Monday, October 23, 2006


Batman: "Drat! To afford more Bat-legos, I might have to sell the car."

Robin: "But Batman, Chicks dig the car!"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Transformer secrets revealed!

Warning! Secrets revealed, you may not want to watch the show after this!...

Current theories suggest mass takes center stage in a Transformer's ability to go from small to huge. Megatron in robot mode is extreamly light weight, like tin foil, but when he transforms he packs in all his mass to form a very heavy gun.

Well, I prove evidence that will shock you!

This may keep you up at night.


Perhaps it was not mass at all...

Hey how about that cooler weather these days...

Oops, back to topic...

I present to you fellow toy scientists...

Its all about perspective!

Any Perseptor will tell you Megatron is actually a few paces in the background when in gun form. This should also work if you are a boombox or microscope.

Thank you fellow toy scientists!

You may send grant money to me any time to perform more Transformer experiments.

Oh, and by the way...

Just for you old school thinkers here is a simulated picture of what Hot Rod did to Megatron in Robot mode. (of course that is impossible with the findings I just announced, but seemed appropriate to take a picture of.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More decorating tips by Dan.

Do this exactly and your guests will say, "thats terrific!"

Place a flatbed scanner ontop of high plastic toy drawer containers that is too high to connect scanner to computer. Put Grand Moff Tarkin Attacktix, Lego Spinosaurus, and new black Lego Bionicle on top, in that correct order. Above, a Romulan Warbirdy hung with 10lb fishing line and anchored by a plant hook.

Do this... NOW!

Say...That's a nice hole puncher!

Oh, yeah Starscream is spiffy too. But I need to issue a warning! When you buy yours, make sure to look inside the box and under the wings to see if both cannons are included. I was missing one, and had to take it back. What are the odds? I never buy toys, and then when I finally get one, its missing a piece.

I planned to have more restraint, and thought I could just look at these new classic Transformers, but I keep buying them...Just Prime to go ironically. Hasbro really did some nice work with these things. My only complaint is that they could be bigger. Starscream looks kind of small for such a big character. Astrotrain needs to be HUGE! Megatron should really fire a bullet. Bumblebee was perfect though.

Ah yes, the Splatter Barrel picture in the back does look pretty, thanks! I was so excited when my parents took me to the fair to paint pictures a month ago. It's nice to get out once and awhile!

The hole puncher can punch up to six sheets of paper and three holes per piece!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Fun!

At Last! The new Bumblebee of the old Bumblebee Transformer is out! What a cool new toy. I can't wait to transform him...

Something is wrong here. Thats IG-88! Strange, he reminds me of Bender from Futurama. Well thats it, I swear no more buying Attactix. Now back to Bumblebee...

SPOON! No-no, thats the Tick vs Season One. Very funny by the way.

Ah! There we go, BumbleBee Transformed...And don't be worry, I checked his insignia and he IS an Autobot. Whew!

How about a group shot for collectors photo albums!


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