Monday, December 31, 2007

My favorite 2007 toys!

2007 is about to die, what toys did I find most fun for the year you ask? (didn't I say that last year? -thanks copy/paste)

Boise State Mr Potato Head! Nice to have a toy that has local values.

Movie Optimus Prime! So neat of a toy I'm Prospectoring Peteing it. Maybe on a rainy day I will open it.

Radio Shack's Transformer Zip Zaps micro RC's. Very fun to distract the cat with.

Two ShipWrecks in one year! Thats crazy! So are the 25th anniversary figures, and the 26th anniversary figures, and the 27th and so on...

I rounded up the Ben 10 toys from around the house and got them to stand still for a quick family reunion shot. Need to work on Wildmutt's drool problem.

2008 will bring? Transformers Classics round 2! Xemot and Tomex! Probaly new Batman Dark Knight toys! Indiana Jones Legos! Marvel Attacktix series 2! A redesigned Toy Museum?--Ha-ha, I'm too lazy for that!

Until next year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ben 10 takes advantage of house rules...

Thanks to family and friends I was able to receive several Ben 10 toys for Christmas!

They immediatly took to the house though, leaving no space for me on my couch for watching TV!

GhostFreak isn't being nice at all! He ventured into the air ducts and comes out from time to time, scaring the hell out of me.

I don't even want to start with Wildmutt. He ate some bad food in the lower crisper, and from now on the bathroom smells real bad!

Perhaps I shouldn't have opened all of them so quickly.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So thats what those guys look like when the stand up!

Ah the AT-AT. My favorite Star Wars vehicle. I wish I had a better camera, with better lighting here at work. Oh well, still looks pretty good with a small snow storm in the background.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Peace. Love. Star Destroyers.

First off, I ran into the funniest ad the other day for Target. It had the line of 'Peace, Love, Star Destroyers' with a little Lego Star Destroyer floating by.

Second off. I like the Lego Star Wars games, but the Attack on Hoth level is not at all how I recall how it happened in the movie. I think I just killed a thousand AT-ST's, at least ten thousand Imperial Probe Droids, myself a Million times, and maybe a couple AT-AT's. The whole deal with grappling an AT-AT was fine, I like doing that, and maybe this game had the funnest grapple system I have ever used (except maybe the old schole wire frame game) Once you grab on to a leg you fly around a few times super fast, real springy and fun. But after you knock an AT-AT down, it can get back up!!! unless you grapple roll a ball bomb into it. And that is not easy, because as soon as you grab one bomb, all the little spawning Imperial Probe Droids attach a grapple to it too, then your playing tug of war with this ball bomb on the ground. By the time you pull it free from them, you fling the ball off into a far off distance! Then you go back for another ball, but by that time the AT-AT is back up and walking around! AARRRRGGGG! The spawing of AT-ST's and Droids is rediculous, they keep coming faster than you can knock them down. More and more and more and more, its totally crazy!!! I beat the level, but I have no idea how I'm going to do it with out lossing all the point pieces--ever time you get shot down, it takes collected point peices with you. Maybe I can buy that God mode cheat thing that the first Lego Star Wars had.

Peace, Love, Star Destroyers.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Look at the size of that thing!

Another Dan of the internet has made a super cool in depth size comparsion chart of all the greatest science fiction spaceships known to man. A variety of ship sizes and their conterparts can be found here

I was surprised to see how large Bayblon 5 stuff is to the Star Trek stuff. however, Holy crap, V'ger is huge! It would be neat to see it fight the Whale Probe.

what a fun idea!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Playmobil Christmas; Finally a Nativity set Dan can get along with!

Playmobil's Christmas set has it all! An upgraded Nativity with multiple figures, accessories, and enviroment!

Jesus has 4 points of articulation!!!

Just look at the fine detail as well. Those wise men didn't forget a thing!

The only thing this Angel is missing is its Vorlon encounter suit (if you believe in Babylon 5 lore).

Take one more look, and bring yours home today!!!

I hope I don't get in trouble with the Great Maker over this post.

