Monday, November 28, 2005

Mega Blocks at Jack in the Box are...

...kind of disappointing.

I was excited to see the little ad for them at the drive through, Mega Blocks make some fun dragon style stuff. I could't tell what they did from the ad sign, just 'build them all'. There isn't really anything to build at all though, they just sit on little lego copyrighted pegs on bases. The rubber they are made of is cheap and there is no joint movement!!! There are 8 total I think, but really there are four repainted to look like eight. The only appealing thing is maybe...just maybe, if your were crazy enough to buy them all (which I haven't yet...see next week), you could piece all the bases together and have a dragon battle display thing. But that's if you have a big imagination. Oh well, at least they are serving apple sause with their kids meals now, I at least ate somewhat healthy.

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