Sunday, April 29, 2007

Memory Game Round 5!

Welp, here are some more results of the greatest game ever played...

Jeff Picked the correct numbers, side stepping the banned for life threat and won mental prizes of #1&19 The Thing, #14&15 Captain America, and #7&2 Storm. Is it me, or does the Thing's eyes look kind of scarey? And Storm really needs to hit the gym. The Captain just looks silly with the thumbs up there.

Josh then, went ahead of Jeff's guessing of his three, but at this point, who really cares. #20 is Cyclops top, and #16 is Ironman's Pants. No match, but intriquing results yet again.

Here is the boards status now, after Jeff's running the tables. We are getting down to the wire. It can be anyone's game still, especially if Jeff picks his three soon (or techincally 5 I think?).

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Memory Game Round 4!

I am sure the anticipation for Marvel Memory Game round 4 has been driving the whole world mad! The comments from round 3, suggest serious tactical revelations to behold! lets see what happened...

In our last round, Josh discovered the Hulk. He then picked #15 Captain America's top, #19 The Thing's top, and specially awarded #2 Storm's Butt!

Jeff then jumped in and picked #7 Storm's Top, and #14 Captain America's pants!

Talk about a switch-r-oo for Josh and Jeff.

Now the game is in serious foot. Someone can really take lead now. Will it be someone new, ready to steal the game? Or will Josh continue the lead in the greatest game of memory ever played!

I guess I should add, if you know more than two matches, its ok to pick both. But if you are wrong, you are banned for life and have to do community service at the Antarctic Toy Museum.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Memory Game Roundus Three!

Josh Miller's quick memory and commenting has discovered that indeed #8 Hulk's top, and #9 Hulk's Pants do indeed form...

The Jolly Green Giant? Okay, its Hulk! A great Mental Prize is awarded! I will let Josh pick three cups as a prize for Hulk, if he chooses to do so.

Mike Overall has joined in the race. He has picked #3 Iron Man's top, and #4 Wolverine's Pants. Sorry no match. Play again.

And here is the updated playing field. Who is next to find?!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Memory Game Round 2 Fun!

Josh Miller selected #1 the Thing's Pants, and #9 Hulks Leg's! Sorry no match, BUT something tells me the game is live for a match! Who's going to snag the first catch?

Here's the board for reference.

What I meant to say earlier in the confusing rules part, is that you may comment only once per round, but as many people can comment a guess until I post the results whenever I get around to it. And how about, if you win a match, you can guess three cups instead of two. Remember to check back frequently, if there is a live match, whoever is first to match it can win the mental reward!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Memory Game Round 1 Results!

Okay, here are the results from the first round:

Noel Hidalgo, you selected #3 Iron Man's upperbody, and #17 Thors Pants! Sorry not a match! Keep playing!

Jeff, you selected #12 Spider-Women's pants, and #8 Hulks upperbody! Sorry not a match! Keep playing!

Here is the board again. First commenteer gets first dibs, only one comment-guess per turn, anyone can play!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Memory Game!

The first commenteer may pick two numbers to see if they can match a special prize!

(more of a mental prize, than an actual phyiscal prize.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Nothing beats coming home from a day of work to find your Cat's destructive powers used on your ipod's headphones. I actually didn't know Bart did this, until he draged into the kitchen to show off his new toy. Oh well, they were giving me some weird feedback anyways.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fun with Transformers Classics Devastator?

I originally wasn't going to buy this dude. New and improved Devestator just looked kind of stupid. For all the new tricks of plasticry they can do these days, this isn't one of them. Allthough, to be fair, this is a repaint from Transformers Energon, and things were just starting to get sort-of-cool at that series. I think we all wanted a newly designed Classics Devestator (yes even Janet Reno), but instead this guys came back.

I think the biggest disappointment bringing it home was to discover that instead of five construction vehicles forming a giant robot, it's actually only three vehicles! Two Vehicles are just painted differently. I must be going blind, I can't believe I missed that one at the store, or a few years ago for the Energon version. Where is the cool Cement Mixer from G1 or the Dump truck or the Shovel guy. What a cop out!

So I built up Devastator right away, just anctious to see what it really looks like. Besides I needed someone to move my Fridge slightly to the left. As thoughted before, he sure looked stupid. But to my surprise, with a Leg for an arm and an arm for a leg (Mr McGreg) He actually looks kind of cool.

