Sunday, November 27, 2005

Species 8472

Yes, I admit, I was a Star Trek Voyager fan. Most of the time it was pretty entertaining (with exception of the 'clown' episode, and some of the 'Neelix' episodes). I really liked the Species 8472 alien and wished it was used a bit more. Very creepy looking thing. The three leg thing is just plain cool! I wish it was wearing some pants though, I guess SNL's three legged jeans haven't made it to the Delta Quadrant yet.


Mike Overall said...

3 legged jeans...ha ha...forgot about those...that and "Bad Idea" jeans...

Ever get into the "Alien" movies?

Dan said...

Alien movies are always a good time, I think I only have one Alien toy. It spent half a year upside down in a fish tank growing something really slimey on it. I will have to put it up some day.


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