Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon, Night Fury, Toothless toy

To start, if you haven't seen this movie, don't even bother looking at this toy, go now, and see the movie, How to Train your Dragon. You won't fully realize how much cooler I am then you, to own a Night Fury, until you see the movie.

So far, I have only seen these toys at Walmart. In fact, some of the toys are Walmart exclusives. I'll also give props to Walmart for filling their holiday sections with fresh How to Train Your Dragon toys, even though the movie was out way earlier this year. There are a couple different varieties of the Night Fury. This one shoots an energy dart out its mouth, and its wings are on a spring that keeps them forward. The other Night Fury, has wings that flap with leg movement. I choose this one for the larger, more animated head. You can tell that the figure was designed for one or the other feature, as they are pretty much the same.

The toy was made by Spin Master, possibly a division of Dreamworks? It has a hard plastic feel, with some good texture. It lacks articulation, and sits kind of funny on a table, but the Night Fury is meant for flying anyways. I think I will hang mine on the ceiling, for show.

This Night Fury also has the painted war tail, vs just a wood tail for the flapping wings version. I believe the Hiccup kid figure, will fit to this figure, but I think I will pass, as he was kind of a dork. There is a larger Toothless with Hiccup set, that is truly awesome, but kind of spendy. It fires an electronic spinning energy dart, and probably does your taxes too.

Again, this Night Fury, has a slightly larger head to fit the energy dart. The dart is fully hidden when his mouth is closed. I like it without the dart though, so you can open and close his mouth, with leg squishing, to make it look like he's talking (not that he talks in the movie).

In short, if you want a Night Fury, this is an awesome opportunity. If you want something with more articulation, and posablitiy, build one out of bionicle legos.

That's the end of this tail

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