Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Space Diving Captain Kirk!

I thought this figure would be gold due to the fact this scene never made it to the final cut of Star Trek Generations. Good thing too, if you ever get to watch the deleted scene on the DVD special edition you will understand. However, it almost matched the captain's fall of El Capitan in Final Frontier. Star trek is always at its best when things look silly anyways.


Mike Overall said...

I've seen "Generations" like a hundred times. Had no idea there were deleted scenes! What was it about? Where'd ya get that Kirk from?

dan said...

Kirk was just another figure in the line of toys for Generations. Sort of like Mon Mothma for Episode III.

At the start of the movie Kirk does a space dive for recreation, and lands in Montana or somewhere. He is overy excited when he lands, and scotty and chekov meet him informing that they have to go see the Enterprise B's maiden voyage. I don't believe all the special effects in the world could have saved the scene, the raw cut looked awful.


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