Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra; Crazy Legs Assault Trooper

-Crazy Legs shows his sky diving stance outside of the package.

One of the best part of the modern GI Joe action figure line is it gives you chances to own character's you never had before. Crazy Legs is a guy I always passed for other lame characters, like that bright green guy with the space iron, what's his name?

Just look how skyriffic he looks in his card, and even spreads his legs for the hub logo.

Another home run with this figure by Hasbro. I like how he has a parachute, but its non functioning. Too many toys with over functioning these days, while this guy you can truely use your imagination, and also be spared from the cat.

There is a little hole on his chest, I thought for maybe a gun to connect into when he dives, but I don't see it. Anyone have ideas what it is for?

Another must have if you are collecting the whole team.

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