Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Attacktix updates...

I just started finding series 2 Attacktix packs, and so far my luck is really good or really bad. Mainly bad, I keep getting the same ones! (which would indicated I have good luck drawing the same things). What are the odds to keep pulling Chewbacca's, Medic Droids, and Jedi Knights. They just keep coming. Its silly, statistically speaking the first few boxes should all be new stuff. Aaaarrrghh. And then the worst part...Their are rummors that Hasbro is launching Attacktix Transformers, and Attacktix GI Joe next year. I can't afford this addiction in money and in space. Oh well here are some new things...

Troopers are an abundant force in my collection so far, (so are those darn Wookie commandos!) Series 2 has the clone trooper dressed in red stripes.

Series 2, Grievous Bodyguards have a way better paint job then series one. GO American Grievous Bodyguards gladiators!

And I found a Nute Gunray on E-bay. He's important for leading those pesky Neimoidian gaurds into battle.

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