Sunday, November 28, 2010

NFL Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler from Play Makers Mcfarlane Toys

Here's a weird toy to highlight, Chicago QB Jay Cutler. I usually don't buy into the sports toys, but this one was too fun to pass up (get it). Yes, I am a Bears fan, so at times its nice to pick up some team merchandise, and what better buy then their lackluster Quarterback! Well I shouldn't be too hard, he did throw a career tie, 4 touchdowns today against the Eagles.

In short Jay throws a lot of interceptions, and this season a new trick emerges, a lot of sacks. Still, at times he can play good, so its always a mixed bag.

Right away you can see the biggest flaw of this toy... No accessories, or even an all important display stand. Look at his little feet, those are not going to hold up the more than 20 moving parts. I guess the sports collector purist wouldn't even take him out of the package to care, but then what is the point of all that articulation? Include display stands people (he borrowed Peyton Manning's sideline base, so don't call him out of bounds)!

Jay is heavily jointed indeed, you can really get this guy to do everything. I would say his hips are a little clumsy and his neck could be better. His shoulder joints are awesome, he can really hunch in those arms. watch him throw that ball to himself...

Close up detail shows his paint aplication looks almost handmade. It has a rough texture in spots, and feels like it could rub off. The camera really picked up some plastic imperfections that don't show with the normal eye. His face mask is a little smooshed, and it hides his likeliness pretty well. Could be anyone in there.

The figure is sized at around 4" or so, but maybe in par with 3 3/4 scale, remember football players are huge.

Jay will have to win a Super Bowl before he is even considered to join the Fridge in GI Joe.

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