Monday, December 31, 2007

My favorite 2007 toys!

2007 is about to die, what toys did I find most fun for the year you ask? (didn't I say that last year? -thanks copy/paste)

Boise State Mr Potato Head! Nice to have a toy that has local values.

Movie Optimus Prime! So neat of a toy I'm Prospectoring Peteing it. Maybe on a rainy day I will open it.

Radio Shack's Transformer Zip Zaps micro RC's. Very fun to distract the cat with.

Two ShipWrecks in one year! Thats crazy! So are the 25th anniversary figures, and the 26th anniversary figures, and the 27th and so on...

I rounded up the Ben 10 toys from around the house and got them to stand still for a quick family reunion shot. Need to work on Wildmutt's drool problem.

2008 will bring? Transformers Classics round 2! Xemot and Tomex! Probaly new Batman Dark Knight toys! Indiana Jones Legos! Marvel Attacktix series 2! A redesigned Toy Museum?--Ha-ha, I'm too lazy for that!

Until next year!

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