Monday, December 24, 2007

Peace. Love. Star Destroyers.

First off, I ran into the funniest ad the other day for Target. It had the line of 'Peace, Love, Star Destroyers' with a little Lego Star Destroyer floating by.

Second off. I like the Lego Star Wars games, but the Attack on Hoth level is not at all how I recall how it happened in the movie. I think I just killed a thousand AT-ST's, at least ten thousand Imperial Probe Droids, myself a Million times, and maybe a couple AT-AT's. The whole deal with grappling an AT-AT was fine, I like doing that, and maybe this game had the funnest grapple system I have ever used (except maybe the old schole wire frame game) Once you grab on to a leg you fly around a few times super fast, real springy and fun. But after you knock an AT-AT down, it can get back up!!! unless you grapple roll a ball bomb into it. And that is not easy, because as soon as you grab one bomb, all the little spawning Imperial Probe Droids attach a grapple to it too, then your playing tug of war with this ball bomb on the ground. By the time you pull it free from them, you fling the ball off into a far off distance! Then you go back for another ball, but by that time the AT-AT is back up and walking around! AARRRRGGGG! The spawing of AT-ST's and Droids is rediculous, they keep coming faster than you can knock them down. More and more and more and more, its totally crazy!!! I beat the level, but I have no idea how I'm going to do it with out lossing all the point pieces--ever time you get shot down, it takes collected point peices with you. Maybe I can buy that God mode cheat thing that the first Lego Star Wars had.

Peace, Love, Star Destroyers.

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