Friday, August 29, 2014

McDonalds Happy Meal Madden 15 NFL Figures Mystery Bags and Codes to Identify!

Happy Meal and the NFL are at it again this year with Madden 15 figures. All 32 teams are represented by a 2" little mini figure. You can place your own sticker numbers on their jerseys, or just leave them blank. They are also app upload able, but I am only into the toys today.

There are codes for the blind bags, basically grouped in four waves, the first initial of the teams mascot, and then 15. Here are the numbers I got...

Each wave features a common position stance for the group. First up are the Broncos, Colts, Bears, Packers, Redskins, Raiders, and Dallas. there is no articulation, but they look pretty good considering they are free with food or a couple bucks.

The second group are the Bucs, Dolphins, 49ers, Hawks, Ravens, Panthers, Steelers, and Bills.

The Third box is the Lions, Pats, Saints, Chiefs, Vikings, Falcons, Chargers, and Jets.

And the fourth box the Jags, Bengals, Cardinals, Texans, Giants, Browns, Eagles, and Rams

Look for these August 30th through September 2014!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Toys R Us Exclusive Lord Zedd Might Morphin Power Rangers

Another run of classic Power Rangers are out, this time 5" Toys R Us exclusives. They look really nice, with packaging like the originals. I am still happy with my 4" line from a few years back, so I am not sure how far I will go with these. Lord Zedd was a must, as I do not have a Zedd, and it doesn't matter if he is larger. At $20 bucks a figure though, I might just stop there (maybe a White Ranger will temp me).

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies K'nex Football Mech Building Set

The Football Mech set features a motorized football mech with future zombie inside, moving forward and backward similar to the video game. This set worked much better than the cone (all pieces included) and I enjoyed it much. Go play!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies K'nex Cone Mech Building Set

The Cone Mech Building set is 114 pieces of fun. Too bad mine was missing 4 pieces that help the drive rods from slipping out! I found a quick fix for now, until I can get some replacements.

the Set looks cool, and walks pretty interesting. A few flaws like the Zombie not sitting inside at all. The horrible brick pieces he sits on, barely work with craptastic studs.

Fun if you are a PvZ fan.

Monday, August 18, 2014

HexBug Aquabots 2.0 Smart Fish Technology

I think HexBug Aquabots 1.0 set off a fish frenzy in toy fishes, and now the new models are out. The 2.0 fish feature light up glow, and tap on tank wake up ness. The new bonus bowl works a little better too as its rounded, but it could be slightly deeper though. A couple coral features also tech up the tank. Totally get one of these for your desk, they are lots of fun!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dragons Nabi Morpho Pods, the Head Wing and Tail Mystery Packs

This toy might be taking the blind mystery pack too far. To build a dragon, you must buy a Head, Wing, and Tail pack to complete it.  So what happens when Grandma just buys you tails?  In some strange twist, I was able to get all Toothless parts, even though I was kind of hopping for some mix and match.

The whole Pod thing also does not make much sense. I don't remember them Podding themselves in the movies. I might accept dragon eggs or something. Also they cheat with the Wing and Tail pods needing to have the Wings and Tail piece added to them after the Pod transformation.

The final product is a long snake like Dragon with way too many joints and springs, however I do kind of like it somehow. It is so odd that it just might make it on my desk for awhile.  The Pods also activate your Nabi Dream Tablet if you have one (yeah, thats got to be a huge demographic), and you can do somethings with School of Dragons App.

So thats what this toy is all about, make sure you get all three color bags to build one dragon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Star Wars Command Army Men Style! Death Star Strike Set, Roll Crash Destroy!

So Star Wars is back at it again with another new old kind of collection. Army Men figures! The sets contain lots of different plastic figures from all over the Star Wars Saga. Vehicles are also involved in the sets, some on plastic stands, other on roller stands that you can use to attack (watch out, they will number the display stand as a vehicle on box). The figures have good size to them about 2" tall, some are a little more fancy with one or two paint apps.

I like the Storm Troopers the best in the series, and I might need to find a better opponent then the Rebel Pilots for them to shoot at (SO BRIGHTLY ORANGE). I can't see myself go too nuts on the series though, as I already have nicely full sufficient collections of figures, and Attacktix too.


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