Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Race Track, Oh Boy!

Another great Christmas gift, the Hot Wheels legendary Criss Cross Crash race track. About a month ago I spotted this back on Toys R Uses website, and started link wishing it to every one I knew (well, just my wife).

At its worst, you see a car drive in loops for awhile. Keep adding cars, and eventually something fantastically cool will happen. The racetrack is perfection intersection carnage at its best! Relive, Old Man, Didn't see us, Too Late, Aaaaugghhhhh!

My Cars are going to get so smacked up. I already noticed a few paint chips. I better get some loaner cars for this thing.

I tied it together with my Bat Cave Training run set and behold the mayhem. If you ever buy a Hot Wheels track, get this one first!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day after Christmas play, GI Joe Wolf Hound aka Snow Cat rocks!

With the dust settling after the Christmas storm, I can finally open a few toys in piece.

Or pieces...

How awesome is that?! Building your GI Joe vehicles! I miss that so much, with most of the new vehicles coming prebuilt. There is something about classified instructions, snapping plastic chassis together, and monster sticker sheets to make the toy yours. The Wolf Hound, or Snow Cat, is one of my favorite vehicles ever. I never owned one before, so this is really exciting. This updated version must have a few alterations. Check out the awesome plastic paint swirly detail.

The Snow Cat seats two up front, IF you can cram the figures in (it's still built for the older figures). There are plenty of action figure foot pegs around the vehicle for that big family team ride effect. The Missile launcher on top has a unique lever tab slider to launch each missile down the line.

I like how they kept the original Snow Cat stickers for the sides. The treads are full plastic pieces, I wasn't sure as the box had them looking almost real. I would rather have fake treads, as they won't melt over time like my poor Thundertanks.

I can officially finish my GI Joe snow team with the Snow Cat as their ride. White Out comes with the Snow Cat, but they missed his display base, and any sort of cool weapon. Besides that, the White Out figure is really nice, for a vehicle figure.

Fun GI Joe vehicle, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Iron Man 2; Movie Series War Machine #12

Took me a while to find and pick up a movie series War Machine, of course while Christmas shopping for OTHER people. At least he was on sale for five, which is a good deal for Iron Man toys. To start, he looks awesome! Probably my favorite armor style of all the figures so far. He seems to have a lot of layers of metal around him. He has some really nice military numbering going on too.

As an action figure, he has good and bad qualities. You can position him in a few good stands, but not that many. The dreaded Iron Man 2 hip joints are the most ugly thing to work with. Believe me, I should know, I did this.

His shoulder cannons are a bit loose, but better than I thought they would be. The can be moved around many ways for some spiffy targeting. He comes with 2 projectiles too! He has the same silly shoulder pad problem as the comic series Iron Man. I need to re-watch the movie, and see how those shoulders really work.

I think I am at the end of my Iron Man splurge. And yes, I can build a suit out of Iron Men, look for that soon...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy Review 2; Disney supports drinking and driving?!!

So, just saw Tron AGAIN! This might be the first movie I have seen twice in a theatre in a long long time, in a far away place (guess what movie now). Any how, here are some more observations;

-Disney supports drinking and driving? I couldn't believe I didn't notice this before! Well I did remember it, but I wasn't thinking Disney movie connection. Sam drinks a Coors, then hops on his motorcycle to the arcade in the beginning of the movie! I can't believe they did that! WOW, that seems like a major mess up from a studio that prizes itself on family friendliness. Isn't there strict rules on cigarette use in movies, and wouldn't the drinking and driving thing also be looked at. Maybe I am over killing this, but that could have been avoided.

- I noticed the Tron character a lot more this time, and really like his on the side of the screen role. Not many movies would take that route with a character who is in the name of the movie. My friend did point out when did Tron become Snake Eyes?

- The 3D at this theatre, is better than the first theatre I saw the movie in, but it made Jeff Bridges Clu character look really fake! But still an unbelievable likeness.

- Disc battle was better the second time, but the light cycles were still disappointing, not to see how things were being planned out with the lines.

- Love the 'ice cubes' in the drinks.

- Quorra has some great lines, and some great 'She just don't get it' moments. Also, look how freaky she is on the back of the bike at the end of the movie. She has this face like she is going to kill a lot of humans.

- And of course long live Bruce Boxleitner, I'm going to go watch me some Babylon 5 now!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Make Way for Tomorrow, an Iron Man Dance Spectacular!

What better ways to show off my Iron Man toys...

Tron Legacy Review

No fancy pictures today. I just got back from a midnight showing of Tron Legacy 3D. Thanks to too much soda, neon lights, and freezing temperatures after, I won't be sleeping for another hour, so I thought I would review what I just saw.

Pretty darn exceptional movie! Now, I have purposely not seen the original Tron movie in probably over twenty years. I thought it would be more fun to go in with a vague memory of the first one, catch with the new, then re-watch the old later. So, yes, a little confused at how this whole world works. I don't think that really mattered though, as there was too much fun stuff to look at. So here are some random thoughts about stuff I saw, I will try not to spoil, but if I do, be forewarned.

To start there were some flashbacks, and I don't think action figures looked like that in 1989, in fact they looked like what they are selling for the actual new toy line. Nice marketing.

There were sets that they reproduced perfectly, as some of the older crowd made strange noises in response to doors, walls, and things that I didn't even see. Looking forward to old one for that.

Great disc battles. They caught every move, angle, and arm slicing a game like that should have. Big step up from original.