Ah, the Centari, another great reference!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey, What-4-2 you?!

Two cars, one dark the other light, both with red flames. Perhaps the galaxy's fate is up to the winner of the stongest of the two. And perhaps a spinning space station should be built, where a league of worlds could gather and fight against the two cars that fight and destroy everything around them. Hmmm, that would be cool.

In all seriousness, both cars were Hotwheels Mystery cars. I guess one was in the package too long? One either sucked up the blackness of the packaging, or the other one bleached itself due to lack of nutrition. They both still move FAST, with four fake engines.

Anybody notice the Dan's Toy Museum's ticker went over 10,000! Subtract the 9,000 times daily I visit, and that means I had 1,000 Visits!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Favorite Show...

My latest favorite show is Ben Ten. Mostly because it is very similar to my life. I too have an Alien watch that transforms me into ten various Aliens. In some circles I am known as Dan Flan, which Flan roughly translates into ten in English.

The show is cleverly writen so that multitude of stories can form. Kid with cool watch, spiffy Alien designs, road trip with Grandpa (who may also have some strange alien linking past) and cousin, settings of common vacation spots, the show can go on and on. I am only on season one, episode three, and I'm hooked to the point of the next addiction...

Four Arms! This is my first Ban Dai action figure. (Well not really my first, I have an original Red Ranger in package some where in my closet) Ban Dai toys usually don't hook me. The plastic is weird and "hard" looking. The toys also have an over dose of screw holes and fake joints. I'm thinking for Ben Ten it works in favor of the steamlined look of the show. The colors and shininess also go good with capturing the aliens. The price isn't bad for the 4" guys- about 4.99 each... thats 10 times 4.99 or 50 dollars for the 10 Aliens. Hmmm, maybe those would be cool x-mas gifts, Hint hint hint. They would look good hanging around the nativity scene.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Darth Maul meets Snake Eyes! Dan's GI Joe casting ideas!

I like that confirmed possible rumor of truth! As long as Snakes has the line; "At last we will have revenge!"

I hope this continues a trend of better casting. Or at least, take all the old voice actors from the old cartoon and make THEM do the movie.

If I were in charge of signing the actors, and I could get who ever I wanted;

Duke- Matt Damon - the resemblence is uncanny and Bourn fits the training.
Flint- Ben Affleck- a friend of Duke- (with the original voice of Flint Dubbed over)
Ship Wreck- a young Jack Nickelson (I know- get out the Cobra time machine)
Lady Jaye- Steve Cojo
Storm Shadow- jet Li
Zartan- Jeff Foxworthy
The Crimson Gaurd Twins- Mary Kate and Ashley Olson
Serpentor- DNA from a bunch of dead historic leaders fused into an actor
The Baroness- Fran somethin or other from Austin powers
Destro- leonardo DeCraprio- (yeah-put that mask back on!)
B.A.T.- Brent Spiner
Cobra Commander- a tie between House and Rachel Ray (her voice is annoying)

And thats my GI Joe movie cast!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Should I jump on the Golden Compass bandwagon?

Daniel Craig the action figure makes it appear like it could be an interesting story.

Is it weird that I have never heard of the novels? Of course, I am not a well read person, spending most of my intellectual time pondering who would win in a fight; Kirk or Picard? The previews of the warring Polar Bears looks Dantastic. I will have to see this movie--of course I just saw the trailer for Alvin and the Chipmunks, and that is on the top of the list by far.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who is this lost soldier punk?

Authorities dug this guy out of a stump from an old out of control tree system in a co-workers backyard. He was badly wounded, and unnamed. Slight markings place him in the mid eighties time, with 'Remco' as his only identifier. Zartan was notified, but he scoffed, and said he never encountered him before and that he only associates with the Hasbro federation. Historians believe he might have Miami Vice connections with the stylish jacket he wore. If anyone has information regaurding this poor figure, please come forward so his family can be informed of his demise.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What the United States auto manufacturers should make...

The best looking cars, are cars that look like planes! Its that simple. We all want to pilot something important.

