Friday, March 31, 2006

Megatron gets the honorary white arrow.

The BESTEST girl in the world got me a Galvatron I mean, for my Birthday this year. He is up on the shelf already but will come down frequently for transforming. Kind of a tough one at first, but once you get the hang of his arms and front wheel fenders he transforms together well. Poor Optimus will have his hands full from now on, fending off attacks from both Galvatron and Unicron while trying to show little Rodimus the tricks to being Prime.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I want that kids toys!

Oh wait, that kid is me! About what? 20 years ago. I wonder what cool toys I will get on my Birthday this year?

Fun photo fact: See if you can find my family's old pet schnauzer Cricket.

Monday, March 27, 2006


One of the few surviving GI Joe accessories I have is the very cool Tomahawk. Its in superb condition too, only missing one missle, and that little tiny microphone that attactches to Lift Ticket's helmet. I liked the toy so much I never sent it on any missions in fear that it would break. So it just spent most of its life hanging in a storage room. I think I will hang it over my desk one these days.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Construx Shuttle!

The Toy Winter Olympics would never have been such a mild success without the support of the Construx equipment that was used for the games. I think my foundest memories as a kid playing with toys would be Construx. Heck I used them as base building pieces for GI Joe, He-Man, and Transformers. They were large, sturdy, and looked pretty cool being thown off the stairs. Too bad they don't still make them. I found this cool Space Shuttle set on ebay the other day (10 Bucks!), to replentish some of my old bad pieces. Although, these are Mattel Construx from the 90's and seem to have a different 'feel' and 'click' than the 80's Construx. Now I just need to buy a tank set, A truck with a trailer, an armored car, and I think a helicopter, and I could build one massive Bruticus from Transformers!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hello Darth Maul!

It's been awhile since I have said anything about my Attacktix addiction. I was lucky to find a Darth Maul opened at a Target the other day. I don't get why people are opening these things to find rare figures, just to leave them. I guess its just young bored kids, or people looking for that rare clone trooper to finish their collection. I also found one of those cool spitting Jabba the Hutts. It's sort of like a large Pez despencer. A few weeks ago I found a cool Easter sale, buy one get one free deal, for the boster packs. That was worth the money for the first pack, but all reruns for the second. I really have too many of the same ones, and am starting to slow down in buying these things. What's strange is that I haven't even played the game more than a couple of times. Its pretty fun though, like chess with projectiles. Hopefully one day I will be able to find more time to play.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I am Victorious at Mega Man VI !

Picked up another slight addiction a couple of weeks ago. Finally, I won Mega Man Six. I had to fight the Robots of the 1st annual Robot Tournament of 20XX AD. Eight of the most powerfull robots! Stupid Windman got me way too many times! But I got through it! And then second to the last level I had to refight all of them again! Mr. X was pretty easy, and so was Dr. Wily. I like the flying suit thing, I used that all the time. I am still getting my butt kicked by all the other Mega Man games though. Mega Man I is too hard, I still have three more bad guys to get. I'm close with MMII, but not close enough to beat that darn dragon. I killed all the main guys in MMIII, but it gets kind of hard from there. Mega Man V is Impossible. I have not even opened MM IV, VII, and VIII. And I guess if I win enought of em, it unlocks two more evil games!

Mini Transformers save lots of $

These guys are the best, and at three bucks a toy you can buy the whole collection, and still eat good. They are also super fast to transform, so that when a battle ensues, things will develop smoothly. Instead of the ten minute transforming timeout that usually happens with the big ones. They are also travel worthy. Try filling your car compartments full of them, for the emergency Transformer player. Or again, will work well with your desk at the office. "What transformers, Boss?" As you quickly scoop them up into an empty but reachable drawer. And finally they scale well with the Giant Unicron toy. He needs something to step on from time to time too.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Storm Shadow Takes First Kill!

I picked up a Storm Shadow this weekend to keep old Snake Eyes busy. Left them alone on a plastic shelf and when I came back poor Snakes got it first. And what is with the Pepsi?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Are Disney toys any good?

