Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy Review 2; Disney supports drinking and driving?!!

So, just saw Tron AGAIN! This might be the first movie I have seen twice in a theatre in a long long time, in a far away place (guess what movie now). Any how, here are some more observations;

-Disney supports drinking and driving? I couldn't believe I didn't notice this before! Well I did remember it, but I wasn't thinking Disney movie connection. Sam drinks a Coors, then hops on his motorcycle to the arcade in the beginning of the movie! I can't believe they did that! WOW, that seems like a major mess up from a studio that prizes itself on family friendliness. Isn't there strict rules on cigarette use in movies, and wouldn't the drinking and driving thing also be looked at. Maybe I am over killing this, but that could have been avoided.

- I noticed the Tron character a lot more this time, and really like his on the side of the screen role. Not many movies would take that route with a character who is in the name of the movie. My friend did point out when did Tron become Snake Eyes?

- The 3D at this theatre, is better than the first theatre I saw the movie in, but it made Jeff Bridges Clu character look really fake! But still an unbelievable likeness.

- Disc battle was better the second time, but the light cycles were still disappointing, not to see how things were being planned out with the lines.

- Love the 'ice cubes' in the drinks.

- Quorra has some great lines, and some great 'She just don't get it' moments. Also, look how freaky she is on the back of the bike at the end of the movie. She has this face like she is going to kill a lot of humans.

- And of course long live Bruce Boxleitner, I'm going to go watch me some Babylon 5 now!

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