Just look at the Fast Fortress here. Can you imagine the fun barreling down the Highway in that?

With the Dog Fighter car, you can pick a neighbor that you don't like and follow them from time to time, taking low ordinance shots all the way. Wouldn't that not be the worst day--Oh crap, that Red Barron car is chasing me again!

Maybe not a plane, but a Bat can look like a plane in certain fog storms.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Verticon Air Ball Battler!

Who will win? Blue, Red, Or Green?

Wow What a battle! I have decided to throw some of my toy funds into something more interactive this week. This is a great toy for in front of the TV, while waiting for commercials. Who would of though Ping-pong balls with weapons floating on top of a pop corn popper could be so much fun? There is a game with it too, with strategies and tricks, but I just like throwing them in to see what color will win.

Cobra Commander also likes it to flare his cape with...

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Chicken Combine!

Its Chicken Combine week on Ulysses Chickens in the Wind. All sorts of wackiness a foot! And while your there, register at Smack Jeeves to become a fan. At least I hope you want to be a fan? They do spin rather fast, and keep rooms cool. The neat side effect of selecting fans at Smack Jeeves, is that you have your own personal list of favorite comics. The ones that are updated the most currently top the list so you can always find when your favorites come out! You do not have to make your own comic to be a member. ALSO, I have not been rated yet!!! 60 comics so far, and NO rating. I am so bummed. SOmeone feel free to rate me! (as long as its a good rating :) The more fans I get, and the more good ratings the more my comic might be noticed. Unless its really THAT bad...

SO, Back to you toys...

I got the BumbleBee two pack with purchase of the Transformers DVD at Target and fifteen less dollars. I can't decide if I should open it or not? I already have a perfect Classics Bumblebee driving around. Maybe I will add this to my rainy day emergency unopened toys cache on my couch...

I'm expecting an avalanche any day now. By the way if you can ID all Sigma Sixers by their legs on the shelf above, I will be impressed and also concerned.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Superman Escapes!

Drat! I look away for one second (well a week, in your puny terms) and Superman finds a weekness and flys out of the trap. Now he's circling and firing eye laser blasts from above! I bet the bad guys would like a redo on that one.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sky-Lynx!!! Sky-Lynx info!!! Sky- Lynx

Drat, he is supposed to be forgotton and get cheaper!!!

Superman Uh-oh

Superman is a neat guy, but I don't see him getting out of this one. There is no way he can win with Parasite holding his arm like that, while Lex Luther holds out some Kryptonite with one hand and a laser gun with the other hand, while Dark Seid just stands there with a sucker punch ready to go. Heck, Red and Orange varient Doomsday doesn't even have to come out of the package for this fight.

I do like how the camera flash gave Doomsday a spiffy white smile.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sandman Build a figure

Oh great, here we go again, another challenge of collecting. I might actually be able to resist collecting the whole series, because I already have a mean Green Goblin, Spiderman, and Doc Ock. If i buy a New Goblin I get the Sandman's Head. And if I buy the Sandman, I get his left foot with a figure and another left foot. I wouldn't mind a Black-Suited Emo Spider-Man.

It was pretty tricky getting Mary Jane and Venom off the top shelf at Walmart. I had to nerdly reach around to the top back part of the shelf and slowly move each figure down the back recess. I think I pulled a muscle trying to accomplish this.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

JustSayHi - Science Quiz
Free Online Dating from JustSayHi

I need to get more guns in the house. Correction, guns that work instead of toy guns. These Zombie invasions scare me.

Oh DARN IT! I saved the wrong quiz! Now I have to find the Zombie survival results somewhere?!?!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Squirrels, Squirrels, SQUIRRELS, and cats.

It was squirrel day at the toy museum. And I really hope they bring back that Optimus Prime toy, I really liked that one.

Aparently, Bart has some sort of Prime Directive with the squirrels.

For goodness sakes, pounce Bart, POUNCE!!!

We put a food bell up in the tree for some squirrelific fun.

Sadly I didn't get the shot when the string broke and the bell and squirrel attached fell to the ground. I think it knocked the wind out of the squirrel because he was slow getting up.