Hercules sure is! I walked into a Disney store the other day, figuring what the heck. I was surprised to see some really cool action figures being sold there now. The new Disney Heroes line are quite fantastic. There are only a few figures right now, but they are making more (so the rumors say). They are jointed well, sturdy built and come with handy acessories. Oh and most important, display bases! I am looking forward for the Beast to come out. My Worf action figure needs a challenge.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Special Toy Museum Field Report.

Thanks to Jeff Ross and his abilities, my farm animal drawings have been professionally analyzed! (In probably the most funniest thing I have seen in years (With exception of cat's paw hooked on ceiling fan video from the web)).

I will have Jeff explain in his own words:

total chickens = 161
total sheep = 108
total pigs = 88

Your preference to poultry is positively preferred over pork. In
other words, for every one time you think of a pig, you have thought
about a chicken 1.83 times! Whoa!

The images I am supplying are to show more findings from this
research I have done. Take a look at the subconscious images you are
projecting in the patterns of this paper! It is simply amazing. For
example, even when you are drawing sheep, subconsciously you are
drawing a pattern that resembles a chicken! Chickens obviously rule
you mind. I also found a weird bearded guy and a dog with a funny hat
protected by his warrior bug. ("c" is for "chicken" can still be seen
through out!) You can explain these.

Strange enough, I do dwell on Chickens quite often at work. I think I'm starting to scare my coworkers, so I beter do a 180, and start thinking about produce.

Could this be a sheep instead?

I have been watching Spongebob Squarepants season three lately. Could this be Spongebob?

Well there you have it! I want some T-shirts made of these, or fine paintings for the museum or something. Thanks Jeff, these are fantastic!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yellow Refrigerator and Star Wars magnets!

Found these neat magnets on the old clearance table today. Finally I can decorate my yellow fridge in style. I might even go back and pick up the Batman and Spiderman packs. Now that would be a strange montage!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An exercise in sanity.

I work as a back up teller in one of those huge super one stop shopping centers. Occasionally to pick up hours I work out on the floor at a Uscan station or service desk. It is very boring, and hopefully these so called trained monkeys can do it will show up soon. Yesterday I took the time to draw as many chickens, sheep, and pigs that I could in the time I had. I probably could have done twice that, but I was given the special rare honor of folding 200 sheets of paper in half. What do you do when you are bored?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thundercats! Woof!...Doh! I mean HO!

This must be collections week. Thundercats was yet another line of toys that I seem to like and collect. I just recently aquired the S-S-Slithe mutant and the mighty Mum-Ra! My sister had a really cool Chetarah, but she was sadly decapitated when driving the Thundertank under a couch (thats C-Ouch!)((and that was Chetarah, not my sister)). I also had another Lion-o, but he as well found tradgety when his leg was over spun and fell off. The substitute Snarf straw holder was also lost. I also also had the Mutant Fist pounder. It was quite the vehicle but I must have sold it at a garage sale (Arrrrg). I almost won an ebay lot the other day for a whole bunch of stuff, but I lost (I know, sad story). Lately, Its all about Tigra. I need to add him to my collection as Safari Joe used to say. (Episode 17 or whatever that is). So what is your favorite Thundercat?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Jurassic Stuff

I have so much toys in my closets its time for some early spring cleaning. After much thinking, I think, I think I will say goodbye to my Jurassic Park collection. To make room for more of whatever toys I buy in the boat loads. It was a hard decision, especially when taking them out for pictures. At that time I thought no way. But once I put them away I really never even think about them. I just will have to rememeber the good times. Like when My old Roomate and I decided to make a zip line down a seven story building with old T-Rexy. Unfortuanatly the cable broke and Rex fell straight down seven floors. He still works, sort of, he just won't turn off once he starts roaring.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well that's just Prime!

I gotta say my favorite Transformers show was Beast Wars! Even though the computer generated show is a decade old now, it is still fun to watch. The characters were solid, the plot was interesting and most important it had a great sense of humor. I picked up the dvd box sets and watch them all the time. (Beast Machines however was pretty lame). Optimus Primal had the most toys, and Megatron's transmetal dinosaur was my favorite. As for characters, It's all about Waspinator! It never got old watching him get scrapped.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Whew! Winter Toy Olympic Hangover!

