Monday, November 29, 2010

DRONE! Iron Man 2 Weapon Assault Drone, that is. Movie Series # 16


I wasn't planning on buying so many action figures this weekend, but they kept falling into my lap. I ran into this drone Larry, and his brother Lloyd and immediately picked them up, as they are rare, or new, or hard to find or some junk.

In the package the Weapon Assualt Droid looks awesome! Saw arms, Whips, and an extra head!

Outside of the box, he's not so great. Kind of hard to get him to do anything poseriffic. His hip and legs are so clumsy (Like Cutler's).

He has these arm shield panels, that well, just don't do it for me.

I do like the extra long flexible whips, it gives him an insect like feel. Yet, I have a hard time getting these whips to tie around Iron Man. I can't believe the makers resisted the urge to make a whipping action feature.

I think, stand alone, this toy is kind of lame compared to the other Iron Man figures. But if I team him up with Lloyd, and maybe get the third drone Ted, they will be a lethal bunch.

I'll show of Lloyd tomorrow.

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