Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Crystal Creatures MEGA CONSTRUX Series 1 Slime Egg Toys with Codes Breakout Beasts

I am very taken by these amazing new Crystal Creatures from MEGA CONSTRUX fall 2019! They are the somewhat prettier cousins of the Breakout Beasts Dragon toy series. There are five to collect, each found inside a Mystery Slime Egg Container! The Slime compounds can be a sparkly Gold, Silver, or Purple. My Silver was pretty bad and melted away, but I enjoyed the gold and sparkle purple slime!

The Egg containers look like this on shelf...

The Deer like Creatures are my favorite. Frostwhite with amazing golden antlers, stands very tall! Also each Crystal Creature with decorative armor, and each with a corresponding crystal color. A blue gem for Frostwhite.

Then there NightSky, and sharp looking Black Stallion like Pegasus! The wings really add some size, but they do droop a little bit. Maybe dry some slime in the joints to hold up?

Aquagem is a perfect example of balance. Just a water Unicorn, with a decent amount of armor add ons.

The burning Rubywing is also a good look! Lucked out with a curved wing on that one!

Rosestone is my absolute favorite, and the reason I wanted to collect these. The series of toy looked so unique and fun I just had to slime in!

Check out the full Crystal Creature Mega Construx series 1 toy review here, I shared the codes that I found. It seems like if you can find 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 before the final letters you may have a complete set. Good Luck hunting!


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