Thursday, November 17, 2005

Talosian Keeper Playmates 9" Doll.

I was watching a little classic Star Trek the other day (or was that everyday). I remember how the Talosian's (or was that Telosian's?) were really scary in the first episode. How they burned poor Pike's mind to think he was being boiled in hot magget filled acid, or how they turned into big green monsters, or how they were women dressed like men aliens, or how they had giant butt like things on the back of their heads.

Well, with the miracle of modern toying, Take that Talosian!

Not so scary now!

Actually, maybe that's worse. I hope I didn't just cross the toy ethic lines on this one.

By the way, Sorry about the Tribbles investing the photoshoot.


Mike Overall said...

that won't inspire any nightmares, will it lol

dan said...

Correction; The Tribbles did not invest in the photoshoot, they infested it. however I do know a few tribbles on Wallstreet that can double-quadruple their investments quite exponentally.


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