Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Toy Arm Wrestling 3! Mr Fantastic vs The Wampa!

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Toy Arm Wrestling! This week champion Mr. Fantastic is challenged by the ice planet Hoth's Wampa! This should be an awesome match! The challengers are ready to go...

The Wampa has placed his Taun-taun meal on the floor and the two find their positions. This is very exciting, however probably mismatched. I would say the Wampa's arm strength is way beyond Mr. Fantastics. The Thing would have been a better match, ha-ha-ha. And here they go...


Well it appears the Wampa's arm has torn off! Perhaps he did not have a good doctor to re-attach his arm after Luke sliced it off with a light sabor. Wow that has got to hurt!

Well Mr. Fantastic wins the Match and now goes to 2-0. The Wampa looks like its going to walk this one off. Thanks for joining in on another epic toy arm wrestling battle.

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