I believe it was Nostradamus who said that if four squirrels were to align, good things would follow.

I wonder what would happen if five squirrels aligned?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flintstone's aqarium Fun

Look what I found!

My old Flintstones Fun Aqarium! Unfortunatly its missing its base, and Flintstone's graphic, but everything else seems to be in place.

Ever Since Sparticus kicked the bucked, or I guess in a fishes case, got flushed out, I have been thinking about getting a new mini pet.

Now I can!

So I bought a Scorponok! He's a cute little dude with attributes like a 2 level intelligence, and an 8 level endurance.

I was a bit sad that he didn't take to his new home right away.

But when I tossed in a GI Joe, things got very interesting!

They immediately became friends.

Their favorite game is for Duke to climb the tiny tree, while Scorponok tries to shake him down.

I got tired of watching them and went to bed. We will have to check on them from time to time.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hot Wheels Mystery Car Winner?

Let the debate begin! Who won? I suggest you make your own drum roll effects while you watch the youtube.

Thanks for playing all! And a big Whoopee-Doo-Da to the 400th post here at the Dan's Toy Museum!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mystery Contest Thickens!

I think that last mystery car post took a record in comments and remarks! But when all things are filtered through, It looks like there are only two or three entrys that qualify for winning. So lets call that a test run and start over. And the official rules for winning a Mystery Car are:

1. Only one comment per person!!!
2. Pick a color, car type, and special feature. Thats three and only three things.
3. If there is a tie, whoever commented before is considered first.
4. If you make up a name for yourself, you better be reachable, or else! next in line gets your car.
5. I need 10 players! So ask your friends, family, dogs, whatever to post a comment guess. Well maybe not dogs, that breaks rule #4.
6. I will post a fantastic You Tube opening Mystery Hot Wheels party on say...Thursday or so, when all ten comments are in (which will be a monumentous day at the museum this being the 399 post and all).
7. If there is over 10 by then, great! Less odds to all!
8. And if there still ain't 10 by Thursdayish, I still do an opening and I get to keep the car.
9. Oh yeah one more thing, rumor has it there is a Batmobile in one of the mystery packages. Yeah--I call that one!
10. In the case of a Batmobile, which is MINE. I bought a spare Mystery Hot Wheels!








#11. If there is some fluke of nature and a million comments come in. I will only go with the first 50. Im not going to even try and pick a winner out of a million.







#12. I hope this isn't illegal.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More GI Joes. Polly and Firefly

Check out Firefly's shadow arm weapon!

This weeks toy addiction swings violently back to GI Joe. Talk about roller coasters of collecting of late. One minute I can't stop looking for GI Joes, the next minute I could care less and I'm on to hunting for the Justice League figures, and with a whim of wind I'm powering back to Transformers with a vengence. This is getting silly. I wish I was one of those collectors who can draw the line with one topic and stay on that topic. I'm sure I would have a better collection of one thing, then flip flopping all over the place.

Anyhow. This new Polly action figure has it all. THis time around the plastic is softer so hopefully his feet won't break off on first perchings. He comes with a large companion figure, Shipwreck to hold him off the ground. I was a little disappointed that they jointed the accessory Shipwreck more so than Polly. It would be nice to have some jointed wings, maybe a few electronic sayings, and some detachable feathers. Maybe on the 50th anniversary figs.

I never owned a Firefly figure in grey camo with exception of the other Firefly figure I own in grey camo. But that one is still in its package with a repaint Serpentor and that one Viper with the text that runs across his eye gaurd. I can't decide if I should open it or not, probalby not since I already have that new Serpentor.

With the way these new Joes are flying of the shelves here, I almost feel guilty opening them. I missed out on the Red Ninja, Stalker, Beach Head, and some Cobra Officers thinking they would stay on the shelves a few exta days. I didn't want to buy the whole bunch in one day... I do have limits to my geekiness.

Oh wait. I don't.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It did happen to me!

This almost makes up for that lame-o Life Savers Thundercats poster contest prize.


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