Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snow Job, GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra in the snow on skis with a pack full of stuff and even more stuff

It snowed a ton here today (≈8-10"), so it seemed only logical to dig into the overflow pile today and pick out Snow Job. I am surprised I forgot he was down there!

This guy really has it all. He has so much, I don't even know what some of it is (Is that a fold up frying pan?). He even has both a soft and a plastic blanket. Maybe the only draw back to some of the accessories is that there are too many accessories. I can't decide what to have him hold, and if its ski poles, he can't hold anything else, Aughhhh!

It's quite a feat to pack all his gear onto his bag. There is so much stuff, I don't even know what is the right way to pack it all.

Don't tip over Snow Job!

Maybe if there is snow left tomorrow (as it typically gets really warm after an awesome snow storm in Boise), I will take him outside with ShipWreck and Doc. They will make a great winter team. Now, if only someone could get them that new Snow Cat for X-mas...

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