Monday, December 03, 2012

Webstor! Masters of the Universe Classics

I would have gladly paid full price for a Webstor on his first go around, had I remembered to mark my calendar. He is one of the best for Skeletor's henchman and independent antics.

I am not sure why they made him armor-less in the package, maybe to make it look like he comes with more stuff? Good thing they left his under-fur on!

My first Webstor still lives, although extremely sticky now. I should really pack him in something else, besides a plastic tub. You can see here how dedicated these classics are to the originals.

The story I would tell about the original was his complicated grapple/rigging backpack. Either I was too rough with it as a kid, or it was poorly made, my Dad had to re-string it several times. It eventually broke for good, and I just tore it off his back. The new Classics Webstor also has a grapple with rope, but it is not as complicated. His added backpack legs can help hold rope too.

I just can't stop looking at this spider dude. What a terrific figure!

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