Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh no, not again...

For the last few months I have been pretty good at avoiding the Attacktix pegs at the store. Most of my money has been fed to my extreme Transformers addiction of the moment. After looking through this year's Toy Fair stuff though, I don't think I will be buying as many of the Movie Transformers except for maybe Optimus Prime. The rest all look, eh-?-er- well just not to thrilling. Besides, I have enough Cybertron Transformers to build a small pyramid in the back yard. Anyhow, I was in Spokane Washington this weekend, and as always I like to find the Toys R us and pillage it of its wonders. Sadly, not too many wonders there, so I made the mistake of picking up a few booster packs of the Marvel Attacktix to see how they compare to the Star Wars versions.


Darn, I thought I learned this impossible lesson from the Star Wars Attacktix. My game plan is to buy just a couple more packs, then get a few off Ebay, and call it good. I really don't need to go overboard again. However, I think the Marvel version works better in the battle sense. The Marvel assortment of characters in battle seem more accurate then the assortment of Star Wars characters go through. For example why would a A new hope version of Luke Skywalker take on a Return of the Jedi slave Leia? All the marvel combos of battle feel more plausable. On the other hand it's just a silly fun table game, in which I will never forget how my 98 year old Grandma kept firing Jedi Luke Skywalker's force blast weapon into a seperate game that My friend and I were playing.

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