Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Marvel Attacktix? Yes more Marvel Attacktix.

I figured I would get a DareDevil sooner than later when I would rather get a Captain America or a Thor. He has a pretty good flipping arm, almost works better than the Things. He has an extra power too, but it seems limited to work on only one other opponent in my collection at the moment. Maybe it will come in handy with series 2.

I also got the warrior Spiderman version (low point level and he's an Avenger class). He has a powerfull arm, it would be nice to have a wider base on him though. They did a good job with the paint as well, his webbing is actually clear, which is a nice touch.

I also got my first repeat too, what a surprise...its an Electro.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Thing! Marvel Attacktix demo.

I lucked out with a chrome bases Thing from Marvel Attacktix. He should be a worthy opponent in battle.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Batman toys with Bart.

Actually kind of an old movie, just thought it was fun to share.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh-no, not again, again.

The Marvel Attacktix addiction is in full swing now. I think about it at work, in the car, while I sleep, when I eat, when I brush Bart, getting beat up by jocks, while I watch tv, when I think about other toys, when I walk to the car, when I stage an useccessful nerd group attack on the jocks...

Right now my impression is Ultra High. They have so much more color, bright color, than the Star Wars series. They also have some nice details that stand out. For example, Gambit has a few Ace cards painted on his 'force blast/throwing weapon.' Also unlike the Star Wars version, the projectiles look better on the toy than they do in the catologue. For example, the catalogue shows Punisher's projectile as red, but it is actually black, which really makes his weapon look punishing. There is also a nice Arm fling upgrade to Sabretooth. Instead of doing the usual complicated wind up for the paw attack, it just spring flips back and WAM-O! Too bad they didn't do this with old Wolverine though. He has the old school wind-up, but mine has a loose shoulder so he ends up really faulty. I might get one out of five swings to work. I am hoping to get the alternate version of Wolverine with the projectile claws some day. I also got my first sting based Attacktix. Green Goblin can fly off his base and attack from the air. I tried a few times, but its harder than though. Shooting from sky downwards, doesn't guarentee a knockdown becasue the base protects the hit. It is better to hit from the side to tip the figure over.

The best part is, unlike my other Attacktix addiction phases is that I have not gotten a repeat figure yet!!! Im sure my luck will change, but its nice to start strong for a change, instead of Bowcaster Chewbacca after Chewbacca after chewbacca. I think the main downside to Marvel attacktix right now is no character works as a double. You can have a thousand troopers in Star Wars Attacktix, but it seems silly to have a thousand Electros. (unless, I guess, there is a cloneing mishap)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh no, not again...

For the last few months I have been pretty good at avoiding the Attacktix pegs at the store. Most of my money has been fed to my extreme Transformers addiction of the moment. After looking through this year's Toy Fair stuff though, I don't think I will be buying as many of the Movie Transformers except for maybe Optimus Prime. The rest all look, eh-?-er- well just not to thrilling. Besides, I have enough Cybertron Transformers to build a small pyramid in the back yard. Anyhow, I was in Spokane Washington this weekend, and as always I like to find the Toys R us and pillage it of its wonders. Sadly, not too many wonders there, so I made the mistake of picking up a few booster packs of the Marvel Attacktix to see how they compare to the Star Wars versions.


Darn, I thought I learned this impossible lesson from the Star Wars Attacktix. My game plan is to buy just a couple more packs, then get a few off Ebay, and call it good. I really don't need to go overboard again. However, I think the Marvel version works better in the battle sense. The Marvel assortment of characters in battle seem more accurate then the assortment of Star Wars characters go through. For example why would a A new hope version of Luke Skywalker take on a Return of the Jedi slave Leia? All the marvel combos of battle feel more plausable. On the other hand it's just a silly fun table game, in which I will never forget how my 98 year old Grandma kept firing Jedi Luke Skywalker's force blast weapon into a seperate game that My friend and I were playing.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Decepticon Jet malfunctions?

Look, its the rare black Sky-lynx!

It has been weeks since I purchased a new toy. I know, hard to believe, but Bart the cat thought it would be funny to play 'fake' sick and create a nicely sized vet bill that killed my toy budget (hence the lame projectile contest). I was worried I'd miss out on the Ultra Magnus Sky Warp two pack at Target. Luckily I did not, actually there was at least 15 to 20 on the shelf. But now I get unlucky again, Sky Warp seems to have a bad cockpit to fuselage connection. In other words his cockpit hangs limp.


I'm not sure if I will get the time in the next few days to exchange, or to live with it, or perhaps modify? I've been looking at the joint up close, I think it has to do with the screw in the cockpit, might not have been centered right. There is no excess plastic edges that would cause the connection to not hold, so it has to be a length/angle thing. Any suggestions??? It mainly bugs me in that this is the second Jet of the Decepticons that has come home not perfect. If you recall, stupid Starsceam forgot one of his wing cannons. Had to exchange him too.

Now there is the Ramjet issue...

I would say his transformation is a bit on the easy side.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Soundwave's Friend

I had to pick up the Toys R Us exclusive Soundwave, he's a legend. I couldn't believe what happened next...

He taught my old Sony Mega-Base CFD-560 to transform!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Projectile Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Bossk, for winning the Projectile Contest!

Projectile Contest! The Finale!

I suppose I have kept you in suspence long enough. The Final Projectile Contestants will be the Attacktix Chief Chirpa, Jabba the Hutt, and Bossk.

Chief Chirpa throws first...and gets a silly 48".

Bossk plays next...

And Triumphs with an astonishing 160"!!!

Jabba then spits a 156"! But not enough to top Bossk, who looks like the grand champion to me!

Final Standings:

1. Bossk 160"
2. Jabba the Hutt 156"
3. Hi-Tech 90"
4. Waspinator 77"
5. Han Solo Mech 68"
6. Lego Batmobile 66"
7. Snow Storm Trooper 66"
8. G2 Optimus Prime 62"
9. Samuri Battle-Cat 59"
10. Rebel Trooper 58"
11. Chief Chirpa
12. Tie Bomber 41"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Projectile Contest! Optimus Prime and Samuri Battle Cat

G2 Optimus Prime has come out of re-retirement to play some projectile contest...

Looks like a modest 62". That old Megatron injury still must be hurting him.

Samuri Battle-Cat wants a go...

aaaaand looks like a.... 59" Not that great either. Looks like Hi-Tech is still the champion. Steam is running out of this competition, better pick just a couple more contestants. Any requests?

Current Standings:

1. Hi-Tech 90"
2. Waspinator 77"
3. Han Solo Mech 68"
4. Lego Batmobile 66"
5. Snow Storm Trooper 66"
6. G2 Optimus Prime 62"
7. Samuri Battle-Cat 59"
8. Rebel Trooper 58"
9. Tie Bomber 41"


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