10 percent off.  Not a bad deal, so I went overboard. But, as you can see I am dealing with significant repeats.

A few new good ones found like Lady Jaye, Lt. Stone (who looks like Falcon to me), and Grunt.

Two Steel Brigades, which makes me ask if I want to bother with troop building, or just give away/sell lots on Ebay.

Finally a generic Cobra Trooper (for some reason called Spin 'N Smash). I would have liked to see a lot more Cobra Troopers. Almost makes me wish these were three packs, with a common Cobra or Joe trooper in every pack. The Gold Ninja Assassin, is not as shiny gold as he is on the collection sheet.

The Red Ninja S1-15 is striking! There is another Red Ninja out there with swords down, and another with antlers called Arashikage Samurai.

So yeah... I hope I can resist. I really really want Timber the Wolf or a Viper, but its just not happening :(

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello Kitty Loves Toys McDonalds Happy Meal 2013

I can't get away with buying all six Transformers toys, without getting my daughter the six Hello Kitty Loves line (at least that is how I will tell the story). I picked up the winter collection last year, and this year's is not bad either. They have a good size to function ratio. Also, if you Hate Hello Kitty (which means you are a sick person) wait until the end for the Killer Kitty Laser Battle finale!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

McDonalds Happy Meal Transformers Prime Robots

Transformers Prime in robot form this time, as last year Happy Meal focused on the Vehicle form. They look pretty good as a set of 6, each one is in pretty good size and detail. The usual action features of projectile launches and swinging punches are included. No disc launching this time! Bulkhead has amazing green plastic to him. Good set overall.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Castle Grayskullman - Masters of the Universe Classics

Castle Grayskullman just might be one for the books. Its about time the spirit  of Castle Grayskull got up and done something. This guy is so heavy, He-Man himself couldn't lift him... for very long.

I had to acquire mine through Ebay, as I was too late on opening day. We all have our Matty Collector horror stories; five minutes into sale, I got him into the shopping cart, went to pay, it sold out! I'm just glad they let some other dude out there buy ten of them so that they could hike the price up on me. 

Still the Ebay prices were not too crazy yet, I have seen worse, but SOO worth it. I can already think of a half dozen antics I could put this guy through. 

Some highlights are his Hulk Hogan styled hair.

And his Stonewall Skinned Boots are classic! Which sold me on the concept.

I totally recommend this guy if your are looking for the fixtures of all the 80's brands.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GI Joe Micro Force - Joe Colton

I picked up a few more Micro Force packs, as I have only seen a few around town, and didn't want to have to wait in case they sold out quickly. Joe Colton here, I believe, used to date Malibu Stacey?

Beachhead vs. Beast Ninja Commander

Ghost Ninja Henchman

Sunday, January 20, 2013

GI Joe Micro Force Series 1 Blind Bags

G.I. Joe Micro force is the next stage in a million scale sizes for this historic line. If you are burned out on 12", 8", 3 3/4", and 2", now is your chance to start a new with 1".   In hand these guys are really nice, and with 40 to hunt for, its going to be a challenge. I hope to get at least half of the characters available before I call it good. The display stands, make for a polished mini toy. Keep your eye out for another crazy army builder toy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

OGO BILD BITS Series 1: Leap

Continuing on from yesterdays OGO BILD BIT madness, is the springy Leap! Oops, my Leap is missing his head piece that holds both eyes! Ha ha. I sent out an email to customer service at Ogosport, and they promptly responded that a replacement piece is in the mail! Now thats Leap'n service! For now, Leap is a cyclops, and he pulls that off nicely.

Leap's best parts are his springy tail. The spring has a little bit of bounce flex to it. His orange body core is squishy, I did not see that coming. Like Crank, he comes with a propeller, which really gives these guys some silly character. He kind of reminds me of the Spathi from Star Control (if you know who that is, you are totally awesome).

Leap and Crank are total friends today!

Dang! Today was busy and I didn't get to Walgreens for the other two yet. Hope they are still there!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OGO BILD BITS Series 1: Crank

I am so glad one of the smoke detectors ran out of batteries today, because...

I would have never ran into these OGO BILD BITS from ogosport.

Toys like this are what the Museum is all about these days.

They remind me a ton of Xevoz, with a bit of Stickfas and Bionicles mixed in. Or a sick twisted Chemistry molecule kit.

Holy cow its huge! For a box that is only 3" cubed.

There is a ton of character in each one, I will have to go back for the other two.

I am so impressed with the overall quality, the function, and the gadgets. WAY cool toy!!! It says 2012 on the box, and it was on yellow tag at Walgreens. I hope this isn't the last of these?

This guy almost looks like a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 robot.

