Monday, August 01, 2011

Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys 2011, Smurfs; Papa, Jokey, Gutsy, Brainy, and Painter Smurf

This month is going to be hard to resist. Its strange, they are by all means just a big hunk of blue plastic, yet for some reason irresistible. I also tried the apple chunks today instead of the fries, and they are okay! I might be able to do this without Heart Attack Smurf's help.

For some reason, Papa Smurf was made in Veitnam, while the others have China on them. Papa Smurf so far, is unbalanced and falls over easily.

Jokey was always a favorite of mine. Of course now days, is not Jokey a terrorist?

The best part of Brainy, is his voice. Every time you see or talk of him its; "Papa Smurf always says..."

I guess I would be a Painter Smurf if I lived in the village.

A nice feature is the scripted names on the feet of the Smurfs. It helps you remember their names. There are 16 total, so good luck catching them all. I want to try and boil them, to see if I can make gold.

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