Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A big Thanks to jboypacman!

I am behind on so much this month. A big Thank You, to jboypacman of Revenge from the Cosmic Ark, for this awesome assortment of awesome stuff. I am still trying to figure out the ratio between all this and 1 Mr Freeze Lego toy. I am especially excited about the HotRod vs Cyclonus set. I didn't want to re-get a HotRod for just one Cyclonus so I passed the set to much debate, now I can calm that thought out of existence. This is also my first chance to look at the Marvel Mega blocks minifigures, and Green Goblin being my favorite is so neat to have. All of this loot, also came in a bunch of Sandwich baggies, so I now have a couple weeks worth of lunch containers taken care of.

The GI Joe's are repeats, so I guess I will have to come up with a plan of attack on who to give them out too. Maybe a contest? I'm thinking of some sort of Stop Motion deal, where you send me a ten second stop motion clip of cool toys doing stuff (or zipped file of fifty pictures). I then take all the clips (or turn the photos into a vid), and combine them into a YouTube we all vote on. If I see a little bit of love on this idea, I will officially announce the contest, and add a few more Joes, and toys for the pot.

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