That was a lot of work hosting a Winter Toy Olympics. From taking pictures, building complicated sporting venues, and feeding and housing the several thousand toys that came to the events, I am officially out of gas. Maybe I'm just saying that after what the Ice Wampa's did to the restroom facilities, I'm not sure. The main goal now is to reset the thermostat so that it stops snowing in here. Brrrrr.

Now I gotta figure out what did I do with this place before the Toy Olympics? I think it has something to do with the Stock Market and the reacttion of toys to it. Or maybe a took pictures of grass growing from day to day. That would be a neat blog. Oh well, I'm taking today off. Tune in next time for some more toys on my shelf.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2006 Winter Toy Olympic Closing Ceremonies!

Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks, but it's time for things to move on. Crowds of toys have left the room moving back to their bins, packages, and shelves. The closing ceremonies were short and to the point.

Captian America passed the symbolic Toy Olympic Flag over to the Red Lego Knight a courier to the Jeff Ross Family who will be hosting the 2006 Summer Toy Olympics. That will be an event to look forward too.

Captain America then shut off the light switch to the great torch.

The Human Torch is looking forward to spending some much needed time off on an Alaskan Cruise.

And then the Constructicons rolled out and destroyed the Toy Olympic Stadium before Jeff Goldblum could escape!

That all. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

You have to be kidding! Toy Hockey again...This is rediculous! Oh wait, this is the last one!

Its all tied up 2-2 and team Hoth is on the move! Ice Biocicle is not taking any chances!

Wait a second is that?

Could it be?

No, they were retired right?

It's Luke Skatewalker and his trusty Taun-taun, Taun-taun!

WOW! Luke slices up the competition to set up an easy goal for Taun-taun!

Thats Team Hoth in the lead 3-2!

And time expires on the clock! Team Hoth wins! Team Hoth Wins!

I have seen the Matterhorn at Disneyland, I have seen the original Batmobile at a carshow, and I have met former Vice President Dan Quayle, But I have never witnessed an event so awesome as this! Congratulations Team Hoth, and well played Ice Bionicle!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Again with the Toy Hockey...

This game won't go quietly!

Ice Bionicle Making an effort down 2 to 1! Ski gets the Freeze head...


Both teams playing very strong! Now Chewbacca gets a taste of the inside of the goal!

And there goes Ski's turn with the de-arming!

It's all tied up 2-2!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

And even more Toy hockey continued...

It's three versus one...

Ice Wampa gets the Mr. Freeze puck back, he shoots...


OUCH#*%!, thats a lego groin injury for you!

Team Hoth goes up 2-1!

Toy Hockey continued...

And back to the game!

Chewbacca is looking to keep his goal empty for the rest of the night.

The injured Kopaka has been replaced by Bionicle precurser Throwbot Ski!
And It looks like Ski already may score...

And Ski tries to pass Solo, trips Solo, SHOOTS, and misses!

Solo is not a happy camper! He gets up and into Ski's face!

BAM! Solo plants one right on Ski's face!

AND Ski is OUT cold! Not the best replacement for Ice Bionicle!

We are still tied at 1-1!

Toy Hockey: Team Hoth vs Ice Bionicle!

At long last, the Winter Toy Olympic Hockey game! This one is going to be a doozie, as long awaited Team Hoth takes on Ice Bionicle in what some say is the toy game of the decade! Unfortunatly, due to a delivery mix up with Optimus Prime, none of the right equipment was delievered to the game on time. Thus, toys will be using spoons, and other makeshift Construx equipment to play. Mr Freeze has once again donated his head as a puck for gameplay.

Well Here we go, the players take their positions.

AND GOAL! That was fast! You can see that Ice Bionicle was overconfident and did not protect their goal at all! The powerful Ice Wampa was able to score first for team Hoth!

AND GOAL AGAIN! For team Ice Bionicle this time! It looks like Kopaka was able to get by goaly Chewbacca who does not look happy at all...

And he is NOT! Chewbacca has torn the arms off Kopaka! It is certainly not a good idea to go up against a Wookie in play.

And back to the gam-... Oh here we go again! The Ice Wampa has a taste for the crowd again! Players are trying to get him off the stands...

This might be awhile. We should go to commercial or something. It's all tied 1-1.


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