Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day after Christmas play, GI Joe Wolf Hound aka Snow Cat rocks!

With the dust settling after the Christmas storm, I can finally open a few toys in piece.

Or pieces...

How awesome is that?! Building your GI Joe vehicles! I miss that so much, with most of the new vehicles coming prebuilt. There is something about classified instructions, snapping plastic chassis together, and monster sticker sheets to make the toy yours. The Wolf Hound, or Snow Cat, is one of my favorite vehicles ever. I never owned one before, so this is really exciting. This updated version must have a few alterations. Check out the awesome plastic paint swirly detail.

The Snow Cat seats two up front, IF you can cram the figures in (it's still built for the older figures). There are plenty of action figure foot pegs around the vehicle for that big family team ride effect. The Missile launcher on top has a unique lever tab slider to launch each missile down the line.

I like how they kept the original Snow Cat stickers for the sides. The treads are full plastic pieces, I wasn't sure as the box had them looking almost real. I would rather have fake treads, as they won't melt over time like my poor Thundertanks.

I can officially finish my GI Joe snow team with the Snow Cat as their ride. White Out comes with the Snow Cat, but they missed his display base, and any sort of cool weapon. Besides that, the White Out figure is really nice, for a vehicle figure.

Fun GI Joe vehicle, I highly recommend it.

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