Sunday, November 20, 2005

101 ways to die on the Ice planet Hoth. (continued)

#61 Not keeping clear.

#25 Dropping powerfull ammunition.

#31 Staying at your post too long.

#94 Wishing you hadn't skipped out on blaster taining.

#9 Wrong place at the wrong time.


Mike Overall said...

Where'd you get that hoth playset? too cool...

p.s. i added some transformers to my sidebar pics

dan said...

Hoth set was actual live photos from the planet... nah, it was a galoob micromachines set from about 1998 or so. The Death Star playset is even cooler, where I imagine there is a 101 ways to die there too.

Mike Overall said...

Did you know I got most of that stuff from a KB toys outlet store that was going out of business? I cleaned up gangsta style that day lol

If ya ever wanna put some of your stuff in your sidebar lemme know! Easy walk-thru.


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