Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Trucks, Superman, Batmobile, and Donkey Kong Flag Series

This years Hot Wheels Monster Jam line is awesome. I believe the year was 1998, when I swore off school, and played Monster Truck Madness on PC for about a year straight. Of course my favorite truck, Monster Patrol, has yet to be found or made? I finally found the single Batmobile today. This one had less mud on the hood then some of the others. At what point will Batman take this out in a movie, I can't wait.

The Donkey Kong truck is cute with the eyes on the windshield and red tie hanging off the front.

The Superman truck makes perfect sense, sporting a full red cape. I would love to see that truck in action.

I haven't decided to tear these out of the package yet, but I have played with a few others. They have some pretty neat suspension, and can roll like crazy. I rolled one down a friends wooden deck, and the truck bounced about but held its own all the way across. They have pretty good detail too with lots of tiny logos. They might not take ton of pounding, plastic wise, as the wheel cage frame is somewhat weak. Still an awesome toy to play with, and be sure to pick up more than one.

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