Friday, November 19, 2010

Lego Minifigures Series 3 is out! Is there a code to crack?

As quickly as series 2 came and went, series 3 is now on a local store shelf. About six cases too, so maybe Lego upped the production? I just hope that when I return, some idiot didn't buy all six cases. The bad news is, the code breaker bar code is gone, and the chaos now begins. Great job Lego, now morons will be slicing these open with pocket knifes, and leaving a mess all over store aisles. It happened with Attactix, it happened with Hotwheels mystery cars, it will happen with these minifigures. I thought the bar code breaker was a perfect compromise. It lets collectors get what they want with a little detective work, and it lets casual buyers still pick up something mysterious. Of course you can still play what's in the package and press, and smoosh, and identify with your fingers, but it takes a while and you look silly doing it. I bought eight to start, and went 7 for 8 with one repeat. I smooshed them all in the comforts of home, its a Sumo, so if someone wants to trade for it, let me know. I think I will go back and smoosh a few under a clothing rack or something, I Hope that won't be too creepy. Maybe I can get a gram scale, and measure each minifigures mass, then we would know which pack weighs what, and get this code cracked.

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