Check out Leap tomorrow, and I hope to get the other two.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transformers Bot Shots Powerglide Series 1: B013

Its been almost a year since my last Bot Shot buy. Powerglide was on a good discount so I picked him up. Out of the many Bot Shots available, I like Powerglide more as he is close to the size of G1.

These are the perfect desk toys as they can change back and forth with the slightest effort. 

Now if Series 2 will ever show up?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kre-O Transformers Cycle Chase!

For the Cycle Chase set we have Barricade, a car transformer, driving a cycle. Oh the madness!

Barricade LOOK OUT!

Those crafty Autobot troopers left a barricade in the road.

The team of Autobot troopers here are very Storm Trooper like. Again, I like the slight customizable differences in each one. I would say the drawback to these guys though, are their small foot print. They are more easy to fall down than a Lego man. 

Good set overall though, I am sure more adventures are to come with them someday.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kre-O Transformers Decepticon Ambush!

This is that time of year where I swear I won't buy as much stuff, then see good deals on clearance, and the whole cycle starts over again. Kre-O can be a fun alternative to Lego now and then. It's like playing with an alternate universe. I don't think Transformers are the perfect fit, but a few are fun to play with. I am really more looking forward to the GI Joe versions. 

I found these two sets with an additional 40% off, and was hooked. I like how each has a team of generic troopers. When I get some time and build the larger Optimus Prime, these will all help in making a nice battle scene. Hats off to the nice closing boxes to Kre-O again. Good for storage.

For about five bucks, all this is totally worth it (maybe not full price). This is my first time with the Kreon figures, and I would say, okay. A little bit tipsy, a little bit light, but good on detail and some customizable differences on the troopers are a plus.

The logic of Cliff Jumper, a car, driving an ATV is funny to wrap your mind around.

These Vehicon guys look really purpley nice!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Paper-craft Bobble Head Robots!

I forgot that one of my Christmas gifts was a book of paper-craft bobble head robots! I am not usually into paper crafts, as I am horrible at making them. The year was 1988, my fifth grade class was assigned to make simple paper-craft cars. Mine was voted into the junk yard. I am usually pretty good at hobby stuff, building a fantastic Deep Space Nine model to name one, but Paper-craft usually fails me. So lets give it a try...

Hey, I think I done it!

I skimped on the X-acto knife this time, which led to some ugly edges, but I found my old bone folder tool thing for folding, and I got this little dude to completion.

They are pretty simple to the core, a body cone that holds the head, with a few appendages. 

I will have to try a couple more.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Marvel Universe Sentinel Masterworks Series 2 Paint Varient

So last year about this time, i got a killer deal on the silver armed and legged Marvel Universe giant 16" Sentinel toy (A totally fantastic toy I might add). Some would complain though, as it did not have a color scheme that was in closer resemblance to the show and or comics? I thought it was fine. Well this week comes along, and I find that they made a repaint, and I got an even more killer deal for it (TJ Maxx). I have no problems having 2 as they attack in groups right?

Also I finally updated my old video editor out of the dungeons of an awful '08 program, and now can do somethings. Big BIG things are coming down the pipes people!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Thundercats Armor of Omens with Golden Lion-O

Happy New Year from the Armor of Omens, the now defunct and obscure mechanized suit! I have been eyeing this guy for months, watching and waiting for a clearance event. Usually this time year is "gold," as all the stores try to offload a stockpile of highly unsuccessful toys, in hopes for room for more lesser than highly unsuccessful toys. I was surprised to see my Local Walmart so cleared out already. Luckily I found the Armor of Omens in a random place, and it was actually priced at $11.00 instead of what was marked. Of course there was some "slight" shelf wear...

I find it a pretty fun mid sized action figure. Interesting shape, pretty shiny gold, and a few tricks.

Deep inside the chest, sits golden Lion-O. It's too bad they were lazy and made him only gold, a little more detail would have been nice. He fits nicely in my collection of strange golden artifacts. 

I will give points for not only snapping in mechanically, but also magnetically with the Thunderlynx tech. The front panels also snap well back into place. toys like this, its typical for the flaps to flop off easily, but not this guy, its solid. Armor of Omens comes with a neat large scale Sword of Omens. With a press of a button on his back AoO makes a sword slicing sound, while his eyes glow red. It would have been nice for maybe a second sound effect. His arms have elbow joints that bend and rotate.

AoO reminds me of Power Rangers stuff, maybe because its Bandai made. AoO also reminds me of Goldar, which I can put to good use quickly...

I would give this toy a pretty good score. Its simple yet fun. Just grab a good grip to AoO solid non moving torso and legs, and just start pounding your opponent.

And with that TheToyMuseum begins its ninth year of blogging! On the 20th anniversary of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, if that means anything. Lots of the same stuff in store for this year. Enjoy.


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