The Light Cycle sequence was outstanding, but a little confusing. I wish they had done some high overhead shots, to help with any strategy the riders were using.

Jeff Bridges is just awesome. He is the Zen man, and I get a kick out of watching him, old, young, or clone. I find it funny how the writers always get him in front of a crowd, where he gives a charismatic smiley rousing speech. I have seen him do that in Tucker, Sea Buscuit, Iron Man etc...

It got a little slow in the middle end, but in a way, I remember being a bit bored at that same time in the first Tron...Get to the action man! It was one of those things were you say come on get too it, but please don't, I'm taking all this in, and it's incredible. You can put a neon light on a coaster, and I will put my drink on it.

No disappointment on the end action sequences, they were great. All though, I would like to see more Tron, and from what happened, it looks like we will, next winter 2016!

So to rate it, I would give 8-9 out of 10. The 3D was so clean and spiffy. They must use a lot of Glass Plus in that world. I guess the logical step next is to buy a couple toys, but that means a couple more, then halfway, then the whole collection.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon, Night Fury, Toothless toy

To start, if you haven't seen this movie, don't even bother looking at this toy, go now, and see the movie, How to Train your Dragon. You won't fully realize how much cooler I am then you, to own a Night Fury, until you see the movie.

So far, I have only seen these toys at Walmart. In fact, some of the toys are Walmart exclusives. I'll also give props to Walmart for filling their holiday sections with fresh How to Train Your Dragon toys, even though the movie was out way earlier this year. There are a couple different varieties of the Night Fury. This one shoots an energy dart out its mouth, and its wings are on a spring that keeps them forward. The other Night Fury, has wings that flap with leg movement. I choose this one for the larger, more animated head. You can tell that the figure was designed for one or the other feature, as they are pretty much the same.

The toy was made by Spin Master, possibly a division of Dreamworks? It has a hard plastic feel, with some good texture. It lacks articulation, and sits kind of funny on a table, but the Night Fury is meant for flying anyways. I think I will hang mine on the ceiling, for show.

This Night Fury also has the painted war tail, vs just a wood tail for the flapping wings version. I believe the Hiccup kid figure, will fit to this figure, but I think I will pass, as he was kind of a dork. There is a larger Toothless with Hiccup set, that is truly awesome, but kind of spendy. It fires an electronic spinning energy dart, and probably does your taxes too.

Again, this Night Fury, has a slightly larger head to fit the energy dart. The dart is fully hidden when his mouth is closed. I like it without the dart though, so you can open and close his mouth, with leg squishing, to make it look like he's talking (not that he talks in the movie).

In short, if you want a Night Fury, this is an awesome opportunity. If you want something with more articulation, and posablitiy, build one out of bionicle legos.

That's the end of this tail

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lego Minifigures Series 3 more figures to look at, Cyborg, Mummy, Snow Board Girl

The standout in the new 3 of 16 is the Cyborg guy. I had a hard time id'ing it, as it had so many weird pieces to feel. Its one of those figures I wish I had a Blacktron Trooper to fight with. Hmmm, maybe I do have one left. I will have to check the old bin this family X-mas.

I Like the mummy as he can play with my many Lego Adventure sets. He was easy to ID, as the scorpion is s pretty big piece, but don't confuse it with the alien's head!

Snow Board Girl is also pretty easy to ID. She has that huge snow board, but that can be confused with the standard display base. Snow Board on Snow Board girl.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Easiest to detect Lego Series 3 Minifigures, Native American, Male Rock Star, Sumo Wrestler?

With Packages hiding what's inside, which ones are easier than others to figure out?

I found the Indian was the easiest to detect with his huge feather hat.

The big rectangle boom box of the male singer, stood out fast on my first run through of packages.

The Sumo wrestler is more difficult, but I kept running into him. I found my fingers hitting his bun on the top of his hair in several packs.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Just a regular old Comic Series Iron Man 2 Toy

The Comic Series Iron Man is the most common Iron Man 2 figure around. He is also available in the other Marvel Universe figure line in a very similar form. Since I am stuck on Iron Man 2 figures I added this one to my collection. All though it is only a matter of time before I start drooling over the Marvel Universe line.

This Iron Man figure is okay, with more issues with the hip joints. Its a trick to get the ball hips in the right direction to move the leg where you want it to go. His Head feels a little low, making me wish these figures included a neck joint. Otherwise he is a fun Iron Man action figure. The best part is his two display stands, one normal, the other a rocket blast, which you can use to display him in many different ways....

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snow Job, GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra in the snow on skis with a pack full of stuff and even more stuff

It snowed a ton here today (≈8-10"), so it seemed only logical to dig into the overflow pile today and pick out Snow Job. I am surprised I forgot he was down there!

This guy really has it all. He has so much, I don't even know what some of it is (Is that a fold up frying pan?). He even has both a soft and a plastic blanket. Maybe the only draw back to some of the accessories is that there are too many accessories. I can't decide what to have him hold, and if its ski poles, he can't hold anything else, Aughhhh!

It's quite a feat to pack all his gear onto his bag. There is so much stuff, I don't even know what is the right way to pack it all.

Don't tip over Snow Job!

Maybe if there is snow left tomorrow (as it typically gets really warm after an awesome snow storm in Boise), I will take him outside with ShipWreck and Doc. They will make a great winter team. Now, if only someone could get them that new Snow Cat for X-mas...


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