I can't stand his robot head -seems to be missing something- so I leave it inside one of the cab pieces. With the grapple arms fully extended it makes him look pretty menacing as he takes on the mini Cybertron bots.

Devastator really can be transformed to have four arms. Two skinny Grapple arms, and two bulkier front cab arms. These can be moved to all sorts of cool attack modes.

But in the end, team Autobots get the leg up on old Devestator. But Devastaor has one trick left in him. On his back he has some treads so he can escape on his back while he rests his wounds.

I guess overall I kind of like the new Classics Devastator. My first impression was to return him after a few days, but now I'm thinking he can stay. The color scheme is at least close to the G1 version.

Actually it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy anther one so you could switch the Grapple trucks so that you had one complete green Devastator and one complete black Devastator.

oh darn! Now I have to buy another one!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Skyfire bloopers.

Your in luck, after a week of watching that Transformer watch transform video you get another picture of a Transformer on my couch. I should rename the blog.

I watched some old Generation one Transformers first season a couple mouths ago. It's fun stuff now, especially because of random animation errors. Examples being transformers painted wrong, or wrong voices coming out of wrong mouths etc... My favorite mistake was when Bumblebee and Spike (i think) were boarding Skyfire to go on a mission somewhere. However just before Skyfire's hatch closes, Spike yells out "Don't forget to have Optimus Prime do something or other..." (okay I can't remember the exact quote). The hatch then closes, BEHIND Bumblebee and Skike and then Skyfire suddenly takes off. Hello? Dude! Your supposed to close the door so your passengers are inside!

I think the other blooper is where a group of Transformers are standing together, and one yells out "We have to go save Spike and Bumblebee!" However if you look at the group Bumblebee is among them. (allthough that could be that other yellow car guy. still made me laugh though if it was).

I found my Ultra Magnus watch by the way! Unfortunatly it looks like Galvaclock got to him first so I have to do some rebuilding.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Fantastic Watch Collection; Episode 0: Transformers Flip Watch Superion

Aside from captain of the football team, saving the school from a devestating fire, and being a prized member or the French Club, I was known for my extensive toy watch collection in high school. I found the box containing them up in my closet the other day. Due to the perils of time though, most of the batteries are dead. :( Not to mention, to replace some batteries, endangers breaking the watch even more. My favorite two watches were this one in the video...must be Metroplex? And Ultra Magnus... arrrrg I can't find! (I think he is in my dad's basement workshop disasembled waiting for batteries?) The Transformers watch would flip up with a press of a button (Arms rotated too). They are a little loose now, sometimes popping out at unconvienent times. They are stuck to the base of the watch by rod and spring which can hamper things. Ahhh memories.

UPDATE 3/23/09; Its Superion!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Funny, Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like a toy blog?

April fools sale: two dollar liters on sale for a dollar. Manufacture coupon for a dollar off. Total price was just the tax. Funny too that the store employees were wandering the aisles with this crate demanding you take them. Must of been a compition between stores.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Manta ray on a Simpsons string?

Makes a fun toy attack for Bart the cat. I throw it at him, and pull it back in before it gets to him. Kind of like a high speed bird attack. You can also shake it really fast to make bird like wing flapping sounds and then frisbee it across the room for simulated bird attack. Cat likes that too.

Hmmm not much going on at the Museum Lately? Maybe because Classics Devestator looks kind of stupid. Spiderman 3 figures are slightly smaller than Spiderman 1 and 2 figures. I'm not falling for the Star Wars 30 years and 30 coins gimmick. Sponge Bob legos are hard to find. No Baroness, Scarlet or Jinx Sigma Sixes yet. And Hotwheels are now sold with a black front so you have no idea what kind of car you are going to get. Actally that last one is pretty funny. How the heck are those die hard collectors going to know if they have the entire set of those? If they open them to find out which ones they have, won't that zap the value? Or can you put them in an X-ray machine to find out what kind it is?

Played a round of Marvel Attacktix with the family the other night. We pretty much had a melee of all of series one booster packs. Spiderman on the pole had to bow out early, his waist was locking up and he wouldn't attack. Venom's arm was sticky as well. Both Wolverines attacks were crap. Captain America had some shield tossing issues. Hulk kept throwing the barrel waaaay over the battle field. Magneto did kick some butt. I think the final three standing were 1. The Thing 2. Magneto 3. Punisher. It was fun, but needs fine tuning. Maybe the addition of series two will help.


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