Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thundercats 2011 Wilykat 4 inch Action Figure Toy

Thundercat Wilykat is the best toy from the 4 inch line so far, as he comes with a roller-board. The toy with the roller-board always wins. Wilykit also has one, but she doesn't have the detail that Wilykat has.

Wileykat has solid extendo claw arm weapons, that I have yet to see on the show. Surprises to me, his tail anchors onto the board, not his feet.

I also, almost missed that his roller-board opens up to roller-attack-board! That is totally awesome! Pinchers on the front, and guns on the sides.

The bottom side of the board is also nicely styled, with spiffy fins. I wouldn't say it rolls great, more like slides on a smooth table. It does roll up one's arm pretty well though.

The Wilykat figures lacks articulation, with his legs pretty much stuck in his shorts. His arms can pop off easily. Head rotation so-so. It might have been fun to have a joint on his tail. I think it's not really a bad thing though, as the roller-board steals the show.

I have yet to see the "Thunder Lynx" magnetic powered feature, but I would imagine it is something like this...

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